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This daily blog is about Multiple Sclerosis, Homeopathy, and the things that I suggested to a client to get them better from Total Paralysis. You can learn many things from this blog and possibly get better from your condition. I am a Homeopath and no matter the Type of Multiple Sclerosis that you have Homeopathic remedies can help you. If it helped my paralyzed client walk I am sure that it can help you with your MS symptoms. CALL ME I CAN HELP. ALL appts are done ONLINE or in person.

I also have a Facebook Group called Natural Effective MS Treat ment, ;   I discuss a new way of Treating MS, using homeopathy and other strategies to get better and better. Please join if you wish.

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What came first, MS in your body or MS in your mind?

Posted on 7 April, 2019 at 7:35

MS first started in your mind as a certain MINDSET. As it began forming in your mind over time and over repeated continued consistent thought patterns it descended from the mind and became manifest in your physical body. The clouds represent your mind and the mountain represent your physical body. What your mind thinks will manifest in your physical body. As above in the MIND, then so below in the body. This is a wonderful simple thing to be aware of as you go through life.

Judge Judy says that ignorance of the law does not excuse you from the law and what most people fail to realize is ignorance of their thoughts in creating their MS does not excuse them from their role in creating their MS.. They will search for MS cures not realizing that they are the problem and they are cure. Fixing their own minds, understanding their own emotions and the laws they are both under will serve them far better than searching under every rock for the next new MS theory to come out.

Watch Dr. Phil on TV and you get the sense that most people are INFLEXIBLE when they need to change their attitudes. It is easy to point to another and say you need to learn this or that, you need to change this or that. But once that finger is pointed at them the WALLS COME UP. They refuse to hear this.

Changing thought patterns that are deep in the unconscious takes effort. Consistent effort, gently applied, compassionate with Self. Yes it can be difficult. If you choose it that way. You can also begin to take self responsibility and understand your role in creating the thought patterns that created this MS physical condition. Once you do this you will have understood the laws of the mind, the body, the emotions and the interconnection to all three.

When you drive a car you do not have to know how to fix the engine when there is a problem but you know you have to go to a mechanic. However, with your own body you DO HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO FIX YOURSELF to change yourself as you created your condition. Taking an antidepressant or an anxiety pill does not fix the problem it only makes you not feel it and allows the problem to get worse.

Again, Dr. Phil will offer guidance and when the problem is too big for one counseling session he will refer people to get further expert guidance to them with their mental/emotional issues. That being said you are driving a car, YOUR BODY/MIND, and when you find that it is not working as you wish you need to find others that can point you in the right direction. Once they point you in the right direction you have to keep an open mind and allow the direction in and begin test out a few of the suggestions to see if they will bear fruit. You do not take an antidepressant/anxiety pill because your car does not work. You see a mechanic. Once you realize that your thoughts are your issue you begin to change them and using Homeopathic remedies help.

The clouds in the photo represent your mental thoughts and once they are formed for long enough they will descend and create a mountain Anyway you look at it if your thoughts are off balance, if your emotional expression is off balance, you will eventally get sick. Change your thoughts and you change your MS. If you find this difficult then get some expert counselling and message me to see if Homeopathic remedies can help you over your hurdles.

MS is NOT ...MS

Posted on 2 April, 2019 at 18:20

Strange, I know, but I have come to that conclusion. Oh sure you have your symptoms and you can call it MS. Your MS neurologist does. My wife does not call it that. I have clients that are reversing MS slowly and they refuse to call it MS as well. Words have power and they are beginning to realize that the LABEL is not the thing, is not the condition, is not the disease. They all refuse to stop terrorizing themselves with their own thoughts or the thoughts of their doctor.

After 2 years of watching my wife go through “MS” and REVERSING it by 95% I remain stunned that MS is NOT that big bad monster. It is not something we have to fight against, war against. I saw a lot of MS patients today as that is what I exclusively do now as a Homeopath. Two of them today confirmed (in my mind) what I have seen with my wife. The mind is interconnected to the physical state. As Edgar Cayce said ….as above so below…. meaning as you think your body will reflect that.

So what do you do when you get leg weakness or tingling or paralysis or your fingertips are numb… take a homeopathic remedy to clear out the STRESSFUL THOUGHTS. You clear out the anxiety that you are feeling. You find a solution to your stress or it weighs HEAVY on your mind and will weigh down your body LITERALLY. You have decisions you are unsure about making, not sure which way to go, which way to choose, till finally your thoughts are paralyzed…..well guess what happens...your body will reflect that thought process and you may have physical paralysis or at the very least physical weakness.

I have already begun to see that what my wife has accomplished in reversing MS the last 2 years is replicable in others IF THEY ARE READY TO CHANGE attitudes, make decisions, change themselves, solve their stress, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, LOVE THEMSELVES ….AGAIN. If they are ready to do that then the Homeopathic remedy will swiftly take them to their goal of MS reversal or reduction in MS symptoms.

I remember those first 4 months when my wife was in hospital. She was totally paralyzed in 5 days. Those first 2 weeks were panic inducing days FOR ME. Even when she was discharged and walked out of hospital 4 months later I was still bewildered. I searched out diets, virus, bacteria...thinking what might have caused the MS trying to speed the cure. My wife did not care about labels and refused to believe it was what the doctors were saying it was. I went down many holes: LYME, EBV, parasites, deficient diet, cigarettes, vit D deficiency, overactive immune system. Measles, herpes, genes, cerbralspinal insufficentcy, location in the world. No doubt some of these are very important and need to focussed on and judiciously incorporated into the daily life.

But what has the greatest bang for your buck?

Realizing that MS is NOT MS. it is simply a conglomerate of symptoms that are unique to you and others may have varied and different individual symptoms.

Realizing that solving your stress, your anxiety is where it's at in terms of reducing your MS symptoms.

Realizing that Homeopathic remedies will help to clear out the stressful debris field in front of you AS LONG AS YOU WORK HARD AT CHANGING your attitudes you will succeed.

Guess what is perfectly suited to help with your stress, your anxiety. Homeopathy! Call me to set up your free 15 chat to discuss how this may assist your condition.

How a Homeopath narrows down your Homeopathic Remedy to help with MS

Posted on 31 March, 2019 at 0:55

Everyone’s MS is different and that is why Homeopathic Remedies can help but they need to be uniquely found for you.

Homeopathy attempts to find the unique MS characteristics of each person so that no two people with MS will need the same Homeopathic remedy. Here are 2 typical Homeopathic remedies, Alumina & Argentum Nitricum, that help with MS symptoms. They are Safe, Natural, and Very effective. See if you can recognize yourself or your “image” or another in one of these pictures. I like to say that a person is in an Argentum or Alumina State. Not diseased but a state, a state of mind, a MINDSET, if you like. When you can recognize your patterns in these remedies then rest assured they will help with the MS symptoms even if you do not have all of the symptoms.

If you look closely at Argentum nitricum they have a strong desire for sugar which makes them feel worse, mental symptoms are important indications for this remedy due to the nervous fears and restlessness and trembling, with many spinal and brain symptoms. Has an affinity for the central and peripheral nervous system and GIT. They have incoordination, loss of control and balance everywhere, mental and physical trembling in the parts that are affected. They tend to get progressively worse, paraplegia and ascending paralysis. A great impulse to walk very fast, splinter-like pains, sclerosis of the brain and spinal cord, intolerance of heat describe the Argentum Nitricum very well.

Alumina has lots of dryness within their system, it affects the brain-spinal axis and causes disturbances within the coordination and tendency to paretic muscular states, paralysis of the bowels leading to dry hard stool, no urging, passed with great difficulty as if the abdomen and rectum were paralyzed. Urine is slow to pass. Cold feeling in the body. Sluggish functions, heaviness, and numbness, with staggering. Thus the rectum, nervous and muscular systems are affected by the remedy. Spinal cord degeneration, with parasthesia, eye squints, locomotor ataxia. May crave dry food and rice, but worse from potatoes. Mental state is one of memory weakness and loss, forgets things and their way, consciousness fog, cannot think coherently, slowness in answering questions and vague replies, cloudiness and drunken feeling with pain in kidneys. Moods alternate and can have a hurried feeling with things seemingly not moving fast enough. Hasty but executes anything slowly thus mistakes in writing and speaking, guilty conscious like they had committed a crime, confused as to his identity.


Therefore with Alumina remedy, it would help those with MS that are very sluggish mentally, in a cognitive fog, memory weakness, answers slowly, vague replies and this mental characteristic translates to the predominant trait of sluggish or impacted bowels, as their system has dryness everywhere. It would seem that paralysis of the mind leads to paralysis of the bowels, walking issues, everything is slowed down with this remedy. Alternatively with the Argentum Nitricum remedy it will help those with MS that are very restless, nervous, high anxiety, sweets always make them worse, CNS and PNS +GIT issues are predominant, balance issues and they tend to get ASCENDING paralysis and not really left or right-sided paralysis, Two very different states of MS and both will help. That is why Professional Homeopathic treatment is warranted to find the subtle difference between one or the other Homeopathic remedy. If the symptom picture matches you then the remedy will help you.

Please call for a free 15 min chat/skype session to discuss Homeopathic remedies and reducing your MS symptoms.

Mind/Body Unity and the Stress-Disease Connection from a Homeopathic Perspective

Posted on 11 March, 2019 at 21:25

Here is a video from Dr. Gabor Maté, When The Body Says No and my thoughts on it.

Dr. Mate goes on to talk about that doctors do not inquire about the parent's stress and medical issues as they do not value that info. As a Homeopath that is one of the first things that I drill down and try to find out what is driving you as a person. If the parents had lots of medical issues then I can infer that the patient in front of me has lots of issues and that is what led them to MS. Stress in childhood that is not corrected and rebalanced leads to autoimmune down the road if it is continued.

He also talks about Psychoneuroimmunology PNI and it is the interaction between the psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems. Basically, it views you as one whole and does not divide you into segments like a doctor would do to attempt to help your health. With Homeopathy we treat you from a PNI perspective as we understand that there is a oneness between MIND BODY EMOTIONS - MBE. We search for that one remedy PNI that matches you as a whole. We do not look for your fragmented symptoms and find a remedy. We try to get to the core of the WHY the MS is happening and we attempt to stimulate the body to correct the imbalance.

Dr. Mate talks about the stress of the parents creates the situation for the child to feel the stress while they are children. This stress from the parents can lead a child while young to high levels of stress and then e.g. asthma happens. Do they need PUFFERS... no they need a Homeopathic remedy MBE that helps them deal with the stress on PNI OR MBE levels. Disease is about getting to the core of the issue. Autoimmune disease is about getting to the core of your issues. Your MS issues are not that you have foot drop, or partial paralysis of this or that limb, or bladder spasticity, or optic neuritis etc. Your issues are due to the childhood mal-adaptation to the stress you felt and then did not release and let go. This continued stress led to your MS. Not the diet, not, Lyme, not EBV from my perspective.


Cortisol says Dr. Mate is very high when there is high stress. When overdone the adrenals get shot and continued over time the body will get sick. This survival mechanism that the child uses keeps them alive in the short term. But IF the child continues to use this survival mechanism, flight or fight response, then over decades or sooner MS will occur. He says Cancer/MS and looking at the cell is not the place to look for solutions. There is BODY MIND UNITY and once you realize that then you realize that that is how my wife REVERSED her MS so quick because she focussed on personal development by quickly solving those childhood issues quickly and Homeopathy rapidly brought her to that shore.


Sickness is not accidental says Dr. Mate. I have been saying that over and over. Chronic sickness is not accidental. It comes through years of stress, of repressed emotions. Once you allow the emotions out you can heal and your MS may get better. Dr. Mate describes perfectly the MS mindset. Ignoring your needs, looking for LOVE outside of yourself from others, putting others before yourself, duty to other first before others. I would add a big trait that I see with MS is the inflexibility and not willing to CHANGE THEIR MINDSET. They refuse to budge from their position, stubbornness. As Dr Mate says your core beliefs will become your FATAL BELIEFs. You must learn to be more flexible, and you must learn to keep an open mind that maybe, just maybe your MS can be turned around IF you focus more on your personal development. Thoughts cause your illness, repressed emotions cause your illness.

Sounds crazy what Dr. Mate is saying but he has the science to back it up. I do not but I have my own experience. Your thoughts can eventually kill you. MS can eventually kill you as it almost did my wife. All MS people need to learn about adaptation and their inner attachment needs not being met. Dr. Mate says that not working on inner development, not releasing emotions will become PHYSICAL PATHOLOGY or MS. People are always confused when they come to me with MS because what I suggest them to do is so foreign to them and does not seem like it is worth following. However, I always say to become as a child. A child as Dr. Mate says is authentic, expressing anger, fears, love quickly and easily. Adults with chronic illness have lost touch with their feelings and their authenticity. Homeopathy helps deal with MBE effectively and quickly.

Dr. Mate talks about child repressed emotions causing DISEASE. Stop and think about that. The please LOVE me Syndrome of comedian Robin Williams. You can not separate the mind from the body and thus the beauty of Homeopathic medicine and philosophy as we treat you as one whole MBE. The best Medicine for MS that Dr. Mate does NOT realize is Homeopathic remedies as we treat MBE. Even he has DEPRESSION and takes drugs for it not realizing that Homeopathy will assist him from a MBE perspective.


MS is not a fight, it is not a war. Those are the wrong approach to MS. the best approach to MS is to do the tough inner work, personal development that I have been suggesting here for a while. Homeopathy helps to speed you through that work faster than you can imagine and will begin the process of MS reversal. Please join my Homeopathic Research study on MS, reduced rates end MARCH 26 2019. Call me for a free 15 chat.

What is the Best Natural remedy for MS spasms?

Posted on 8 March, 2019 at 17:45

The Best natural remedy for MS spasms is probably not Baclofen, Tizanidine, or Gabapentin. These drugs may work for the short term but do they help you grow mentally, emotionally and physically? Can they help you through this spastic phase so that you will not need those drugs? I have found that the Best Natural remedy for Multiple Sclerosis Spasms are Homeopathic remedies as they assist you from a Holistic standpoint and help on Mental, Emotional, and Physical levels where the medical drugs do not.

Spasms are generally the result of tension in the mind/body/emotions so learning how to deeply relax the body and mind will serve you well. Homeopathic remedies help greatly on all 3 levels to speed you through these tonic and clonic spasms. Tonic spasms are basically a continued CONTRACTION & Clonic Spasms are a series of alternating muscular contractions. I am going to describe 2 different Homeopathic remedies from the 500 potential remedies and that is why we need to do INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION of how you express your MS symptoms. See if you can see yourself in these 2 Homeopathic pictures.


Cuprum Met remedy is needed if there are cramps and spasms on all levels. Mentally they will feel cramped but will have strong feelings that are not able to be expressed, feeling closed. They tend to feel guilty and try to control it and will become serious, then loose lightness and flexibility. As ideas spring to mind, it creates a slight TENSION, a Spasm. When it is time to express anger they simply rarely do it and if they do it is built up to such a degree that it turns to violence. These people are compulsive and mentally do not FLOW but act in SPASMS, restless, impulsive and the NERVES are as tight as a GUITAR STRING. Mentally over time, this extreme tension leads to thoughts getting slower and their comprehension is slowed down as now they are way off balance and so high strung that the exhaustion sinks in and they think their intellect is not working and do not realize the HIGH Tension that they are under. Therefore the suppressed emotions, anger, emotional excitement etc leads to spasms particularly in the fingers and toes that is worse at NIGHT and after getting wet. Lots of twitching and jerkings, and one side paralysis after the spasms. They may lose their vision just before the spasms. Spasms through their body including the throat and neck, bladder, stomach, abdomen,kidneys, respiration, coughing, back, clenching of thumbs and fingers, hands, legs, calves, and feet.


Lathyrus sativus is another great remedy for spasms and this type of person is very emotional but lacks inner courage with lots of unresolved inner conflicts, feeling trapped, unable to escape. Cold damp weather affects them greatly. They experience numbness and get vertigo with eyes closed when standing. Lathyrus Sat people have weakness of lower extremities that leads to paralysis and the muscles begin to waste away from lack of usage. Their walking is spastic, tottering and trembles. Stride seems to fall from one foot to the other and their knees knock together when walking. Heels do not touch the ground and have a hard time crossing or extending the legs when sitting. Lying down makes it hard for them to lift their legs but can move them side to side. Ankles and knees are weak and stiff, legs will cramp in cold, upper limbs will tremble, always tired and yawning.

To get to your remedy we would have to ask lots of questions like does the spasms occur, morning, day, night, after anger, bending, from lights, bladder spasm, clonic or tonic spasms, from excitement, from fear, during heat, hysteria, injury, internally, isolated groups of muscles, left or right side of body, position of body when it occurs, from nerves, noise, pain or painless, sexual, touching….etc….Can you appreciate how HOLISTIC Homeopathic medicine is and how we see how your body/mind/emotions are being expressed and then find the match that is INDIVIDUAL to you and you alone. Please appreciate that this was one symptom=Spasms. We would have to go through every other symptom you have in the same manner at all levels. Homeopathic remedies are as unique to you as your fingerprint is unique to you.

Therefore the profile of Cuprum Met is different than Lathyrus Sat upon mental, emotional and physical levels. If you see yourself in one of these pictures then you resonate to the remedy and it will benefit you and your spasms. That is why I can not suggest this or that Homeopathic remedy for you and your spasms. You need a UNIQUE remedy for you and you alone. And we have over 500 Natural Homeopathic remedies so we would have to take your complete case to see what resonates to you the best to help with your spasms. Consequently that is why Homeopathic medicine is superior to conventional medicine for spasms.

If you are interested please join my MS Homeopathic Research Study where I will find a Homeopathic remedy to help with your spasms but more importantly to help you with your mental-emotional stress that contributes greatly to those spasms. Please message me for more details or see my website

Reverse your MS like Apple iPod did to their business

Posted on 7 March, 2019 at 5:45

Apple products were not the favorite that they are now. They were second fiddle to Microsoft. . Microsoft basically dominated Apple Company at the launch of personal computers. Microsoft were the goto company for computers. Apple languished for about 15 years till they had to face the HARD TRUTH and innovate to get better as a company and find products that people wanted. Apple is now the premier company for products and people flock to them. To reverse your MS you will have to have that same type of FLEXIBLE thinking. You can not keep doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts and hope that your MS will get better, or that your MS symptoms will disappear. Apple had to change to be successful and you will have to evolve to be successful in reversing your MS.

You will have to have an OPEN MIND to reverse your MS symptoms. You are stuck just like Apple was in the 1980s-90s. To become successful they had to think out of the box and do things differently than they were previously doing. REVERSING your MS condition is no different. If you want to succeed without DMDs you will have to rethink everything that you thought you needed to do. You will HAVE TO BE FLEXIBLE. You will have to have an OPEN MIND and think that what you thought was going to help you maybe is not helping you and may, in fact, make your MS worse over time.

The best thing to do for your MS symptoms is to do what the Apple company did to succeed. KEEP AN OPEN MIND and CHANGE! From an MS perspective, that means to truly get a REVERSAL of MS you will need to change the core of your thinking. You will have to get to the root of your THINKING and change it, balance it, express it, come to peace with it. That is the best shot of fixing your MS. Not the diet, not more physio, not more exercise. Yes, they all help but if you can correct the reason that you got the MS in the first place then you have a shot of reversing your MS.

My first MS client has REVERSED her MS by 95% using this approach and using Homeopathic remedies to facilitate this MS reversal. Homeopathic remedies will help to accelerate you past the places where you are stuck mentally, emotionally, & physically. Homeopathic remedies truly help with the stress, & may prevent RELAPSES. Homeopathic remedies will help to minimize the stress, and lift it off your path so that you can then choose another way of being. A way that is more BALANCED and then MS may reverse its course and some of those MS symptoms will begin to resolve.


If you would like to try Homeopathic remedies for your MS please join my Homeopathic Research Study on MS. Go to for more details.

How come your MS is NOT Reversing and healed in 2 years?

Posted on 5 March, 2019 at 5:50

Two things people do NOT really give their full attention to is Thoughts/Emotions and Homeopathy.

My wife has reversed MS by 95% in two years and she was totally paralyzed in 5 days. You have many MS symptoms but I doubt as severe as hers was and she has just about (95%) reversed MS in 2 years and you have not! What are you missing? What things are you refusing to keep an open mind about? What things are you still stubbornly holding on to and refusing to change? How does your MS serve you? What benefits do you get from MS? You choose your thoughts and your brain and body execute’s the program you have started. It is up to you to figure out the WHY this is happening to you and then simply change the program.

Have you wondered why some people have a RELAPSE and others do not? Why some have a severe relapse and others have a mild relapse? Why the majority do NOT have MS RECOVERY and so very few do? Have you ever wondered why after changing your DIET and doing SWANK, OMS, or Wahls protocol you still get relapse? Why does your body still get a relapse if the inflammation has been rooted out? You are not eating any offending foods and still get a relapse? STRESS! Thoughts. Repressed Emotions. YOU ARE REFUSING TO CHANGE. You resist the change by being stubborn and inflexible. You are protecting your ego and refusing to make the inner changes. Therefore, you stay with MS and do not recover from MS.

THOUGHTS are the root of it all. EMOTIONS are the root of it all. Your thoughts and repressed emotions are the roadmaps out of MS. You have to feel your repressed emotions, make peace with them as they are hurting you. You have to make peace with thoughts that helped you survive but now these same thoughts are keeping you stuck with MS symptoms. Work on changing your thoughts, expressing your emotions so that you can be free and at peace again. You can learn to love yourself again. Right now you are so confused and anxious that you do not know the roadmap out of your MS.

The other piece of MS Reversal that most people do not try is Homeopathy. Homeopathy helps upon mental, emotional, and physical levels. In Homeopathy we find a Homeopathic remedy that will match your thoughts, emotional expression, and physical MS symptoms. When we do that your MS will probably rapidly change for the better PROVIDING that you work to adjust your thoughts, be willing to make attitude changes, be willing to feel those emotions that you are stuck with, that you are refusing to feel and move on from.

Homeopathy is such a great health accelerator that you will be amazed at the power that it has to help you mentally, emotionally, physically. This is what you will feel after finding the perfect Homeopathic remedy match for you. You will feel yourself again. You will realize that you have gone off balance with your thinking, you will honor your emotions, honor yourself more, respect yourself more and choose to love yourself more and more. It will seem natural because it is natural to be who you are. Homeopathy helps to clear the mental/emotional debris field in front of you so that your roadway is clear and you can get on with your life and slowly over time make those MS symptoms a distant memory rather than a present reality.

How come my wife was able to reverse MS in 2 years from complete paralysis and you have not? She did everything I am saying above. What she did you can do. Therefore, supercharge your MS recovery try changing your thoughts, feeling your deepest repressed emotions, and using Homeopathy to speed you to a better health condition. Please also join my group on FB Natural Effective MS Treatment for more info.

Please join in my Homeopathic Research Study on MS where I find a homeopathic remedy for your MS condition.

Wanted: Men and Women with MS to participate in Homeopathic Research Study.

Posted on 16 February, 2019 at 9:30




Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects 2.3 Million have MS worldwide. There are 4 TYPES of MS -CIS, RRMS, SPMS, PPMS. MS can cause many symptoms, including blurred vision, loss of balance, poor coordination, slurred speech, tremors, numbness, extreme fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, paralysis, blindness and more. MS may cause reduced quality of life and impaired daytime functioning. We will evaluate if Homeopathy can produce a significant reduction in MS symptoms and better overall well being.


This is a Prospective Observational Study using Homeopathy and it is open to Men or Women that have been diagnosed with any of the types of MS. I am not a scientist or doctor but I work as a Homeopath.



This is a worldwide study using Telemedicine. There will be a maximum of 45 MS participants. It will be a 3-month study. If you fill out an additional questionnaire each month the 4th month of consultation will be free. If you do not choose this then the study will finish at the end of the 3rd Follow up Consultation. Once the study is over at the end of 3 months the Discount fee will end and if you wish to continue Homeopathic treatment it will be at my regular prices of $81/hour for follow up. If you choose to do an additional questionnaire then the 4th month is free and the discount fee will end after that consultation and then if you wish to continue it will be at my regular fee of $81/hour.

You will have to fill out a PRE-MS Symptom Questionnaire (about 15 min), an ADULT INTAKE form and 3 Follow up questionnaires (15min) at one-month intervals.


All appts are ONLINE and you buy your own remedies wherever you wish. There will be an almost 75% reduction in my fees, or $45 fee for the initial consultation + 3 follow up appt @$25 each. Total $45+$75=$120 that is ALL payable at the Initial Consultation. No partial payments allowed. All fees are in Canadian dollars. I am NOT funded by big pharma thus a fee, but I have kept the fees low as possible. You may stay on your Doctor prescribed meds and supplements while using Homeopathic Remedies. March 2019 will be the cut off date.

Currently, DMT MS drugs Cost up to $100,000 annually and generally, insurance only covers a portion of it. Homeopathic remedies offer low-cost Effective Natural MS treatment and we are going to determine the efficacy of this health intervention method versus the typical DMT cost.

Once the results are tabulated I will publish my results in Homeopathic journals, other Homeopathic literature, possibly blogs, FB etc. Right now we have about 15 people on the list that are interested. If you are interested please send me an email and I will put you on the list [email protected]


Please share and tell your MS friends about this opportunity. It will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, but there must be an MS diagnosis.

Hit the LIKE and SHARE button if inclined. Thank you

Things you should know about MS, Parasites, and Candida

Posted on 11 February, 2019 at 6:05

I have been reading that there some people that are doing work with MS and reversing it with simply doing candida and parasite detox or cleanses. Some claim to be free of MS after doing that and maintaining a strict diet after the cleanse. For sure you can eat sugar and acidic foods and you will feed the parasites and candida. Then they do not want to leave YOU, the host, if they are being well fed the “bad” food so yes you have to kill them, flush them, and then starve the rest. Wash rinse and repeat over and over for years, every 3-4 months till you do not feel the strong desire for sugar. The strong desire for sugar indicates that you either have both parasites or candida or one or the other.

My wife and I have been doing a candida cleanse for over 20 years and I usually added parasite cleanses at the same time. I have lots of experience with these types of cleanses. Having said that it did NOT stop my wife from having a severe MS attack that left her totally paralyzed in 5 days. She ate hospital food for 4 months so not the best food. We looked down the road of Lyme, or other infections, EBV, that might have caused the issue. Looking back almost 2 years what I have realized is this, you have to live IN BALANCE with the organisms within you. You can not kill them into oblivion. Once my wife was paralyzed with MS she realized that her diet had to change but FIRST MENTALLY she began to change and thus cravings were minimized because she made other choices and confronted her attitude and emotional issues that drive a lot of the sweet emotional eating. Stuffing of emotions so as not to feel. Once you deal with that stuff your life turns around. She was on 2 homeopathic remedies that helped her walk out of the hospital 4 months later. No candida cleanse nor parasite cleanse during this amazing turnaround.


Once discharged out of the hospital, of course, she did a candida cleanse like we had done 20 years before but there was no change for her, nothing. The difference was she changed her diet and now was not feeding them and was slowly changing her organisms over by eating better food and of course the CRUCIAL ...changing her attitudes and emotions that drive the sugar craving.

2 years post-MS diagnosis we have abandoned looking down the BACTERIA VIRUS road for answers. Your thoughts invite and create the terrain necessary for those organisms to take root into your body. Once your thoughts are aligned they go live somewhere else and not inside you as your terrain is no more palatable to them.

If you want to do candida or parasite cleanses I am well capable to guide you through them, however, I would say the greatest gift that you can give to yourself is using the Homeopathic remedy to effect change upon the mental and emotional levels. Of course, you may need to reduce the candida or parasite organisms at first a few times or more in a year or years...BUT you have to change your eating habits and have to change your attitudes and emotions towards food. You simply can not take a Homeopathic remedy and do candida/parasite cleanses and hope that the MS will go away. Hope that no relapses will happen. The Homeopathic remedy may prevent the relapse as you would sense when stress levels are getting higher and then you take the Homeopathic remedy to knock that stress out or down so that you can then begin to find a solution to that stress. If you don’t no remedy will help you and relapse is probably in your future.

Therefore, I do not think that parasites and candida cleanses are the PRIME thing that one with MS has to do to get better and stay relapse-free. I would say using Homeopathy to root out the cause of the imbalance in the ATTITUDES and EMOTIONS, plus personal development, and then everything else falls under that easier, and better, and longer lasting reversal of MS than by attacking the MS through candida and parasite cleanse.

My wife's MS is 95% reversed using the above strategy and not really focussing on candida or parasite cleanse. But there are many ways to heal and if you feel that is the way for you please call me and we can discuss going on a candida or parasite cleanse for you but I would only do it if homeopathic remedies were also given POST cleanse to help clean up the attitudes and emotions as this will give you the greatest bang for your buck.

How does a Homeopath find a remedy to help with MS?

Posted on 5 February, 2019 at 17:35

First of all, you would have you fill out an INITIAL intake form. In this form about 4-5 pages, you would write a quick synopsis of your SYMPTOMS, things that make them better or worse. Once that is filled out then we would meet in person or Online. For instance, you could say that you have pain in your feet. I would then ask, is it left or right or both feet? Describe the type of pain is it burning, stitching, boring, etc? What time does it happen? What caused it to happen? Does it happen upon standing, or standing too long or describe what happens? etc

We would then go to the next symptom it could be tingling and numbness. Again, we would ask, what side, left or right, or both, when does it happen, why does it happen, what brings it on, where is it, what have you found that makes it better and what have you found that makes it worse, etc.


The next symptom could be spasticity. Is it left or ride side, is it the torso, what brings it on, what helps it feel better, what do you do to make it worse etc. With MS there are about 20 major symptoms: numbness, tingling, headache, cognitive dysfunction, speech and swallowing issues, paralysis, breathing issues, Fatigue, sexual dysfunction, spasms, itching, walking difficulty, dizziness, vision problems, emotional changes, hearing issues, emotional issues past or present, pain, bladder dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, tremor etc. That list pretty much covers the MS dis-ease.

We would also ask when did the MS begin. Was it from a trauma to the head, neck, spine, or was it from High-stress periods, deep feelings of grief or anger, other repressed emotions, self-hate or not loving self, etc. Usually, there are lots of DEEP attitudes and emotions going on and with homeopathy, it will help lift those states and help to nudge you in the right direction to health. I bet your doctor and neurologist don’t care about the majority of your answers to these questions and that is why Homeopathy is so special and unique in the medical field and it is a wonderful therapy to assist you on all 3 levels of being, MIND, BODY, SOUL. With Conventional medicine and RRMS, there are about a dozen drugs like Aubagio, Techfidera etc. With Homeopathic remedies, there are 10x that and potentially hundreds more. All are natural, safe and very effective.

The remarkable thing about Homeopathy is that it does not matter the dis-ease label. It only matters what the symptoms are and then we can match up the Natural safe Homeopathic remedy to your entire Holistic being =MIND BODY SOUL. There are many remedies to help you and each person will probably have a different remedy though some may have the same one. It is chosen on individual symptoms.

In homeopathy, we ask a lot of questions because each person feels something different with MS than the next person. The beauty of Homeopathy is that it helps upon the MIND BODY SOUL level and treats you as one holistic person. That means that what affects the mind will affect the body and what affects the body will affect the mind. You get the picture. It is not like seeing your doctor or Neurologist. We actually give you hope that it is possible to find a remedy that can help with your symptoms at a greatly reduced cost. We treat every symptom as a part of the whole puzzle. We do not fracture your mind and body. We do not tell you that diet is nice and will not help. We do not tell you that reducing stress will have nothing to do with your MS. On the contrary we would tell you that Stress is probably the biggest factor to a relapse and using the Homeopathic remedy will help you at that first sign of stress you take it and it may prevent a relapse as it lifts off the shock and block of the stress. Homeopathy gets to the deeper layers of stress.

Gathering all these symptoms up we would then search in homeopathic software where we look to find the best match for you. When we have some potentials we then read about it in a materia Medica. A Materia Medica has every single symptom that is specific to a remedy. Once we have the Homeopathic remedy match for you we would suggest that you take it.

Please call for a free 15 min phone chat to see if this is the right direction for you to go in. Thanks