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This daily blog is about Multiple Sclerosis, Homeopathy, and the things that I suggested to a client to get them better from Total Paralysis. You can learn many things from this blog and possibly get better from your condition. I am a Homeopath and no matter the Type of Multiple Sclerosis that you have Homeopathic remedies can help you. If it helped my paralyzed client walk I am sure that it can help you with your MS symptoms. CALL ME I CAN HELP. ALL appts are done ONLINE or in person.

I also have a Facebook Group called Natural Effective MS Treat ment, ;   I discuss a new way of Treating MS, using homeopathy and other strategies to get better and better. Please join if you wish.

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Wanted: Men and Women with MS to participate in Homeopathic Research Study.

Posted on 16 February, 2019 at 9:30




Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects 2.3 Million have MS worldwide. There are 4 TYPES of MS -CIS, RRMS, SPMS, PPMS. MS can cause many symptoms, including blurred vision, loss of balance, poor coordination, slurred speech, tremors, numbness, extreme fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, paralysis, blindness and more. MS may cause reduced quality of life and impaired daytime functioning. We will evaluate if Homeopathy can produce a significant reduction in MS symptoms and better overall well being.


This is a Prospective Observational Study using Homeopathy and it is open to Men or Women that have been diagnosed with any of the types of MS. I am not a scientist or doctor but I work as a Homeopath.



This is a worldwide study using Telemedicine. There will be a maximum of 45 MS participants. It will be a 3-month study. If you fill out an additional questionnaire each month the 4th month of consultation will be free. If you do not choose this then the study will finish at the end of the 3rd Follow up Consultation. Once the study is over at the end of 3 months the Discount fee will end and if you wish to continue Homeopathic treatment it will be at my regular prices of $81/hour for follow up. If you choose to do an additional questionnaire then the 4th month is free and the discount fee will end after that consultation and then if you wish to continue it will be at my regular fee of $81/hour.

You will have to fill out a PRE-MS Symptom Questionnaire (about 15 min), an ADULT INTAKE form and 3 Follow up questionnaires (15min) at one-month intervals.


All appts are ONLINE and you buy your own remedies wherever you wish. There will be an almost 75% reduction in my fees, or $45 fee for the initial consultation + 3 follow up appt @$25 each. Total $45+$75=$120 that is ALL payable at the Initial Consultation. No partial payments allowed. All fees are in Canadian dollars. I am NOT funded by big pharma thus a fee, but I have kept the fees low as possible. You may stay on your Doctor prescribed meds and supplements while using Homeopathic Remedies. March 2019 will be the cut off date.

Currently, DMT MS drugs Cost up to $100,000 annually and generally, insurance only covers a portion of it. Homeopathic remedies offer low-cost Effective Natural MS treatment and we are going to determine the efficacy of this health intervention method versus the typical DMT cost.

Once the results are tabulated I will publish my results in Homeopathic journals, other Homeopathic literature, possibly blogs, FB etc. Right now we have about 15 people on the list that are interested. If you are interested please send me an email and I will put you on the list [email protected]


Please share and tell your MS friends about this opportunity. It will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, but there must be an MS diagnosis.

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Things you should know about MS, Parasites, and Candida

Posted on 11 February, 2019 at 6:05

I have been reading that there some people that are doing work with MS and reversing it with simply doing candida and parasite detox or cleanses. Some claim to be free of MS after doing that and maintaining a strict diet after the cleanse. For sure you can eat sugar and acidic foods and you will feed the parasites and candida. Then they do not want to leave YOU, the host, if they are being well fed the “bad” food so yes you have to kill them, flush them, and then starve the rest. Wash rinse and repeat over and over for years, every 3-4 months till you do not feel the strong desire for sugar. The strong desire for sugar indicates that you either have both parasites or candida or one or the other.

My wife and I have been doing a candida cleanse for over 20 years and I usually added parasite cleanses at the same time. I have lots of experience with these types of cleanses. Having said that it did NOT stop my wife from having a severe MS attack that left her totally paralyzed in 5 days. She ate hospital food for 4 months so not the best food. We looked down the road of Lyme, or other infections, EBV, that might have caused the issue. Looking back almost 2 years what I have realized is this, you have to live IN BALANCE with the organisms within you. You can not kill them into oblivion. Once my wife was paralyzed with MS she realized that her diet had to change but FIRST MENTALLY she began to change and thus cravings were minimized because she made other choices and confronted her attitude and emotional issues that drive a lot of the sweet emotional eating. Stuffing of emotions so as not to feel. Once you deal with that stuff your life turns around. She was on 2 homeopathic remedies that helped her walk out of the hospital 4 months later. No candida cleanse nor parasite cleanse during this amazing turnaround.


Once discharged out of the hospital, of course, she did a candida cleanse like we had done 20 years before but there was no change for her, nothing. The difference was she changed her diet and now was not feeding them and was slowly changing her organisms over by eating better food and of course the CRUCIAL ...changing her attitudes and emotions that drive the sugar craving.

2 years post-MS diagnosis we have abandoned looking down the BACTERIA VIRUS road for answers. Your thoughts invite and create the terrain necessary for those organisms to take root into your body. Once your thoughts are aligned they go live somewhere else and not inside you as your terrain is no more palatable to them.

If you want to do candida or parasite cleanses I am well capable to guide you through them, however, I would say the greatest gift that you can give to yourself is using the Homeopathic remedy to effect change upon the mental and emotional levels. Of course, you may need to reduce the candida or parasite organisms at first a few times or more in a year or years...BUT you have to change your eating habits and have to change your attitudes and emotions towards food. You simply can not take a Homeopathic remedy and do candida/parasite cleanses and hope that the MS will go away. Hope that no relapses will happen. The Homeopathic remedy may prevent the relapse as you would sense when stress levels are getting higher and then you take the Homeopathic remedy to knock that stress out or down so that you can then begin to find a solution to that stress. If you don’t no remedy will help you and relapse is probably in your future.

Therefore, I do not think that parasites and candida cleanses are the PRIME thing that one with MS has to do to get better and stay relapse-free. I would say using Homeopathy to root out the cause of the imbalance in the ATTITUDES and EMOTIONS, plus personal development, and then everything else falls under that easier, and better, and longer lasting reversal of MS than by attacking the MS through candida and parasite cleanse.

My wife's MS is 95% reversed using the above strategy and not really focussing on candida or parasite cleanse. But there are many ways to heal and if you feel that is the way for you please call me and we can discuss going on a candida or parasite cleanse for you but I would only do it if homeopathic remedies were also given POST cleanse to help clean up the attitudes and emotions as this will give you the greatest bang for your buck.

How does a Homeopath find a remedy to help with MS?

Posted on 5 February, 2019 at 17:35

First of all, you would have you fill out an INITIAL intake form. In this form about 4-5 pages, you would write a quick synopsis of your SYMPTOMS, things that make them better or worse. Once that is filled out then we would meet in person or Online. For instance, you could say that you have pain in your feet. I would then ask, is it left or right or both feet? Describe the type of pain is it burning, stitching, boring, etc? What time does it happen? What caused it to happen? Does it happen upon standing, or standing too long or describe what happens? etc

We would then go to the next symptom it could be tingling and numbness. Again, we would ask, what side, left or right, or both, when does it happen, why does it happen, what brings it on, where is it, what have you found that makes it better and what have you found that makes it worse, etc.


The next symptom could be spasticity. Is it left or ride side, is it the torso, what brings it on, what helps it feel better, what do you do to make it worse etc. With MS there are about 20 major symptoms: numbness, tingling, headache, cognitive dysfunction, speech and swallowing issues, paralysis, breathing issues, Fatigue, sexual dysfunction, spasms, itching, walking difficulty, dizziness, vision problems, emotional changes, hearing issues, emotional issues past or present, pain, bladder dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, tremor etc. That list pretty much covers the MS dis-ease.

We would also ask when did the MS begin. Was it from a trauma to the head, neck, spine, or was it from High-stress periods, deep feelings of grief or anger, other repressed emotions, self-hate or not loving self, etc. Usually, there are lots of DEEP attitudes and emotions going on and with homeopathy, it will help lift those states and help to nudge you in the right direction to health. I bet your doctor and neurologist don’t care about the majority of your answers to these questions and that is why Homeopathy is so special and unique in the medical field and it is a wonderful therapy to assist you on all 3 levels of being, MIND, BODY, SOUL. With Conventional medicine and RRMS, there are about a dozen drugs like Aubagio, Techfidera etc. With Homeopathic remedies, there are 10x that and potentially hundreds more. All are natural, safe and very effective.

The remarkable thing about Homeopathy is that it does not matter the dis-ease label. It only matters what the symptoms are and then we can match up the Natural safe Homeopathic remedy to your entire Holistic being =MIND BODY SOUL. There are many remedies to help you and each person will probably have a different remedy though some may have the same one. It is chosen on individual symptoms.

In homeopathy, we ask a lot of questions because each person feels something different with MS than the next person. The beauty of Homeopathy is that it helps upon the MIND BODY SOUL level and treats you as one holistic person. That means that what affects the mind will affect the body and what affects the body will affect the mind. You get the picture. It is not like seeing your doctor or Neurologist. We actually give you hope that it is possible to find a remedy that can help with your symptoms at a greatly reduced cost. We treat every symptom as a part of the whole puzzle. We do not fracture your mind and body. We do not tell you that diet is nice and will not help. We do not tell you that reducing stress will have nothing to do with your MS. On the contrary we would tell you that Stress is probably the biggest factor to a relapse and using the Homeopathic remedy will help you at that first sign of stress you take it and it may prevent a relapse as it lifts off the shock and block of the stress. Homeopathy gets to the deeper layers of stress.

Gathering all these symptoms up we would then search in homeopathic software where we look to find the best match for you. When we have some potentials we then read about it in a materia Medica. A Materia Medica has every single symptom that is specific to a remedy. Once we have the Homeopathic remedy match for you we would suggest that you take it.

Please call for a free 15 min phone chat to see if this is the right direction for you to go in. Thanks

Research Study on the Effect of Homeopathic Remedies on MS condition

Posted on 4 February, 2019 at 0:45

For the purposes of registration, a Clinical trial is any Research study that prospectively assigns human participants or groups of humans to one or more Health-related Interventions to Evaluate the Effects on Health outcomes. I am not a scientist or a doctor but I work as a Homeopath. The health-related intervention will be Homeopathy and I am going to evaluate its effects upon the Multiple Sclerosis [MS] conditions.

I am looking for Men and Women to participate and criteria for inclusion in this study is that you have to have any TYPE of Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis. Currently DMT" target="_blank"> 

MS drugs Cost up to $100,000 and generally, insurance only covers a portion of it. Homeopathic remedies offer low cost effective natural MS treatment and we are going to determine the efficacy of this health intervention method versus the typical DMT cost. There will be a maximum of 45 MS participants.You may stay on your meds and supplements while using Homeopathic Remedies.

In March 2019 I am going to launch it and it will be a 3 month study. It will entail filling out the Initial Consultation questionnaire, another questionnaire each month where YOU evaluate your symptoms and then a final questionnaire at the end. Once the study is over at the end of 3 months the Discount fee will end and if you wish to continue Homeopathic treatment it will be at my regular prices of $81/hour for follow up.

All appts are ONLINE and you buy your own remedies. There will be an almost 75% reduction in my fees, or $45 fee for the initial consultation + 3 follow up appt @$25 each. Total $45+$75=$120 that is ALL payable at the Initial Consultation. No partial payments allowed. All fees are in Canadian dollars. I am NOT funded by big pharma thus a fee, but I have kept the fees low as possible. If you do not find this acceptable that is fine, then this study is not for you and please find one that is.

Once the results are tabulated I will publish my results in a Homeopathic journal, other Homeopathic literature, possibly blogs, FB etc. Right now we have about 15 people on the list that are interested. If you are interested please send me an email and I will put you on the list [email protected]

Please share and tell your MS friends about this opportunity. It will be on a first-come first-serve basis, but there must be an MS diagnosis. Click the link below to go to my blog and there you can send me an email that you are interested in participating in the Research Study.

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Why a GAPS DIET perspective can help with MS

Posted on 30 January, 2019 at 6:05

This is NOT another blog stating that this is the best diet for MS. This blog is about using the GAPS DIET (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) principles to help reverse MS and then heal the myelin. There is a connection between the GIT and the health of the nervous system and of course the myelin. All food stressors have to be removed for a period of time and then eat foods that calm down the GIT, heal and seal it, and replenish with fermented foods. Traditional foods and traditional living like your grandparents ate is the road you must travel.

With Multiple Sclerosis you must change your lifestyle completely. All food choices have to be examined. Every label read and every product minimized or eliminated from the diet. This will help reduce the inflammatory conditions in the body. Therefore, all sugar products in any form, alcohol, coffee, breads etc..all must be eliminated for a short time maybe 2-3 months or longer to allow the GIT to “heal and seal”. You probably have a leaky gut and gut dysbiosis as most Autistic children have. Without correcting your gut you will not get well. Without correcting your attitudes and emotions you will not get well either so the two go hand in hand. With the first you change your diet COMPLETELY and the second you use Homeopathic remedies. It is critical to change food and drink choices as we must open the detox pathways and get them to work properly. With MS you most certainly have unbalanced GIT coupled with toxic overload and the species are running wild in your body and you have got to do the proper things to balance your gut species.

As a GAPS practitioner I have worked on many Autism cases associated with GIT issues. The GIT terrain is the same with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. The GAPS Protocol includes a therapeutic diet to heal and seal the gut, supplementation, and detoxification. A candida cleanse may be needed to rebalance that species.

Supplements may also be needed and you may want to check with a nutritionist for that but once the gut lining is healed then pathogenic overgrowth does not occur and you have a more variety of beneficial species in your GIT and then typically your infections will go down as your GIT comes back to balance.

The GAPS diet controls the pathogens and heals the gut so that partly digested food stops crossing into the blood. This will stop allergies and lowering toxic conditions and give the brain a chance to work properly and the myelin to heal.

A functional medical doctor can test for infections and then using Homeopathic remedies we can target the Lyme or co-infections, the mold, or even heavy metals. Yes Homeopathic remedies can remove heavy metals. For instance Plumbum is a homeopathic remedy that can pull Lead out of the body and we would do the same with other metals such as Mercury etc.

The first thing that must be tried is to see if changing the food/drink choices helps the MS symptoms. Second thing is to take Homeopathic remedies to change the attitude and emotions so that you are still not “pouring gasoline on the fire”. A stressful life makes your body more acidic thus contributing to inflammatory conditions in your body, hence the need for either personal development and/or Homeopathic remedies to speed the process.

I can coach you through it or you can get the GAPS diet book and follow the stages for when it is beneficial to add the next food group to your diet. The big thing is to heal and seal the GIT, get the metals under control, introduce new species to the gut naturally, peel off layers of stress using homeopathic remedies and you will be well on your way to making a huge impact on your MS symptoms. I have guided a client from MS total paralysis and is now in the final phase of MS reversal. The path I teach leads to building up of natural health and allows our bodies to heal themselves

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I am a homeopath and can help you with your MS symptoms as I guided my client back from Total Paralysis. Sale 50% off Month of January. Please call for a free 15 min chat.

How does my MS Condition Serve me?

Posted on 27 January, 2019 at 7:15

How does my MS Condition Serve me? What benefits do I get from it? Yes I said it. I know it sounds outrageous but I stand by it. There is a reason that MS condition is happening to you. I look for the golden opportunity of why it is happening and I know that it is happening for a good reason. For a beneficial reason, to help you on your journey. What that is only you know, possibly at the subconscious levels? Your soul is crying for change, for growth, for learning, for living in love again? Why are you choosing to remain stuck, either consciously or subconsciosuly?

Are tests and difficulties an inevitable part of life? Why do we suffer? How can we view the tests and difficulties that we endure in a positive light, rather than dwelling on them and letting them affect us negatively?

In what ways do we benefit from going through these tests and difficulties? What does finding meaning in life's difficulties mean to you?

How does MS benefit you? You know the things that MS does that make you feel reverse it, dig deep into your Subconsciousness and ask...... HOW DOES MS BENEFIT YOU?

What are you gaining from it?

What are you hiding from?

What psychological strategies are your using, either consciously or subconsciously, that benefits your MS, allowing you to remain stuck in that condition?

What are you refusing to change?

What are you refusing to change?

Are you stuck to religion, or an attitude that you are refusing to change?

Are you inflexible unwilling to change?

Why don't you love yourself?

What brought you to that moment where you reject Self, and condemn Self?

When you can answer these questions you are on the road to getting better from MS.








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I am a homeopath and can help you with your MS symptoms as I guided my client back from Total Paralysis. Sale 50% off Month of January. Please call for a free 15 min chat.

What do you feel when you take Homeopathic Rx for MS?

Posted on 23 January, 2019 at 5:25

Some typical Homeopathic principles that I follow that might help those that choose to take Homeopathy is that taken over time you will see subtle but big changes to yourself. Yes sounds like an oxymoron but it is true and i hear it over and over again working with clients. You will feel subtle to no changes but an outside person will see changes. The more aware you are of your body/mind/emotions you will sense that something has changed.

In my clients instance we were working on a lymphatic project and I had given her some additional different remedies PLUS a remedy to work on their concern going down stairs. They felt unsteady, unbalanced, & bit fearful going downstairs. Taking the remedies for a week or so and they said those remedies are not really working. Upon getting to specifically asking if anything has changed they state that going down stairs is a bit better, a motion in their shoulder or pain there is now gone, going down stairs is better and they can do escalators now whereas before they always went for the elevator. To me that is huge. To the outside observer it is big change.To them it now felt normal to use the escalator and the fear of using it was not as inhibiting. Lots of frequent urination issues but now  the frequency was less and the urge was minimized and not as intense as before. Bathroom use was cut down as they were able to hold it longer without that sense of urgency. This is still a work in progress

From the standpoint of the one taking the homeopathic remedy, in my personal opinion what is occurring is that the Soul is now shining through more. The body and the soul are now working more as one. Of course it is natural to go easily down an escalator. Of course going down the stairs is natural. You know this is easy. However, if there is a fear of downward motion from being paralyzed, fear of going downstairs then this is difficult and what ends up happening is that you avoid the stairs thus letting your fears build rather than dissipate.

That is the beauty of Homeopathic remedies they lift the fear, they minimize the fear, they minimize the negative self talk going on in your head and they allow the Soul to shine through to give you those positive messages of its ok, you can do it, you are safe, you are strong you are brave.

Finally, My client has been taking Gelsemium as you know if you have been reading my posts/blogs, and they have been taking it for 22 months now with breaks in between. Daily. My point being over time this has assisted her mentally with the paralysis and those emotions and attitudes that created it. It is not take the Homeopathic remedy once or twice and then stop. Taking the correct homeopathic remedy over many months or years and great changes will happen to you. Over time you will sense when you need a break from the remedy and when you need to begin another 4-6 week course. You will see big changes in your physical issues cause attitudes will have changed.

My client is now a shining light, creating a NEW story and a NEW chapter for themselves. Homeopathy can do the same for you along with my guidance and other tools that will be of benefit.

I am a homeopath and can help you with your MS symptoms as I assisted my client from Total Paralysis. Sale 50% off Month of January. Please call for a free 15 min chat.

A Simple but Powerful Course to change your MS

Posted on 21 January, 2019 at 17:30

I attended this Meditation Retreat yesterday and there are many all over the world. It is a 4 day course. The point of going was to learn to relax the physical body, relax the mind, and get to a deeper level of consciousness where you can find solutions to your physical dis-ease. I had done this course back in the 80’s, and several refreshers since then. This will assist with skills anyone needs to DEEPEN their physical relaxation, mental relaxation, and gain other tools to solve any problem you have. This is by using the power of your own subconscious.

Your subconscious knows EVERYTHING. Those fears, anxieties that you feel, that repressed anger that is lingering under everything, emotional suppression is directed by the subconscious and consciously you are refusing to change and allow the emotions out to protect yourself. You might have done these strategies as a child or adult but today they no longer serve you.

While my client was paralyzed I had begun to teach them some relaxation and meditation techniques to help them reach deeper levels of consciousness. Remember they were totally paralyzed but FULLY CONSCIOUS..and so with meditation techniques i guided them in and out of meditation and relaxation along with visualization exercises to build a better image in their mind of their illness. Taking full responsiblity for your illness is paramount. I live by the philosophy that what the mind thinks the body reflects. Thus any health condition can be positively changed within reason, but definitely impacted using  a new way of thinking that is empowering.

What the Silva method, and there are many similar courses, or even a therapist can to help you gain a deeper level of physical and mental relaxation. MS dis-ease is usually people with so much repressed emotions and lack of body awareness that they do not know they feel TENSION in the body cause their is TENSION in the Mind.

As you gain in body awareness through repeated daily relaxation, meditation, visualization (RMV) you will find that your dis-ease is getting better. As you access your inner subconsciousness you will find that at that level of the mind you have access to a treasure trove of wisdom that has solutions for you for everything that your heart desires. If you keep an open mind you can access deeper and deeper levels of mind and consciousness. If you choose not to access deeper levels of mind then you remain stuck running from one potential MS cure to another and another. Stop the OUTER SEARCHING and begin the INNER SEARCH the inner forgiving the inner loving of self by using simple tools. No need to complicate things.

You know what your emotional and attitude challenges are. Dive deeper into your relaxation and find your own answers to your issues there. Example: you feel anxiety about a situation cause you know this person will try to push your buttons. So you go to a deeper level of mind, acknowledge how you have acted in the past, remember how it made you feel and then CHOOSE to understand WHY THIS is happening? Once your subconsciousness gives you the WHY? Then at that level of mind you come up with a solution. That way the next time that challenging situation comes up you have a solution for how to deal with it and MOST IMPORTANTLY reduce or NEVER create the stress in the first place.

Please join my FB group Natural Effective Multiple Sclerosis Treatment for other insights.

I am a homeopath and can help you with your MS symptoms as I assisted my client from Total Paralysis. Sale 50% off Month of January. Please call for a free 15 min chat.

Natural Effective MS Neuropathy Rx

Posted on 21 January, 2019 at 17:05

Are you wondering what Natural and Effective Remedies there are that can assist your MS neuropathic symptoms: weakness, numbness, pain that usually occur in your hands, feet but can also affect your arms, legs and other parts of your body? You can’t tolerate the side effects from regular drugs or they are not working. Well with Homeopathy there are hundreds of remedies, and all of them are natural leaving no side effects.

With Homeopathic remedies and MS we are looking for the unique symptom expression. Therefore we would need to know where the weakness is: upper or lower body, left or right side, upper or lower arm, ankles, legs, feet, what causes the weakness, what makes it better or worse, what are you feeling when it occurs mentally or emotionally, does motion make it better or worse? How is the pain? Is it sharp, dull ache, throbbing, tingling, burning? Worse or better from motion? What triggers it? How does heat or cold affect it? etc.

How is your mind? Are you more of an angry person keeping things inside or do explode in rage? Are you a mouse...fearing to voice your words and feel your power? Are you irritated at everything or do you give your power away? Do you lack in self confidence or are you stubborn refusing to change, thinking you do not need it but your body is delivering MS symptoms to you more and more and you are not sure what to do? Within Homeopathy we ask endless amount of questions to get the image of how you express yourself, how you experience yourself, how you experience your emotions, how you experience your pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, etc.

Conium M is a great remedy for MS. It has deep pathology on many levels especially with serious degenerative disorders. If this remedy is a match you will have found that the MS complaints came on slowly and progressively, unsure of the date of onset. The pathology is progressive paralysis or progressive inflexibility reflecting the stubbornness in the mind, the inflexibility and refusal to keep on open mind, so sure of themselves and what they think it to be true. So advancing inflexibility of the mind develops unto pathology in the physical body that reflects that attitude into the body. Difficulty beginning in the thighs or legs, and difficulty rising from sitting. Ataxia.

Rhus tox can assist with deep pathology of the nervous system as with this person there is an inner restlessness, agitation that may translate to restless legs syndrome in bed, At this stage the person is usually irritable and easily frustrated. Adults can be serious, hard working, impatient and driven and as the MS gets worse they become more stiff, rigid on the emotional plane and then the physical body. Depression and sadness sets in. These MS types are generally superstitious. This remedy would suit that MS stage where there is progressive stiffness, stemming from prolonged periods of restlessness and overuse, not knowing their body’s own boundaries and just pushing, pushing, pushing. They just can not sit still, lots of back pain worse from sitting, neck pain, stiffness and all physical complaints are better from heat. If you see your image in one of these remedies it may help you and if you do not see yourself at all in these remedies know that there are hundreds of other remedies that can assist you

I am a homeopath and can help you with your MS symptoms as I assisted my wife from Total Paralysis. Sale 50% off Month of January. Please call for a free 15 min chat.

How to Minimize an MS Relapse

Posted on 18 January, 2019 at 17:35

You got angry with someone what do you do? Do you express your anger? Do you hide it? Is there fear of presenting this anger to the other person? Will you cower if they growl back? Do you stuff your anger in food or avoidance? Or do you release the anger? Quickly? After ½ hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or NEVER. Do you have safe boundaries or No Healthy Boundaries? Do you respect yourself and others? Or are you a doormat?

Emotional suppression is very damaging to people with MS. The more you suppress your emotions the more they will harm you in the end. An emotion is like the ball that is pushed under water...eventually it will surface though you really give it a good fight to keep it under the water. In the same way the body will try express your emotions as you choose to feel something. Not respecting and honoring your emotions AFTER having them is taking you into possible relapse territory. Why? It is my opinion that stress usually travels to the weakest link in the body. So whatever your MS symptoms are, tingling, optic neuritis, spasms, paralysis, swallowing issues, pain….the energy of the stress will move to that location and make them worse….much worse to the degree that you refuse to express them.

MS people employ many strategies to control their emotions. They may eat them away, too much exercise, always searching for the latest MS cure, avoiding people or spending too much time with people, overworking, tv watching, reading books, surfing endlessly online, being critical of others, AVOIDANCE etc etc.

I once read a very wise comment that said that emotions or stress is like holding out a glass of water, with a straight arm, for over half an hour. After that half hour that water weight will be heavy and lead to pain etc. Emotions and stress are exactly like that. You have to set the emotions aside you need to release them. Watch a young child. They have an emotion and quickly release it. And yet they have so much love. They are in the moment and have not learned the psychological strategies to NOT feel the emotion.

Personal development is also a key strategy to help you deal with emotions along with counseling. Louise L Hay youtube videos can help you also deal with your emotional issues.

Learn to be like a child, expressing your emotions immediately, safely, with control, and doing everything you can to get that emotion out of you. Doing so you may find more peace in your life and probably have less MS relapses or progression.

Homeopathic remedies can help you deal with emotional suppression like Staphysagria - great for those with MS that are so super sweet you almost get a cavity talking to them as they never get angry and are always smiling. This remedy will help with deep hurts and angers that have been swallowed.

Silica is a great Homeopathic remedy for the MS afflicted if they are very refined and delicate patients, lacking in self confidence and anxious with any noise, paralyzed by anxiety and indecision.

Pulsatilla is well suited for those MS sufferers who are very soft, cry a lot, gentle, needing strong support by those around them, easily dominated, and easily weeping,

I am a homeopath and can help you with your MS symptoms just like I assisted my wife from Total Paralysis. Sale 50% off Month of January. Please call for a free 15 min chat.