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This daily blog is about Multiple Sclerosis, Homeopathy, and the things that I suggested to a client to get them better from Total Paralysis. You can learn many things from this blog and possibly get better from your condition. I am a Homeopath and no matter the Type of Multiple Sclerosis that you have Homeopathic remedies can help you. If it helped my paralyzed client walk I am sure that it can help you with your MS symptoms. CALL ME I CAN HELP. ALL appts are done ONLINE or in person.

I also have a Facebook Group called Natural Effective MS Treat ment, ;   I discuss a new way of Treating MS, using homeopathy and other strategies to get better and better. Please join if you wish.

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What do you feel when you take Homeopathic Rx for MS?

Posted on 23 January, 2019 at 5:25

Some typical Homeopathic principles that I follow that might help those that choose to take Homeopathy is that taken over time you will see subtle but big changes to yourself. Yes sounds like an oxymoron but it is true and i hear it over and over again working with clients. You will feel subtle to no changes but an outside person will see changes. The more aware you are of your body/mind/emotions you will sense that something has cha...

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A Simple but Powerful Course to change your MS

Posted on 21 January, 2019 at 17:30

I attended this Meditation Retreat yesterday and there are many all over the world. It is a 4 day course. The point of going was to learn to relax the physical body, relax the mind, and get to a deeper level of consciousness where you can find solutions to your physical dis-ease. I had done this course back in the 80’s, and several refreshers since then. This will assist with skills anyone needs to DEEPEN their ...

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Natural Effective MS Neuropathy Rx

Posted on 21 January, 2019 at 17:05

Are you wondering what Natural and Effective Remedies there are that can assist your MS neuropathic symptoms: weakness, numbness, pain that usually occur in your hands, feet but can also affect your arms, legs and other parts of your body? You can’t tolerate the side effects from regular drugs or they are not working. Well with Homeopathy there are hundreds of remedies, and all of them are natura...

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How to Minimize an MS Relapse

Posted on 18 January, 2019 at 17:35

You got angry with someone what do you do? Do you express your anger? Do you hide it? Is there fear of presenting this anger to the other person? Will you cower if they growl back? Do you stuff your anger in food or avoidance? Or do you release the anger? Quickly? After ½ hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or NEVER. Do you have safe boundaries or No Healthy Boundaries? Do you respect yourself and others...

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#1 Best Natural Remedy for MS

Posted on 17 January, 2019 at 5:50

Imagine not being able to roll over in bed, sit up, stand, lift a finger or wiggle a toe for a month! This is what happened to my client after a severe MS attack left them totally paralyzed. I gave them a few different remedies to help repair the damage done to the neurological system. Slowly slowly things were beginning to work again and the myelin sheath was being repaired as the signal would go from brain ...

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Why Did YOU get Multiple Sclerosis?

Posted on 15 January, 2019 at 19:45

If you have been following my blog you understand that client was a normal healthy person doing typical everyday stuff and then after 1 severe attack was totally completely paralysed in 5 days. After the initial shock of what was occuring, they continued to get worse everyday. I began asking ...WHY? Why is this happening? Why did you need this experience?...

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Homeopathic Emergency remedies for the MS Caregiver and Patient

Posted on 14 January, 2019 at 18:40

There are many homeopathy remedies to help you deal with the stress of watching your loved one go through an MS attack or as in my case watching a severe attack unfold. For 5 straight days my client was getting worse till total paralysis set in. Stress, shock, anxiety was extremely high. Everyone deals with fear in a different way and as a caregiver it is important that you stay as calm as possible. Homeopathic remedies help you in that situation. These are quick go to remedies a...

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Recover from MS Naturally, even if your Totally Paralyzed

Posted on 12 January, 2019 at 15:00

My wife woke up and said that she must have slept “funny” cause her right side was a bit “tingly”. We discussed going to doctor or hospital but she said it was nothing. However, the tingly feeling never left even though she was walking and talking and doing everything as usual. Next day she w...
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Neutralize Cold and Flu Viral symptoms Naturally with Homeopathy

Posted on 13 November, 2016 at 6:00



Do you have cold, cough, or flu symptoms and are not sure what do? Here are 10+ natural remedies to help your family.

People will do anything to not suffer and yet when they get a cold, cough, or flu they do very little for it and what they do rarely works. Doctors do not prescribe for...

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