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Neutralize Cold and Flu Viral symptoms Naturally with Homeopathy

Posted on 13 November, 2016 at 6:00



Do you have cold, cough, or flu symptoms and are not sure what do? Here are 10+ natural remedies to help your family.

People will do anything to not suffer and yet when they get a cold, cough, or flu they do very little for it and what they do rarely works. Doctors do not prescribe for these conditions and offer little help. Why suffer with it when you can help yourself using natural homeopathic solutions for cold, cough, and flu?

Homeopathic remedies are the medicine of the 21st century as they are  better equiped than conventional medicine and antibiotics to treat any cold/cough or flu symptoms. With Homeopathy we do not care the labels that are put on the illness but care about the unique physical, mental, and emotional symptoms being displayed by the person to find the natural homeopathic remedy to help.

Look to start a cold remedy at the first sign of impending illness, not when well established. If you wait too long to start a homeopathic remedy it may take longer to eradicate it. If you are very pro active then you should be able to stop or slow the cough, cold, flu symptoms very quickly.


Homeopathic cold and flu Prevention begins with a Homeopathic remedy Called Influenzinum. It is usually used when you are feeling well with no illness to Prevent getting a cold and flu. It is made from the flu strains circulating the globe at that time of the year. Most people find that they get less colds and flus using this remedy or none at all. Take it once a month from September to March and then stop.

First 24 hours

However, if you do get cold, cough, or flu symptoms the first go to Homeopathic remedy is sold in most grocery, pharmacy, and health food stores around the world. It is a very popular remedy called Oscillococcinum. You would take oscillococcinum as soon as you feel “off” or begin to feel that something is coming like a cold but it is just not quite there yet. Then you may get sneezing, chills, headache, muscle ache, slight dry cough or throat irritation, congestion, ear pain, slight fever, etc.

If after 3 doses, 6 hours apart, of oscillococcinum you still feel cold symptoms coming on begin taking Aconite Nap for a few doses and see if that stops the cold in its track. If neither of these two titans do not work then move on to individual homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Remedies

These can be taken by all members of the family, young or old. They take into account the unique physical, emotional, and mental characteristics of the person. Therefore, each person with a cold, cough, or flu symptoms will not get the same remedy but the remedy that matches them on a holistic level of being. I would suggest to use low potencies between 6c - 30c. Those that want research click here

Aconite - This is usually taken at the first sign of being exposed to a strong cold wind and the body has become chilled and may have anxiety feelings. This is the first go to remedy within the first 24 hours of the beginning of the cold. Usually the child will be exposed to cold dry wind or weather and will develop a cold or cough. Child will wake from sleep with dry, hoarse, croupy (barking) cough, worse at night or after midnight. Mucus is difficult to expel, and mouth is dry with shortness of breath. The cough will get worse if they get cold, drink cold water, exposed to tobacco smoke, lying on either side, and at night. Rapidly developing inflammations can come with or without intense fear.

Arsenicum Album - Burning nasal discharge that irritates the upper lip and nostrils. Sneezing, wants to drink a lot but only sips liquid. Cold may begin in nose and move downwards to throat. Lots of anxiety with being very very responsible. To recognize this remedy your child will indicate that they have a burning nasal discharge that will irritate the upper lip and the nostrils. A change in any temperature can cause them to sneeze. Their mouth will be dry and this causes them to want to drink a lot, but only sips at a time. Usually the cold will begin in the nose and moves down to the throat. If the infection moves to the chest then it will be a different remedy. Anxious, great insecurity, and overly responsible.

Arsenicum Iod - Has fever, catarrh, burning nasal discharge, sneezing.

Baptisia - A more serious infection that comes on quickly, with person looking drunken, sleepy, very dense, confused. When answering a question will fall asleep even while talking. Near delirium. Your child will be in a serious infection. They will look drunken, sleepy, very dense, confused. Delirious or almost there. Rapid onset, uncomfortable in any position, red or dark face, sore throat, difficulty on swallowing, liquids OK, diarrhea, body sore.

Belladonna - Taken when the fever is very high, comes on suddenly, headache is throbbing and there is sensitivity to light and noise, red face with eyes glistening, explosive anger with desire to strike, bite and pull hair. Child will look red, throbbing congestive face, eyes glisten, probably a headache and high fever. Acute illness happens quickly. This is a great remedy to have on hand always. Can have expressive explosive anger or mania with superhuman strength, fear of dogs. Desire to strike, bite, pull hair.

Bryonia - Dull head pains, sneezing, mouth, throat, and cough are dry, and craving cold drinks, with a characteristic sensation of not wanting to move or talk and desiring to lie still. Business issues with fear of poverty. Bryonia and Belladona child pictures display little or no nasal discharge. However, their head will be painful over the forehead. Belladonna pain will be throbbing but Bryonia children will display a dull ache. Sneezing may cause pain on the top of the head. If the nose does not drain then the headache will be more painful. Throat and mouth is dry and of course the cough will be dry. Dryness abounds! Cold drinks are craved, feel worse in a warm room and do NOT want to move. Irritable and wants to be left alone.

Chamomilla - Restlessness, colic, irritated. Not a remedy for the calm person but for those intensely irritated where nothing makes them calm or happy. Worse any anger, heat, open air, and night. You will spot your chamomilla child as their Emotional and Mental symptoms will predominate. They will be restless, colic, irritated. If they are calm, mild, gentle this is not the remedy that will help. Chamomilla children are sensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot, and numb. Any pain is like the end of the world and they can NOT take it. Sleep time perspiration. They want to be carried, but are worse from anger, heat, wind or open air, and the night. Hypersensitive to pain, angry response to that pain. Irritable, inconsolable

Eupatorium - Famous for its use in influenza as it covers many fever conditions. Your child will complain with bone pains + fever, flushed face, little perspiration, restless. Limbs, back, or even muscles will have unbearable pains. Children will say their bones feel broken. Chills then high fever from 7 - 9 am. Headache, great thirst for cold drinks, food, ice cream. May have nausea during the chills. Cough is raw and painful. Very thirsty, sore muscles/bones, headache, worse on movement.

Gelsemium - Tired, body aches, chilly, pains, feeling hot and cold, sore nose and so tired they want to sleep all the time. Child has sneezing, along with a watery discharge from nose, stuffy nose + maybe a body ache, general tired appearance, fever, aching in head or a sore throat. Children who need this remedy experience a watery nasal discharge, sneezing, and fullness at the root of the nose. Usually the main problem is weakness - mental, emotional, weakness. Good for stage fright with a feeling of being paralyzed to confront a challenge. Timid, quiet, reserved, cowardice, anticipation.

Natrum Mur - Lots of sneezing with clear discharge, keeping emotions within, and prefers to be alone. Person is always getting cold and flu symptoms. Usually happens after a loss or grief or deep emotional pain such as divorce, leaving home, etc. Loss of taste and smell. Dry lips and cold sores may be present.

Nux Vomica - Irritable person, nauseous, congestion, headache and pains all over. Little discharge, feeling cold all over and hard to stay warm. You will notice your child overindulging in rich foods or after a severe and prolonged Mental or Emotional stress. Nose can sometimes be stuffed up or runny. The nose discharge is usually lots in the day and blocked at night. Impatience, easily offended, competitive, workaholic, irritable with gastrointestinal issues. Terrible loser, jealousy. Can be rude. Concerned with fair play to themselves and others, thus idealistic.

Phytolacca - Child will have symptoms in the facial glands. They are worse from cold, damp weather, and night. Tongue is coated, but the tip is red. Throat complaints of inflammation, worse right side and warm drinks, but better cold drinks. Throat pain radiates to ears when swallowing warm drinks.

Pulsatilla - A pulsatilla cold and flu will usually have green or yellow mucus and a non irritating discharge. Nose congestion worse at night, usually upon lying down, and will alternate side to side. This congestion gets better outside but is worse in a warm room. No thirst and people needing this are usually emotional and needy, weeping easily, and being moody.

Rhus Tox - A Rhus Tox flu will have restlessness, aching limbs and you will find your little patient must move almost constantly to alleviate their pain, even while sleeping. Joints can feel stiff. The influenza can be triggered by cold, damp or an increase in those conditions. You may see chills stay a long while then fever follows, with fever blisters or cold sores on or around the lips. Joking, restless, cheerful patients, irritable, impatience, superstitious.

Echinacea angustifolia- Homeopathic remedy or herbal remedy made from the Mother tincture. This can be taken at the first sign of a cold and flu as an adjunct. Mental weakness = does not want to think. Everything he does is slow in action, speech, thought, pace. Confused, depressed, nervous. Pale face with headache. Desire cold drinks. Limbs ache. Chilliness with nausea. Sore throat left side.

Other TipsOf course at the first sign of cold and flu. Slow. Your. Life. Down. Change your diet to salads, soups, vegetables and eliminate dairy. Add in more garlic, ginger, and vitamin C. Drink lots of tea with honey or fresh squeezed Lemon Juice. Another important thing is to reduce and eliminate stress. Find out what is troubling you at the present moment and then determine a solution. Thoughts and emotions that trouble you will get you sick quicker or make the illness stay longer than you want as your defense is low.

Using all of these suggestions will surely help you get rid of cold & flu symptoms quickly and naturally. If you are not sure what to do or the illness does not get better please ask a Doctor, then a Homeopathic practitioner to assist.

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