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#1 Best Natural Remedy for MS

Posted on 17 January, 2019 at 5:50

Imagine not being able to roll over in bed, sit up, stand, lift a finger or wiggle a toe for a month! This is what happened to my client after a severe MS attack left them totally paralyzed. I gave them a few different remedies to help repair the damage done to the neurological system. Slowly slowly things were beginning to work again and the myelin sheath was being repaired as the signal would go from brain to the specific muscle and they could begin to move fingers, toes, foot and hand slightly. This left them very tired after each ½ hour session. I had   Arnica Montana to help with the mental shock of the state they were in, that is watching yourself not being able to move almost anything and giving the command to move something and nothing was working as before. Arnica was also a great remedy to assist with the exhauting Physio and Occupational Therapy that was expected to be done everyday plus on your own. Using the Arnica quickly helped them repair the tired and sore feeling in the muscles as they worked hard to get the body to move again.

Arnica Montana is a great trauma remedy and can perform miracles in neurological damage. For example, my client was improving so rapidly with movement that all the doctors and nurses were astounded at their progress from total paralysis. Although they were bedridden for two months they were gaining in standing ability, gaining in finger movements, hand movements, leg movements and some torso movements, head movements. I believe Arnica Montana helped tremendously with the repair going on from the neurological damage. It greatly accelerated the body's healing ability. Arnica Montana is made from a very typcial plant from the sunflower family.

After about 2 months of paralysis and being bedridden in bed they were  transferred to a 4th hospital that focussed strictly on rehab and physio. It was here that physio went up exponentially as they was expected to do physio for 1 hour and occupational therapy for 1 hour and then spend some time alone in the private gym working on weights and other machines as ability grew. Being in a wheelchair at this time and being barely able to move muscles for a few minutes  left them very exhausted after even 10 min work. At the end of the hour  completely exhausted and being given Arnica it quickly went to work to repair.

The next day and each day after each session there was never soreness, never tired, and always had retained and held what they had learned. Everything had to be relearned as there was no muscle memory and had to learn how to walk, how to put your foot, your hip, transfer weight etc. They worked out for 1 hour each day and if you add in the 2 rehab physio sessions  working out was more than 3 hours each day. Plus the 1 hour to shower or bath and a good portion of the day was work, work, work, move, move, move. Arnica montana helped to repair things quickly so they could go again the next day. Arnica worked so well they never needed a day off.  They were never  sore the next day. That is the amazing work of this amazing remedy. Every person with MS should have this remedy as their first aid.

How can you recognize if you need Arnica Montana for your MS condition? Arnica Montana works best in trauma situations with mental stress and emotional shocks, feeling of being sore and bruised all over, very tired feeling, exhausted, lame feeling. Ms people needing it will not want anyone to touch them and fear the approach of someone, many fears, fear of open spaces, crowds. Will say they feel well even in serious cases or a relapse or attack. Sends the doctor away and does not want their help. Wants to be left alone. Heaviness of all limbs, overtired. People with MS must move. Daily. Movement is medicine. For those of you that workout to an extreme and want to bounce back quickly the next day or have overdone it then Arnica Montana is a wonderful remedy to try and it is sure to help you. For those that have a relapse it is a first remedy to consider. For best potency selection please contact a professional homeopath.

I am a homeopath and can guide you through this experience.

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