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Natural Effective MS Neuropathy Rx

Posted on 21 January, 2019 at 17:05

Are you wondering what Natural and Effective Remedies there are that can assist your MS neuropathic symptoms: weakness, numbness, pain that usually occur in your hands, feet but can also affect your arms, legs and other parts of your body? You can’t tolerate the side effects from regular drugs or they are not working. Well with Homeopathy there are hundreds of remedies, and all of them are natural leaving no side effects.

With Homeopathic remedies and MS we are looking for the unique symptom expression. Therefore we would need to know where the weakness is: upper or lower body, left or right side, upper or lower arm, ankles, legs, feet, what causes the weakness, what makes it better or worse, what are you feeling when it occurs mentally or emotionally, does motion make it better or worse? How is the pain? Is it sharp, dull ache, throbbing, tingling, burning? Worse or better from motion? What triggers it? How does heat or cold affect it? etc.

How is your mind? Are you more of an angry person keeping things inside or do explode in rage? Are you a mouse...fearing to voice your words and feel your power? Are you irritated at everything or do you give your power away? Do you lack in self confidence or are you stubborn refusing to change, thinking you do not need it but your body is delivering MS symptoms to you more and more and you are not sure what to do? Within Homeopathy we ask endless amount of questions to get the image of how you express yourself, how you experience yourself, how you experience your emotions, how you experience your pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, etc.

Conium M is a great remedy for MS. It has deep pathology on many levels especially with serious degenerative disorders. If this remedy is a match you will have found that the MS complaints came on slowly and progressively, unsure of the date of onset. The pathology is progressive paralysis or progressive inflexibility reflecting the stubbornness in the mind, the inflexibility and refusal to keep on open mind, so sure of themselves and what they think it to be true. So advancing inflexibility of the mind develops unto pathology in the physical body that reflects that attitude into the body. Difficulty beginning in the thighs or legs, and difficulty rising from sitting. Ataxia.

Rhus tox can assist with deep pathology of the nervous system as with this person there is an inner restlessness, agitation that may translate to restless legs syndrome in bed, At this stage the person is usually irritable and easily frustrated. Adults can be serious, hard working, impatient and driven and as the MS gets worse they become more stiff, rigid on the emotional plane and then the physical body. Depression and sadness sets in. These MS types are generally superstitious. This remedy would suit that MS stage where there is progressive stiffness, stemming from prolonged periods of restlessness and overuse, not knowing their body’s own boundaries and just pushing, pushing, pushing. They just can not sit still, lots of back pain worse from sitting, neck pain, stiffness and all physical complaints are better from heat. If you see your image in one of these remedies it may help you and if you do not see yourself at all in these remedies know that there are hundreds of other remedies that can assist you

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