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A Simple but Powerful Course to change your MS

Posted on 21 January, 2019 at 17:30

I attended this Meditation Retreat yesterday and there are many all over the world. It is a 4 day course. The point of going was to learn to relax the physical body, relax the mind, and get to a deeper level of consciousness where you can find solutions to your physical dis-ease. I had done this course back in the 80’s, and several refreshers since then. This will assist with skills anyone needs to DEEPEN their physical relaxation, mental relaxation, and gain other tools to solve any problem you have. This is by using the power of your own subconscious.

Your subconscious knows EVERYTHING. Those fears, anxieties that you feel, that repressed anger that is lingering under everything, emotional suppression is directed by the subconscious and consciously you are refusing to change and allow the emotions out to protect yourself. You might have done these strategies as a child or adult but today they no longer serve you.

While my client was paralyzed I had begun to teach them some relaxation and meditation techniques to help them reach deeper levels of consciousness. Remember they were totally paralyzed but FULLY CONSCIOUS..and so with meditation techniques i guided them in and out of meditation and relaxation along with visualization exercises to build a better image in their mind of their illness. Taking full responsiblity for your illness is paramount. I live by the philosophy that what the mind thinks the body reflects. Thus any health condition can be positively changed within reason, but definitely impacted using  a new way of thinking that is empowering.

What the Silva method, and there are many similar courses, or even a therapist can to help you gain a deeper level of physical and mental relaxation. MS dis-ease is usually people with so much repressed emotions and lack of body awareness that they do not know they feel TENSION in the body cause their is TENSION in the Mind.

As you gain in body awareness through repeated daily relaxation, meditation, visualization (RMV) you will find that your dis-ease is getting better. As you access your inner subconsciousness you will find that at that level of the mind you have access to a treasure trove of wisdom that has solutions for you for everything that your heart desires. If you keep an open mind you can access deeper and deeper levels of mind and consciousness. If you choose not to access deeper levels of mind then you remain stuck running from one potential MS cure to another and another. Stop the OUTER SEARCHING and begin the INNER SEARCH the inner forgiving the inner loving of self by using simple tools. No need to complicate things.

You know what your emotional and attitude challenges are. Dive deeper into your relaxation and find your own answers to your issues there. Example: you feel anxiety about a situation cause you know this person will try to push your buttons. So you go to a deeper level of mind, acknowledge how you have acted in the past, remember how it made you feel and then CHOOSE to understand WHY THIS is happening? Once your subconsciousness gives you the WHY? Then at that level of mind you come up with a solution. That way the next time that challenging situation comes up you have a solution for how to deal with it and MOST IMPORTANTLY reduce or NEVER create the stress in the first place.

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