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How a Homeopath narrows down your Homeopathic Remedy to help with MS

Posted on 31 March, 2019 at 0:55

Everyone’s MS is different and that is why Homeopathic Remedies can help but they need to be uniquely found for you.

Homeopathy attempts to find the unique MS characteristics of each person so that no two people with MS will need the same Homeopathic remedy. Here are 2 typical Homeopathic remedies, Alumina & Argentum Nitricum, that help with MS symptoms. They are Safe, Natural, and Very effective. See if you can recognize yourself or your “image” or another in one of these pictures. I like to say that a person is in an Argentum or Alumina State. Not diseased but a state, a state of mind, a MINDSET, if you like. When you can recognize your patterns in these remedies then rest assured they will help with the MS symptoms even if you do not have all of the symptoms.

If you look closely at Argentum nitricum they have a strong desire for sugar which makes them feel worse, mental symptoms are important indications for this remedy due to the nervous fears and restlessness and trembling, with many spinal and brain symptoms. Has an affinity for the central and peripheral nervous system and GIT. They have incoordination, loss of control and balance everywhere, mental and physical trembling in the parts that are affected. They tend to get progressively worse, paraplegia and ascending paralysis. A great impulse to walk very fast, splinter-like pains, sclerosis of the brain and spinal cord, intolerance of heat describe the Argentum Nitricum very well.

Alumina has lots of dryness within their system, it affects the brain-spinal axis and causes disturbances within the coordination and tendency to paretic muscular states, paralysis of the bowels leading to dry hard stool, no urging, passed with great difficulty as if the abdomen and rectum were paralyzed. Urine is slow to pass. Cold feeling in the body. Sluggish functions, heaviness, and numbness, with staggering. Thus the rectum, nervous and muscular systems are affected by the remedy. Spinal cord degeneration, with parasthesia, eye squints, locomotor ataxia. May crave dry food and rice, but worse from potatoes. Mental state is one of memory weakness and loss, forgets things and their way, consciousness fog, cannot think coherently, slowness in answering questions and vague replies, cloudiness and drunken feeling with pain in kidneys. Moods alternate and can have a hurried feeling with things seemingly not moving fast enough. Hasty but executes anything slowly thus mistakes in writing and speaking, guilty conscious like they had committed a crime, confused as to his identity.


Therefore with Alumina remedy, it would help those with MS that are very sluggish mentally, in a cognitive fog, memory weakness, answers slowly, vague replies and this mental characteristic translates to the predominant trait of sluggish or impacted bowels, as their system has dryness everywhere. It would seem that paralysis of the mind leads to paralysis of the bowels, walking issues, everything is slowed down with this remedy. Alternatively with the Argentum Nitricum remedy it will help those with MS that are very restless, nervous, high anxiety, sweets always make them worse, CNS and PNS +GIT issues are predominant, balance issues and they tend to get ASCENDING paralysis and not really left or right-sided paralysis, Two very different states of MS and both will help. That is why Professional Homeopathic treatment is warranted to find the subtle difference between one or the other Homeopathic remedy. If the symptom picture matches you then the remedy will help you.

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