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MS is NOT ...MS

Posted on 2 April, 2019 at 18:20

Strange, I know, but I have come to that conclusion. Oh sure you have your symptoms and you can call it MS. Your MS neurologist does. My wife does not call it that. I have clients that are reversing MS slowly and they refuse to call it MS as well. Words have power and they are beginning to realize that the LABEL is not the thing, is not the condition, is not the disease. They all refuse to stop terrorizing themselves with their own thoughts or the thoughts of their doctor.

After 2 years of watching my wife go through “MS” and REVERSING it by 95% I remain stunned that MS is NOT that big bad monster. It is not something we have to fight against, war against. I saw a lot of MS patients today as that is what I exclusively do now as a Homeopath. Two of them today confirmed (in my mind) what I have seen with my wife. The mind is interconnected to the physical state. As Edgar Cayce said ….as above so below…. meaning as you think your body will reflect that.

So what do you do when you get leg weakness or tingling or paralysis or your fingertips are numb… take a homeopathic remedy to clear out the STRESSFUL THOUGHTS. You clear out the anxiety that you are feeling. You find a solution to your stress or it weighs HEAVY on your mind and will weigh down your body LITERALLY. You have decisions you are unsure about making, not sure which way to go, which way to choose, till finally your thoughts are paralyzed…..well guess what happens...your body will reflect that thought process and you may have physical paralysis or at the very least physical weakness.

I have already begun to see that what my wife has accomplished in reversing MS the last 2 years is replicable in others IF THEY ARE READY TO CHANGE attitudes, make decisions, change themselves, solve their stress, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, LOVE THEMSELVES ….AGAIN. If they are ready to do that then the Homeopathic remedy will swiftly take them to their goal of MS reversal or reduction in MS symptoms.

I remember those first 4 months when my wife was in hospital. She was totally paralyzed in 5 days. Those first 2 weeks were panic inducing days FOR ME. Even when she was discharged and walked out of hospital 4 months later I was still bewildered. I searched out diets, virus, bacteria...thinking what might have caused the MS trying to speed the cure. My wife did not care about labels and refused to believe it was what the doctors were saying it was. I went down many holes: LYME, EBV, parasites, deficient diet, cigarettes, vit D deficiency, overactive immune system. Measles, herpes, genes, cerbralspinal insufficentcy, location in the world. No doubt some of these are very important and need to focussed on and judiciously incorporated into the daily life.

But what has the greatest bang for your buck?

Realizing that MS is NOT MS. it is simply a conglomerate of symptoms that are unique to you and others may have varied and different individual symptoms.

Realizing that solving your stress, your anxiety is where it's at in terms of reducing your MS symptoms.

Realizing that Homeopathic remedies will help to clear out the stressful debris field in front of you AS LONG AS YOU WORK HARD AT CHANGING your attitudes you will succeed.

Guess what is perfectly suited to help with your stress, your anxiety. Homeopathy! Call me to set up your free 15 chat to discuss how this may assist your condition.

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