Domenic Stanghini  

Homeopath  Hom, CGP
Gaps Diet Practitioner

We all need to work together to assist our most precious possession....Our CHILDREN!      Each person can see a piece of the puzzle and can assist.   I am certified in Homeopathy and GAPS diet and I use both together to positively aid the Autistic child.

The Emotions and Attitudes of the Autistic  child function very well. However, being unable to communicate them properly leads to  many issues: frustrations, angers, disappointments, fears, phobia's etc.  Imagine your child having the same attitudes and emotions as you but being unable to express them safely and not feeling that their needs have been heard and understood!!!   They can be assisted with the remedies that I suggest. Homeopathy can be a great tool to aid those emotions or attitudes and help them to choose another way to live.  I work with all phases of  Autism Spectrum Disorders (ADHD, ADD, PDD-NOS, Asperger, etc).


I usually begin with Homeopathy, and if needed I use Gemmotherapy, & GAPS Diet to all work together to positively effect Autism. With Autism there are many obstacles to cure and we need to work together to find those obstacles and remove them one by one to attempt to aid a child from Autism diagnosis.


Detoxification is different than draining. When we detoxify we draw out the toxins so they can be eliminated or drained from the body. If they do not get drained from the body they cause major issues for the body on all levels of being. Your body is always trying to eliminate toxins to maintain balance. Every cell eliminates, organs eliminates, entire body systems eliminate. If your eliminatory pathways are not open and functioning the toxins will remain within the physical body and cause many issues. The body will try to eliminate through the main organs of elimination such as the liver, colon, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and skin. Any blockages in one system will cause the body to try to eliminate through the other systems. If you do not eliminate properly and completely your body  will exhibit symptoms of toxic overload and indicate many issues.


Most Autistic children have some form of intestinal issues. It can be chronic inflammation, digestion and assimilation issues,  or strange eating habits. These all lead to the  flora or natural organisms in the body to be unbalanced. One of the big goals is to alter the diet in such a way as to have a profound impact on eliminations and behaviors. Restoring proper gut function and having the gut become balanced will solve many issues. As a GAPS DIET Practitioner I work with you to help re-build the gastrointestinal system to replenish the good bacteria in our body so that  they can control the bad bacteria and their neurotoxins which negatively affect behavior.


Food eaten by an Autistic child can be healing or hurting. Food is MEDICINE. Food should be used to obtain the necessary nutrients.  That means ASD parents need learn to cook as natural and organic as possible. Foods with many additives, preservatives, boxed, canned etc. have to be minimized or eliminated. We will explore your home environment, cooking utensils, and food preparation and choices to help minimize toxic exposure and increase proper food choices and thus enable balanced gut and bowel function  that may lead to homeostasis. GAPS Diet can assist with replenishing the diet with the positive organisms that the body needs to control the bad organisms and the negative neurotoxins that they give off.

Autism Cost - Many Autistic Parents are shocked by the price tags associated with Autism Therapy and say "How in the world are they going to pay for all of this?"

  • Treatment is extremely expensive. Direct medical and non-medical costs can add up to as much as $72,000 a year for someone with an extreme case of the disorder, and even $67,000 a year for those on the lower end of the spectrum, according to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health. In Canada the costs are about the same.
  • The cost of providing care for a person with autism in the U.S. is an estimated $1.4 million over their lifetime, according to a study funded by advocacy group Autism Speaks. For those with autism who are impacted with intellectual disabilities (with an IQ of 70 or less) -- nearly half of the autistic population -- the cost jumps to $2.3 million.
  • Homeopathy is an effective and low cost alternative to assisting parents with autistic children. See the costs  of conventional medicine on the Medical Cost Comparison page.

I use all my skills acquired over many years to help you to try to recover your child. Please continue to read to gain more information about Homeopathy and what I exactly do. 

All Autism Parents should read also read this book as it will give them hope that Autism is NOT a cash drain and many great benefits can come from its application for the whole family.