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I believe that you can Achieve Better Health. And I believe that the Best way to have that is to use Natural Homeopathic remedies while Fully Realizing how Attitude impacts your health. Book a Discovery call to chat about it. 

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Free 15 min Discovery Call using Zoom, etc to answer questions.

Acute Consult - 20 min = $27-[CAD] Online session + online payment.

Influenza, minor injuries, pain, etc. If this has been occurring more than a month you will need to book session below. IF GO OVER 20 MIN you will be charged a 2nd session fee.    

  • Acute Consult (extended) - 40 min = $54-[CAD] Online session + online payment  when you feel you need more than 20 min.   

  • However, if the Consultation goes OVER 40 min then you will be charged $90 [CAD].  

Chronic Consult - For issues that have been around for 3 months  or other long-standing issue. (not Neurological or MS related) Online session + online payment $117-[CAD]= 90-110 min      

Neurological and Multiple Sclerosis Consult -

For Multiple Sclerosis or any Neurological related issues.  Online session + online payment $180-[CAD]= [Includes 90-110 min Initial consult, 2-15 min check in within 2 weeks, 2-30 min Follow up consult] or 5 consults within 7 weeks to get you started on the right path all at this price.      

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