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rapid online assist for all health conditions

I believe that you can Achieve Better Health. And I believe that the Best way to do this is by Understanding Your Soul and the Impact that attitudes have on your health. I encourage the use of Natural solutions to help you but I do NOT sell any products. I am merely a Guide for you and will suggest many things related to Spiritual, Emotional, Attitudes, & Physical choices that you may wish to make to help you.


At the end of our consultation, I will send a Body-Mind-Soul Report on what I think are your Soul Challenges, Lessons in life, and Attitudes and Emotions that will benefit evolving from that may assist your condition. Additionally, I will advise on many other therapies that you may wish to research further in addition to your Doctor recommendations such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Acupressure, EFT, Reiki, Edgar Cayce study, Bible Study, Homeopathy, EMDR, Psychotherapy, plus so much more

Book a Discovery call to chat about it. 

I can guide through ONLINE Worldwide Consultations

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Free 15 min Discovery Call using Zoom, etc to answer questions.

Acute Consult - (20 min = $27)-[CAD] Online session + online payment.
Influenza, minor injuries, pain, etc. If this has been occurring more than a month you will need to book session below.  IF GO OVER 20 MIN you will be charged a 2nd session fee.    
Spirit, Mind, Emotional, and Physical guidance may be suggested.

  • Acute Consult (extended) (20 to 40 min = $54)-[CAD] Online session + online payment  when you feel you need more than 20 min. 

  • However, if the Consultation goes OVER 40 min then you will be charged                           [40+min = $90] [CAD].  

  • Spirit, Mind, Emotional, and Physical guidance may be suggested.

Chronic Consult - For issues that have been around for 3 months  or other long-standing issue. (not Neurological or MS related) Online session + online payment $117-[CAD]= 90-110 min 

Spirit, Mind, Emotional, and Physical guidance may be suggested.     

Neurological and Multiple Sclerosis Consult -
For Multiple Sclerosis or any Neurological related issues.  Online session + online payment $180-[CAD]= [Includes 90-110 min Initial consult + [Body-Mind-Soul Report], 2-30 min check in within 7 weeks Follow up consult] or 3 consults within 7 weeks to get you started on the right path all at this price. Before booking this time slot you must have completed a FREE 15 min chat with me FIRST to completely understand the approach.
Spirit, Mind, Emotional, and Physical guidance may be suggested.       

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