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New Approach for Neurological issues

I have a special interest in Neurological issues. I have personally worked with over 60 clients with Neurological issues, especially Multiple Sclerosis.


It does not matter the Diagnosis or lack of Diagnosis. As a Homeopath, we work with your unique Neurological symptoms as they are upon Physical, Mental, & Emotional levels. I find that Precise Personalized Holistic  Natural Medicine that is Unique to you and only you. I offer a new different approach to assisting your Health Condition. This may be the time for you to experience what Homeopathy can do for you. 

I do NOT sell any medications or remedies. I only  do the consultation & you buy the medicines/remedies anywhere.

Online Worldwide Consultations using Skype/Zoom etc. 

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Please contact me for a free 15 chat to discuss how I can assist with your Multiple Sclerosis or other Neurological symptoms.

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