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Multiple Sclerosis

Cost for MS drugs in Canada are very high running into the tens of thousands. As of 05/2017 they were $40-$70,000/year in Canada. Some MS drugs in Canada are $100,000/year per patient in 2018. I would encourage you to try Homeopathy as it is very effective and and will save you a small fortune in the process.

Autism Costs:

Families face staggering costs for autism care, report finds. The Toronto Star & Calgary Sun  Homeopatic remedies and consultation is significantly cheaper and more effective than the out of control costs for ASD children.

Multiple Sclerosis Costs: MS  drugs are very expensive. Homeopathy is a very Natural Effective Treatment to help you deal with most physical issues and especially  reducing the stressful issues you are going through.

Health Care vs. Disease Care

Typically a new client has many problems. He has digestion trouble, heartburn, bloating, acid re-flux, sleeping problems, waking up in the middle of the night, having trouble falling back to sleep, overweight, chronic back pain, really tired and becoming more so, on antidepressants, or a list of other drugs, many have hot flashes or will have them. All have weak thyroid and adrenal glands, which cause all their problems to get worse. The average person has spent time and going to several different people to try to figure out what is wrong. Most of these people chase the symptoms, not the cause, and thus the downward health spiral continues.

Let's put a cost on that .

The following shows some typical symptoms that people come in with and the drugs that are often prescribed and how much that would cost for the rest of your life.

  • Heartburn or acid reflux
  • Prilosec 42 tablets - $30.00 X 30 years = $7,774.50
  • Zantac 65 tablets $24.00 X 30 years = $4,051.50
  • Generic Antacids 1 box $24.00 X 30 years = $2,628.00
  • Depression -Antidepressants such as:
  • Zoloft 30 tablets $95.00 X 30 years = $34,602.00
  • Wellbutrin 30 tablets $75.00 X 30 years = $27,375.00
  • Effexor 30 tablets $65.00 X 30 years = $23,761.50
  • Paxil 30 tablets $114.00 X 30 years = $41,610.00
  • Prozac 30 tablets $110.00 X 30 years = $40,186.50
  • Hot Flashes
  • Estrogen : X 5 - 6 years
  • Premarin 30 tablets $112.00 X 6 years = $8,168.70
  • Estratest 30 tablets $ 80.00 X 6 years = $5,847.30
  • Viagra 30 tablets $350.00 X 6 years = $25,557.30
  • High Cholesterol
  • Lipitor 80 tablets $90.00 X 30 years = $12,176.40
  • Mevacor 1 pill $2.97 X 30 years = $32,521.50
  • Zocor 80 tablets $90.00 X 30 years = $12,176.40
  • Crestor 84 tablets $245.03 X 30 years = $31,974.00
  • Advicor 60 tablets $181.64 X 30 years = $33,178.50
  • Metformin 60 tablets $45.00 X 30 years = $8,212.50
  • Glipizide 90 tablets $42.00 X 30 years = $5,146.50
  • Lisinopril 90 tablets $163.50 X30 years = $19,929.00
  • Prinivil 90 tablets $142.70 X30 years = $17,410.50
  • Prinzide 90 tablets $127.64 X30 years = $15,549.00
  • Zestoretic 90 tablets $150.65 X30 years = $18,286.50
  • Zestril 90 tablets $195.00 X30 years = $23,761.50

This is a typical example of how much medication a person is taking who comes in for a consult. They could be taking more. So that is the initial ordinary medical program cost. Prices based on averages obtained on the internet and based on 1 tablet per day. Some medications have dosages prescribed for 1 to 3 times a day or more AND YOU AREN'T ANY BETTER!

  • So now you don't get any better and the heartburn becomes gall bladder disease.
    • Gall bladder surgery = $4,000 - $6,000
  • The acid reflux becomes a full-blown hiatal hernia
    • The hernia operation = $3,900 - $4,600
  • The estrogen from the Hormone Replacement Therapy may become breast cancer
    • Breast Cancer Surgery = $12,000 - $15,000
  • What if the cholesterol lowering drug causes erectile dysfunction ?
    • Men -Viagra 30 tablets $347.00
  • The cholesterol lowering drug in women may cause hormonal imbalances and decreased sex drive Mental Stress - 1 hour with a counsellor $75.00 for one year is $3,900
  • This drug also affects your brain cells. So now you have nervous system problems so you end up going to several neurologists and other doctors trying to fix these NEW SIDE EFFECTS.

Doctor visits and tests $1,000.00's
  • What if the antidepressants cause more digestive problems and mal-absorption.
So you go back to the ordinary doctors (internists) for more tests
  • Upper and Lower GI $375.00
  • Barium enema $200.00
  • Swallow a camera $475.00
  • Rectal Probe (sygmoidoscopy) $315.00
Now come more drugs!
  • Stronger antacids $45.00 X 30 years = $16,425.00
  • Steroids $75.00 X 30 years = $27,375.00
  • By now you can't absorb or digest your food. Your hormones are so out of sorts you can't absorb or transport your minerals such as calcium. So you develop osteoporosis.
    • Fosumex $60.00 X 30 years = $21,900.00
But this drug doesn't solve the problem.
  • You fall and break your hip
    • Hip replacement surgery $40,800.00
We haven't even mentioned lost wages - 1 week $1,000.00   Oh yes, the digestive disturbance in the small intestine and the antidepressant side effects in the small intestine damage the immune system so now you get more colds. Your doctors give you .
  • Antibiotics - Amoxicillin $44.00
Combine this with everything else and think of other immune system problems such as, Cancer $10's of 1,000's. There is a reason that alot people in this country develop cancer. All this and you are still ill and getting worse.
  • Many will develop diabetes
    • Insulin 5 doses $86.00 X 30 years = $188,340.00
  • Diabetes causes kidney disease - dialysis is very expensive!
  • Diabetes casues gangrene amputation is very expensive too!
  • Diabetes can cause blindness
  • Seeing eye dog ($6,000 to train)
  • Care and Feeding per Month $75.00

Your body is trying harder and harder to push the toxins (drugs) around and it's stressing the heart causing a heart attack! Did I mention the cost of Coronary Bypass Surgery? $86,000.00

Do the math! Doctor's visits, Tests, Emergency Room visits, Days lost from work.

So tired you miss opportunities. Too tired to play with your kids. Stress on your marriage. It's Not Just Catastrophic Illness That Can Send Consumers Deep Into Debt  YOU CAN GET BETTER! YOU CAN BE HEALTHY! We are not saying in any way to get off any drugs that you are taking! Only do that with the advice and consent of your doctor! If you become healthy you may not need some or all of your drugs and then only get off of them with the consent and supervision of your doctor. Compare Western Medical costs vs Homeopathic costs. 

Homeopathic Costs

All of these costs are far, far less than a conventional medical approach and may confer a balanced state of health, and reduce or eliminate further invasive medical procedures and side effects. Most Homepathic remedies can be purchased for under $10.00 and some of the more specialized homeopathic medicines can be bought for under $20.00. Gemmotherapy products are anywhere from $10-$30 a bottle and Cell salts are usually around $10.00. All of this adds up to more bang for your buck!