Domenic Stanghini  

Homeopath  Hom, CGP
Gaps Diet Practitioner

How to Recover from MS Naturally, even if your Totally Paralyzed.

My client woke up and said that they slept funny and the right side was "Tingly". That day the tingly feeling never left  even though they were walking and talking and doing everything as usual. the 2nd day they woke up and could not stand straight, losing balance, and slurring speech. Hospital doctor said stroke. 

For the next 5 days my client got worse each day as they lost ability to move any limb, walk, talk, see, & swallow as total paralysis was setting in. They went from a working person  with no health issues to total paralysis in 5 days, 1 severe attack, out of the blue.

Breathing failure was next and they were moved to the Emergency ward as the paralysis worsened. Stroke meds stopped. After couple  days there and being pumped full of steroids and IVIG the Emerg Doctor said that they had no more useful medications and that there was nothing more that they could do and were not sure what was going on.

They stopped getting worse, got no better, being fully conscious, but could not move a muscle.  After 2-3 weeks Physio was started to try to get them to move anything as they could not sit up in bed, roll over, get out, PARALYSIS. Doctors were not sure what it was but the specialist neurologist suggested that it was Multiple Sclerosis (MS), RRMS,  however, the severity of the attack was shocking & atypical with no prior history of any tingling or MS in the family.

MS drugs & Cancer drugs were suggested as they were not sure what the immune system was doing and they were both refused. They were told that if they recovered to walk again it was probably in a wheelchair and it was probably going to take over a year with lots of rehab with the physio.

I began to give Gelsemium, a Homeopathic remedy, to help with them with the attitude issues of fear, stress, anxieties, inflexibility, stubborness and the resulting physical paralysis. Within a month on Gelsemium they were making so much progress that they were  sent to a 4th hospital for intense rehab to see if they could get them off the bed and into a wheelchair  as they were totally was bedridden for 2 months. Within 4 months the Gelsemium plus other strategies helped  them to walk 18 meters maximum with wheelchair and walker as needed when they got tired. It was four months from their one and only attack, that left them totally Paralyzed, to walking and hospital discharge. This is a new way of treating MS. I can guide you through  a similar process but there is lots of work that you will have to do...basically....CHANGE EVERYTHING!

Demyelinating Disease

There are many Demyelinating type diseases that affect humanity: Multiple Sclerosis, ADEM, ALS, GBS, Transverse Myelitis, Parkinson's, Stroke, Balo's and Schilders disease. With these types of diseases the myelin is damaged and  the typical symptoms are vision issues, tremors, muscle weakness, muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, varying degrees of paralysis, tingling, burning or other odd feelings, weakness in limbs, coordination issues, changes in bladder and bowel function, sleep issues, fatigue, walking and balance issues.  Homeopathy along with other changes to your lifestyle, stress, & diet can have a positive impact to your specific symptoms.

Stress is big exacerbation to all of your symptoms. Homeopathy is well suited to assist with your stress and help to minimize it as it takes into account the way you function in life upon physical, mental, & emotional levels. Homeopathy is a more Holistic approach to your health and well being. Using Homeopathy to reduce your stress will assist with your overall condition. 

With Homeopathy  we don't focus on the diagnosis and instead focus on how unique your symptom expression is. Each person with their own diagnosis will express their symptoms differently and yet in many ways have many similar symptoms. We look for the unique symptom expression in your body, mind, emotions to understand how individual you are as a person and then we find a Homeopathic remedy that is matched to you. Therefore, 10 people with "X" diagnosis will probably get 10 different remedies. Recovery from MS is  possible as my client recovered using a very common Homeopathic remedy and they were fully paralyzed and in hospital for 4 months and now walk very well.

Medical drugs cost so much and Homeopathic remedies cost no more than $10-20 each and last almost a month of daily use. Very safe, cost and symptom effective for your money.