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3 Reasons your MS is NOT Reversing?

3 things people do NOT really give their full attention to is Thoughts/Emotions and Homeopathy.

My wife has reversed MS by 95% in two years and she was totally paralyzed in 5 days. You have many MS symptoms but I doubt as severe as hers was and she has just about (95%) reversed MS in 2 years and you have not! What are you missing? What things are you refusing to keep an open mind about? What things are you still stubbornly holding on to and refusing to change? How does your MS serve you? What benefits do you get from MS? You choose your thoughts and your brain and body executes the computer program you have started. It is up to you to figure out the WHY this is happening to you and then simply change the program.

Have you wondered why some people have a RELAPSE and others do not? Why some have a severe relapse and others have a mild relapse? Why the majority do NOT have MS REVERSAL and so very few do? Have you ever wondered why after changing your DIET and doing SWANK, OMS, or Wahls protocol you still get a relapse? Why does your body still get a relapse if the inflammation has been rooted out? You are not eating any offending foods and still get a relapse? STRESS! Thoughts. Repressed Emotions. YOU ARE REFUSING TO CHANGE. You resist the change by being stubborn and inflexible. You are protecting your ego and refusing to make the inner changes. Therefore, you stay with MS condition and do not recover from MS.

Change your thought YOU change your MS

THOUGHTS are the root of it all. EMOTIONS are the root of it all. Your thoughts and repressed emotions are the road maps out of MS. You have to feel your repressed emotions, make peace with them as they are hurting you. You have to make peace with thoughts that helped you survive but now these same thoughts are keeping you stuck with MS symptoms. Work on changing your thoughts, expressing your emotions so that you can be free and at peace again. You can learn to love yourself again. Right now you are so confused and anxious that you do not know the road map out of your MS.

The other piece of MS Reversal that most people do not try is Homeopathy. Homeopathy helps upon mental, emotional, and physical levels. In Homeopathy we find a Homeopathic remedy that will match your thoughts, emotional expression, and physical MS symptoms. When we do that your MS will probably rapidly change for the better PROVIDING that you work to adjust your thoughts, be willing to make attitude changes, be willing to feel those emotions that you are stuck with, that you are refusing to feel and move on from.

MS Reversal if you change YOU

Homeopathy is such a great health accelerator that you will be amazed at the power that it has to help you mentally, emotionally, & physically. This is what you will feel after finding the perfect Homeopathic remedy match for you. You will feel yourself again. You will realize that you have gone off balance with your thinking, you will honor your emotions, honor yourself more, respect yourself more and choose to love yourself more and more. It will seem natural because it is natural to be who you are. Homeopathy helps to clear the mental/emotional debris field in front of you so that your roadway is clear and you can get on with your life and slowly over time make those MS symptoms a distant memory rather than a present reality.

How come my wife was able to reverse MS in 2 years from complete paralysis and you have not? She did everything I am saying above. What she did you can do. Therefore, supercharge your MS reversal by changing your thoughts, feeling your deepest repressed emotions, and using Homeopathy to speed you to a better health condition.

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