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95% MS Reversal in 2 years and you can too

Sounds hard to believe but very true. My first MS client became totally paralyzed within 5 days of their first MS attack. They woke up one day tingling down right side and then every day got worse. First their speech became slurred, then they could not stand, next could not walk, double vision, and finally could not swallow. Everything was becoming paralyzed. Every system was shutting down till they were totally and completely paralyzed & needed feeding & breathing tube.

After many diagnostic labels were thrown about Multiple sclerosis was the diagnosis that was settled upon and those drugs also refused. Cancer meds were offered as plethora of Doctors said that the Immune system was attacking itself and those drugs were refused.

They ended up going to 4 hospitals in 4 months. The prognosis was vague at worst and at best they were told minimum 1 year in long term care facility, wheelchair bound, and they may never walk again.

They began taking Homeopathic remedies and followed my guidance to evolve. In about a month their ability to talk returned and by 3 months the ability to swallow had returned but getting off the bed was still not there even though you could now move some limbs in a limited way. After being shipped to a 4th hospital, a rehabilitation hospital they were able to relearn to walk again and spend many hours in physiotherapy with no soreness the next day and the body steadily gaining each and every day in mobility.

Recovering from total paralysis is excruciating work. Meticulous work requiring much patience and much recovery time from the hours and hours of physiotherapy during the day and night. Homeopathic remedies being holistic matches an individual upon physical, mental, and emotional levels. These natural remedies are very unique to you and each person with MS may need a different remedy thus expert guidance is needed.

I would say it was totally effective as they walked out of the hospital 4 months later and by their 2 year anniversary, 3/26/2019, they had Reversed MS by about 95%. No relapses. No setbacks, No soreness. Stress was solved and reduced. Continuous and steady improvement in all areas physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Neurologist is totally impressed. Family doctor finds it hard to believe this kind of progress. Both comment that this does NOT happen that often to anyone with an RRMS diagnosis. The severity of the attack from an able walking working person to totally paralyzed in 5 days was swift and aggressive. The recovery, although swift, took a full 2 years and way quicker than anyone could have imagined.

That is the power of Homeopathic remedies PLUS my guidance as I guide through the pitfalls and traps and help you to stay on the road to better health.

This blog is going to be about my journey to help others with MS and other Neurological Disorders and how I assisted them back to a better state of health using Homeopathic remedies and my approach. No matter the type of Multiple Sclerosis or Neurological Disorder that you have I feel confident that I can assist your symptoms in some positive, healthy way If you are ready to work hard you can greatly change your health condition for the better. Please message me for a free 15 min chat to discuss this opportunity with you. #Multiple Sclerosis, #MS, #Alternative Treatment, #Natural Effective MS Treatment,#Holistic MS Treatment