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A Case of MS Heat Intolerance nearly Resolved in 2 years

Updated: Apr 1

MS Heat Intolerance does not have to last forever

My patients first and only attack left them with intolerable heat in the Emergency room. It started with tingling down right side and an Inner heat that led them to crave ICE COLD water. While in the emergency room that is all they craved till they lost the ability to swallow and then could not sip water for another 4 weeks as their swallowing had become paralyzed. However, they were allowed to suck on ice chips once the feeding and breathing tubes were removed, roughly 1 month later.

They had an INNER body heat that would not normalize. They requested ice packs on their forehead every 20 minutes while in hospital. Upon using Homeopathic remedies within 2 weeks of the paralysis the forehead ice packs began to be needed less and less. However, they still craved that ICE cold water that they could not get because swallowing was still an issue. Natural homeopathic remedies helped the swallowing to return to normal by 2 months time so that it was safe to swallow ice cold water and this helped to reduce inner heat. They still slept in the hospital with a bedside fan to help cool them down and used this for over 3 months in the hospital and when discharged for home recovery this continued.

High Heat conditions making your MS worse?

Post 4 month hospital discharge pool therapy was done in a community heated pool and this was tolerated at first. At the beginning patient was brought to the side of the pool in a wheelchair and then helped into the heated pool. After completing the pool therapy they barely were able to get into the wheelchair. After 2 months of this therapy they were able to walk from the car to the pool, do all the exercises and then take the 30+ steps upstairs to get back to the car by themselves and even driving themselves home!

All body systems were beginning to repair itself and functions were returning to normal. As walking ability was recovered after 4 months in hospital an outside walking program was started to walk in the summer heat. This could be tolerated with small amounts of heat and sun at a time plus small walking distances at a time from a 5 min walk around the block to 2x around the block and then proceeding to eventually 5 km or more at a time in the summer heat. A neck cooling cloth was used to help cool down the body.

Use Homeopathy to Naturally help the body repair itself

As the body and myelin began to repair itself the heat intolerance lessened or the ability to walk in heat became better. At the beginning, walking in the heat was like walking in quicksand and was very difficult with weakness and fatigue rearing their ugly head quickly. However, using Homeopathic remedies and repeatedly pushing the edges of their comfort zone and going just beyond it safely they were able to do more and more things in the heat.

8 hours outside high heat is now tolerable!

Fast forward to this day they still crave that ice cold water but are now able to walk freely in the heat, SUMMER HEAT, HUMID hot summer heat! They can walk all day with rests, hydration, walking 5-10 km or 10,000-20,000 steps or more. In the SUMMER HEAT! The heat that was intolerable is now becoming acceptable, workable, doable, living and enjoying life in the heat. The body is able to bring the internal heat to a balance so that they are able to do things in the heat. This past weekend there was a Honda Indy car race in Toronto. Heat was a high of 28 degrees celsius both days. Patient spent about 6-8 hours in full sun from about 10am - 6pm for 2 days in a row at this outdoor event. No humidity on that weekend, just high heat watching the cars on the track and they were fine with judicious use of hat and hydration.

Today they were walking outside for over 2 hours in the 26 celsius degree weather and if you add in the Humidity it felt like it was 36 degrees! This was all made possible by using Natural remedies and a natural approach to help the body heal itself or more specifically help the body and mind to come back to balance. Homeopathy helps the body to begin the repair process and to help it come back to balance upon mental, emotional, and physical levels. Try Homeopathy to help with your MS Heat Intolerance issues.

If you are not making those kinds of gains with your MS Heat Intolerance then message me to discuss how Homeopathic remedies and my Natural approach can accelerate you through your challenges and reduce your MS heat intolerance. ALL CONSULTATIONS can be done ONLINE.

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