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Answer to why you got Multiple Sclerosis?

If you have been following my blog you understand that my wife was a normal healthy woman and then after 1 severe attack was totally completely paralyzed in 5 days. After the initial shock of what was occurring, she continued to get worse everyday and I began asking more and more each day to her...WHY? Why is this happening? Why did you need this experience? What lesson are you trying to learn?

Why did I get MS? Keep reading for the answer!

Very tough questions for a woman going through a lot. She was totally conscious and so could work on her inner self as she was paralyzed anyhow. We had always lived by the philosophy that we choose things in our lives to help us grow upon spiritual levels e.g Edgar Cayce. Every experience we had was due to our soul choosing to learn something from that experience. As above so below. So this set the framework for the inner work that she had to do to recover from paralysis. We basically had to walk our talk...well she did all the walking and me the talking.

Doctors could offer no help so i continued to try to help her get to the WHY was this occurring? What stress had she been going under that was so intense, so overwhelming that she felt that she had to escape into paralysis? She had been mentioning days, months before that she did not want to make any more decisions so stress, stress, and more stress piling up. Then Total paralysis and mission accomplished. Her soul created the experience and her mind executed the direction and the physical body displayed her thought. She got what she wanted on soul levels. All the doctors nurses myself, everyone but her was making decisions for her as she could do nothing.

So the physical body was reflecting what the mind was creating. Any physical dis-ease first begins in the mind. Once the mind is off balance the physical dis-ease is sure to follow. To get better health you have to tackle the things you are afraid to do, avoiding to do, refusing to do, unwilling to do etc

To get to your deep inner thoughts requires brutal honesty but with a compassionate heart that does NOT condemn yourself for this experience. You have to be factually honest...e.g. I am paralyzed. Why did I want this to happen? What did i hope to learn? Why am i refusing to learn? No judgement or condemnation just the facts. Most MS conditions reflect a person with high levels of stress, at their breaking point, not knowing they have the stress and have no idea what to do to de-stress.

Once you can accept that you created this ….Then you can heal this. Your mind and body will work together to reverse the MS condition. No doubt you will need a counselor, therapist, good friend and many other tools to get better.

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