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Best Natural remedy for MS spasms

The Best natural remedy for MS spasms is probably not Baclofen, Tizanidine, or Gabapentin. These drugs may work for the short term but do they help you grow mentally, emotionally and physically? Can they help you through this spastic phase so that you will not need those drugs? I have found that the Best Natural remedy for Multiple Sclerosis Spasms are Homeopathic remedies as they assist you from a Holistic standpoint and help on Mental, Emotional, and Physical levels where the medical drugs do not.

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Spasms are generally the result of tension in the mind/body/emotions so learning how to deeply relax the body and mind will serve you well. Homeopathic remedies help greatly on all 3 levels to speed you through these tonic and clonic spasms. Tonic spasms are basically a continued CONTRACTION & Clonic Spasms are a series of alternating muscular contractions. I am going to describe 2 different Homeopathic remedies from the 500 potential remedies and that is why we need to do INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION of how you express your MS symptoms. See if you can see yourself in these 2 Homeopathic pictures.


Cuprum Met remedy is needed if there are cramps and spasms on all levels. Mentally they will feel cramped but will have strong feelings that are not able to be expressed, feeling closed. They tend to feel guilty and try to control it and will become serious, then loose lightness and flexibility. As ideas spring to mind, it creates a slight TENSION, a Spasm. When it is time to express anger they simply rarely do it and if they do it is built up to such a degree that it turns to violence. These people are compulsive and mentally do not FLOW but act in SPASMS, restless, impulsive and the NERVES are as tight as a GUITAR STRING. Mentally over time, this extreme tension leads to thoughts getting slower and their comprehension is slowed down as now they are way off balance and so high strung that the exhaustion sinks in and they think their intellect is not working and do not realize the HIGH Tension that they are under. Therefore the suppressed emotions, anger, emotional excitement etc leads to spasms particularly in the fingers and toes that is worse at NIGHT and after getting wet. Lots of twitching and jerkings, and one side paralysis after the spasms. They may lose their vision just before the spasms. Spasms through their body including the throat and neck, bladder, stomach, abdomen,kidneys, respiration, coughing, back, clenching of thumbs and fingers, hands, legs, calves, and feet.


Lathyrus sativus is another great remedy for spasms and this type of person is very emotional but lacks inner courage with lots of unresolved inner conflicts, feeling trapped, unable to escape. Cold damp weather affects them greatly. They experience numbness and get vertigo with eyes closed when standing. Lathyrus Sat people have weakness of lower extremities that leads to paralysis and the muscles begin to waste away from lack of usage. Their walking is spastic, tottering and trembles. Stride seems to fall from one foot to the other and their knees knock together when walking. Heels do not touch the ground and have a hard time crossing or extending the legs when sitting. Lying down makes it hard for them to lift their legs but can move them side to side. Ankles and knees are weak and stiff, legs will cramp in cold, upper limbs will tremble, always tired and yawning.

As a Homeopath to get to your remedy we would have to ask lots of questions like do the spasms occur, morning, day, night, after anger, bending, from lights, bladder spasm, clonic or tonic spasms, from excitement, from fear, during heat, hysteria, injury, internally, isolated groups of muscles, left or right side of body, position of body when it occurs, from nerves, noise, pain or painless, sexual, touching….etc. Can you appreciate how HOLISTIC Homeopathic medicine is and how we see how your body/mind/emotions are being expressed and then find the match that is INDIVIDUAL to you and you alone. Please appreciate that this was one symptom=Spasms. We would have to go through every other symptom you have in the same manner at all levels. Homeopathic remedies are as unique to you as your fingerprint is unique to you.

Therefore the profile of Cuprum Met is different than Lathyrus Sat upon mental, emotional and physical levels. If you see yourself in one of these pictures then you resonate to the remedy and it will benefit you and your spasms. That is why I can not suggest this or that Homeopathic remedy for you and your spasms. You need a UNIQUE remedy for you and you alone. And we have over 500 Natural Homeopathic remedies so we would have to take your complete case to see what resonates to you the best to help with your spasms. With your help I will find a Homeopathic remedy to help with your spasms but more importantly to help you with your mental-emotional stress that contributes greatly to those spasms. Consequently that is why Homeopathic medicine is superior to conventional medicine for spasms and the best natural remedy is the one that matches you on all 3 levels of being.

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