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Best time to use MEDICAL MEDIUM MS Information

I find the world of psychics, mediums, and channels fascinating so much so that I have investigated this field for over 30 years. This is a completely foreign world with lots of information and misinformation and many different levels of truth that you will have to wade through to get to the truth. And as for the truth there are many levels of truth. And there are many that would charge vast amounts of money while you search for honest truthful information. Suffice it to say that when I read the MEDICAL MEDIUM, (MM), article on MS

….I fully expected to find discussion on auras, past lives, lessons in life, love, mental/body symbology, the mental/emotional/spiritual reason you got MS but I was wrong. There is really nothing “other worldly for me”. If we had to start all over again with an MS attack this is not the first place for information I would go to. Why? Please read on.

MM postulates that it is NOT the immune system attacking your nerve sheath but rather aggressive viruses and other co-factors that trigger inflammation, & all add up to MS symptoms & physical issues. He says that supplements and food choices are the way to go to reverse MS. Each person has to “separate the wheat from the chaff” and find their own truth. I did not find any talk on the organs needing detoxing, spinal alignment, attitude change, emotional release, & spiritual direction within the MM MS article and this was shocking to me.

I am really happy that we never knew about Medical Medium nor followed him when my wife had her first attack from MS and was totally paralyzed within 5 days. Following his advice would have taken her longer to Reverse MS imho. Having said that I do feel that his information is worthwhile AT THE RIGHT time but NOT the first thing one should do with an MS diagnosis or symptom. I guess this will ruffle a few feathers...but then again we have Reversed MS so maybe something we say has merit, maybe not, you will have to judge for yourself. I do not care what regimen you follow you will eventually have to confront your issues, reduce stress, solve stress to have a chance of Reversing MS so you might as well start it first and then add in MM information if it resonates to you.

Dr. David Wheldon, a London researcher helped to Reverse his wife's MS by convincing her doctor to give her 6 months or more ANTIBIOTICS not ANTIVIRALS as MM suggests. How come that worked to reverse her MS? Homeopaths were talking about MS in 1900s and writing Materia Medica about them so that means that they would have seen symptoms in the late 1900s and that is WELL BEFORE radiation exposure. How would MM explain that? How come Homeopaths were aware of MS in the late 1800s and early 1900s so much so that they began writing about the symptoms and the Homeopathic remedies that would help the MS symptoms? If what MM is saying is correct then why do Homeopaths and even Louise L Hay find that it takes a unique certain set of thoughts and emotional expression to contribute to having a Doctor apply the label MS. Why do Male and Female get MS? Refer to Dr. Gabor Mate’s work as this is vital to help you reverse your MS and is way more important for you to figure out before you start with any MM material.

MM does not talk about the spine and this is so important to reversing the blood/circulation/lymph flow to the brain that if I had to choose to follow MM or get a spinal adjustment I would opt for sessions of spinal adjustment to straighten the spine as it is that important. Edgar Cayce talked about the vast importance of a healthy spine and that the mind is the BUILDER and the PHYSICAL body is the result. An article was written about Edgar Cayce and MS and that would be preferable to me to follow before I would ever follow MM advice. I would follow MM advice at the right time BUT NOT at the beginning of an MS Diagnosis.

As a Homeopath we look at the “terrain” of the body. Why do fevers, influenza's, MS, (or any disease) rage through a community and some get sick and some do not? It is the inner environment! A healthy mind, healthy expression of emotions, positivity, and a person will not get sick amongst all the sick people. However, if your mind is off balance, stressed, repressing emotions, not solving stress, fears or anxieties, then your immune system is down and most likely you will get sick. Now add to this the MS mindset...that is thinking a unique set of thoughts to PREDISPOSE one to develop MS and then I would say that OVER TIME, repeated stress, over and over, without solving the stress and without may develop MS SYMPTOMS as the BODY is a reflection of the MIND and the MIND is the builder.

I see some similarities between what MM is saying and what happened to my wife. (She was paralyzed within 5 days of her one and only MS attack). Inflammation was rampant. Virus & LYME was suspected. But in the end we believe that her thoughts ATTRACTED the EBV or the shingles or GB syndrome or the HERPES family and NOT the other way around. In other words it was the stress, the unbalanced thinking (TERRAIN) that led her to get sick (upon physical levels). The inner biome and organisms did not cause the harm the OFF balanced thinking did. Once she corrected her thinking back to balance her INNER TERRAIN calmed down and the organisms came back into balance in her body. She did not use DMDs, nor cancer drugs and only USED Homeopathic remedies.

Therefore getting back to an earlier statement that there are many levels of truth. It is our conviction that your inner thoughts (terrain) create or induce certain organisms to increase or decrease within your physical body. That is why the biome can influence the mind and the mind can influence the biome. Usually the strongest force is the mind influencing the inner biome. However, if the mind is strong but has made poor food choices for a long time then maybe a start of the MM protocol is well worth it but in my experience most MS people become unbalanced mentally and emotionally and then this leads to physical MS symptoms that they need to correct.

No matter what regimen you try to REVERSE your MS you will eventually have to CHANGE yourself and EVOLVE and get past any trauma, childhood issues, or other unresolved Stress. I would strongly suggest you do this first. Once the mind and emotions are balanced and corrected then working on the physical issues will help you to change quicker than working on the physical levels with smoothies, supplements and diets. Good Luck to you in your journey.