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Emergency situations, MS, and a Natural solution

June 17 2019 was a great day intended for celebration in Toronto. Our beloved Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP. People were ready for a celebration of Joy and to cheer on and congratulate our Toronto raptors. And then the day, for us, changed our perception of the event.

My wife and I headed to Nathan Phillips Square, NPS, at 7 am and had a great seat in the main venue in front of the Toronto sign and main stage and waited for the players to arrive later for their speeches. Within 1 hour the push of People was so strong that we decided to vacate the main venue and go to an adjacent space with a video screen that was adjacent to the Main venue. More space there. As the day wore on more people filled NPS. People were using firecrackers and it sounded like gunshots but you had to tell yourself to relax that it was fireworks and not gunshots. You could hear that the crowd was also echoing the same sentiments.

There were too many people and too little police presence on the ground to control the people and the situation. They were in response mode and not prevent mode. Not sure who is to blame but event was poorly run. Most people had a great day and experience however if you were near the gun shooter or were run over by the human stampede you had a different experience.

At 3.45pm I took my last video and we were both standing to begin to view the speeches. We waited over 9 hours in shade and sun for this moment and we were finally getting it. 10 minutes later we were watching the Mayor of Toronto give his speech and then the next thing I remember is being steamrolled over to the ground. I remember listening to the Mayor Tory speech, casually looking to my right and then my wife and I got pushed to the ground and the Human Stampede was on. Chaos. All around us. People screaming. People were stampeding. Confusion.

I quickly get up to my knees and notice my wife is on the ground with people piling on her. I throw people off her and yell at them to get off. I struggle to get her up as she is buried under people. Finally she gets up. We are both in shock. Wondering do we go left, right...was it a shooter like Las Vegas. We hear some people say it is a shooter, others say a fight broke out.

We take like 20 seconds...both of us in shock and then trying to figure out in a split second where to go for safety. For those that do not know my wife was paralyzed from her first MS attack 2 years ago and now has reversed it by 95%. However, once I saw her buried under people my fearful thoughts start taking she now going to relapse, what about her fears? Is she going to have another MS attack? Was she hurt? Can she walk? Balance issues? Something broken? We were both visibly shaken, panic mode and with no instruction from the main stage we decided to try to leave.

Breathing was stifled, fear was high as we slowly weaved around people, and others trampled and trying to get up and figure up what was going on. I had to yell at people to stop holding on to me as it was simply PANDEMONIUM. No cops around. No one to tell us what to do. We slowly made our way to the exit and then...the 2nd wave of Human Tidal Stampede happened. Being near a fence I expected to get crushed into the fence as the MOB tried to run for safety. I shielded my wife and braced myself. The horde ran by us thankfully!

We walked home all the while trying to take deep breaths and let the tension go. Upon reaching home we took very high potencies of our constitutional remedies. Other remedies for the cuts, scrapes, bruises and scrapes and the Mental shock going on.

It is times like these that can lead to greater fear, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, PTSD, MS Relapse, high anxieties. However, having used Homeopathic remedies we were able to within 1 hour use our constitutional remedy and this helped to normalize our thinking and bring the Panic level way down. This is the difference between your MS reversal and my wife's.

She accelerates out of stressful situations and NEUTRALIZES them quicker than most can SIMPLY BY USING a Homeopathic remedy. Those of you that are on a Homeopathic Constitutional Remedy will know how the remedy is like a life jacket when you are in a panic or high anxiety mode it really brings you back down to reality. Without it your thoughts and negative self talk is running wild and can be harder to neutralize.

Big Takeaways for you.

  1. Homeopathic remedies help to Reverse MS and to deal with life's unexpected emergencies.

  2. When you have emergencies and you notice your thoughts are going out of control and in Shock or fear or very high anxiety levels you simply take your Constitutional Homeopathic remedy and you can quickly regain your mental equilibrium.

  3. Homeopathic remedies will speed your Health turn around and help you to prevent future negative health spirals to occur.

  4. Life happens. Be ready. Homeopathy helps you to be ready.

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