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Heal Yourself

This is a great book to have around for someone who is suffering from an illness. It will inspire them and give them tips on how to get better, improve their health, all the while helping to minimize their symptoms. You can learn from each story no matter the illness and find useful tips. These tips never go out date and the wisdom in the book is timeless.

Sarah Dawkins,

wrote a book called


The Remarkable journeys of Ordinary

People Healing Themselves of Dis-ease in Extra Ordinary ways.

I wrote Chapter 50 of this book and the title is:

MS Left Her Totally Paralyzed; Homeopathy and Lifestyle Changes Reversed It

In this chapter, I describe her journey where 1 Multiple Sclerosis attack left her a quadriplegic 5 days later. I talk about all the things she did to tremendously reduce her MS symptoms

She learned that she had to

  • take care of her Soul, Loving herself, returned her to peace within,

  • changing her attitudes so that they were balanced and returned her to peace within,

  • express any emotions that were "bottled up" within so that they were balanced and helped to return her to peace within,

  • change everything else, diet, exercise, physio, lifestyle, etc

  • use Natural remedies to help reduce stress,

  • no stone was left unturned to help her dramatically reduce her MS symptoms.

Message me for a free 15 discovery call where we can talk about your questions. I can guide you and give suggestions to things that may help you. Plus the next thing that may need to be done to help you reduce your stress and then your MS symptoms may reduce.

Always seek advice from your Doctor when starting anything new. This information is NOT intended to encourage you in any way to stop Doctor prescribed medication or treatment.

I do NOT sell any products.

Domenic Stanghini

Holistic Consultant



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