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Homeopathic Emergency remedies for the MS Caregiver and Patient

There are many homeopathy remedies to help you deal with the stress of watching your loved one go through an MS attack or as in my case watching a severe attack unfold. For 5 straight days my wife was getting worse till total paralysis set in. Stress, shock, anxiety was extremely high. Everyone deals with fear in a different way and as a caregiver it is important that you stay as calm as possible. Homeopathic remedies help you in that situation. These are quick go to remedies and are not meant to be used on a long term basis. For that you would need homeopathic constitutional treatment.These remedies can be wonderful for the MS patient or MS Caregiver at the first sign of relapse or first sign on an attack

One quick homeopathic remedy to always keep around and may help you or other loved ones is Aconite Napellus. It certainly takes down the anxiety and gives your mind a little bit of clarity during an intense moment or even a couple of days of high stress. You feel they could die and thoughts of death are swirling in your head. This is an intense fear with awful anxiety and restlessness.

Papaverus Remedy fear comes on after a traumatic experience and there is diarrhea, you feel easily frightened, with fear of death and you feel yourself becoming very timid

Nux vomica- is for the person that seems haunted by fear. Noise, sound and lights will make him afraid, irritable, and angry. Suitable for very nervous irritable persons that are workaholics and party hard into the night and then lots of coffee the next morning.

Arsenicum Album has many fears, especially to be alone and wants company around. If you are the caregiver you can not handle it alone and need someone to be beside you and if your the patient you want your partner to never leave you. There is great restlessness.

Silica is for the patient whose brain is at breaking point, overtired, and overthinking everything, looking for solutions and finding none, losing confidence

Arnica Montana is for the fear of sudden death, the horror of death and fears some dreadful thing will happen. Full of nightmares and dreams. Fears that those approaching will hurt him.

Calc Carb has a type of anxiety that something terrible and sad will happen. Afraid that people will observe the confusion in her mind and fear of insanity, brain fog.

These are very handy homeopathic first aid type remedies that would be good to keep around. If you recognize your pattern in one of these keep them around to help your loved one going through a health issue and if your the MS patient and see yourself in this it may help you for a short while while you can get homeopathic constitutional treatment.

One final Natural remedy to always keep around in an emergency is Rescue Remedy. It is a Bach Flower Remedy. Use at the first sign of shock, intense fear, anxiety, A few dose of the liquid spray is sure to get you back into normal consciousness. Please message me for a free 15 min chat to discuss this opportunity with you, . #Multiple Sclerosis, #MS, #Alternative Treatment, #Natural Effective MS Treatment,#Holistic MS Treatment