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How does a Homeopath find a Homeopathic remedy to help with MS?

First of all, you would have you fill out an INITIAL intake form. In this form about 4-5 pages, you would write a quick synopsis of your SYMPTOMS & things that make them better or worse. Once that is filled out then we would meet in person or usually Online. For instance, you could say that you have pain in your feet. I would then ask, is it left or right or both feet? Describe the type of pain is it burning, stitching, boring, etc? What time does it happen? What caused it to happen? Does it happen upon standing, or standing too long or describe what happens? etc

We would then go to the next symptom it could be tingling and numbness. Again, we would ask, what side, left or right, or both, when does it happen, why does it happen, what brings it on, where is it, what have you found that makes it better and what have you found that makes it worse, etc?

The next symptom could be spasticity. Is it left or ride side, is it the torso, what brings it on, what helps it feel better, what do you do to make it worse etc? With MS there are about 20 major symptoms: numbness, tingling, headache, cognitive dysfunction, speech and swallowing issues, paralysis, breathing issues, Fatigue, sexual dysfunction, spasms, itching, walking difficulty, dizziness, vision problems, emotional changes, hearing issues, emotional issues past or present, pain, bladder dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, tremor etc. That list pretty much covers the MS dis-ease.

We would also ask when did the MS begin. Was it from a trauma to the head, neck, spine, or was it from High-Stress periods, deep feelings of grief or anger, other repressed emotions, self-hate or not loving self, etc. Usually, there are lots of DEEP Inner attitudes and emotions going on and with homeopathy, it will help lift those states and help to nudge you in the right direction to health. I bet your doctor and neurologist don’t care about the majority of your answers to these questions and that is why Homeopathy is so special and unique in the medical field and it is a wonderful therapy to assist you on all 3 levels of being, MIND, BODY, SOUL. With Conventional medicine and MS, there are about a dozen drugs like Aubagio, Techfidera etc. With Homeopathic remedies, there are 10x that and potentially hundreds more. All are natural, safe and very effective.

The remarkable thing about Homeopathy is that it does not matter the dis-ease label. It only matters what the symptoms are and then we can match up the Natural safe Homeopathic remedy to your entire Holistic being = MIND BODY SOUL. There are many remedies to help you and each person will probably have a different remedy though some may have the same one. It is chosen on individual symptoms.

In homeopathy, we ask a lot of questions because each person feels something different with MS than the next person. The beauty of Homeopathy is that it helps upon the MIND BODY SOUL level and treats you as one holistic person. That means that what affects the mind will affect the body and what affects the body will affect the mind. You get the picture. It is not like seeing your doctor or Neurologist. We actually give you hope that it is possible to find a remedy that can help with your symptoms at a greatly reduced cost but no guarantee of course.

We treat every symptom as a part of the whole puzzle. We do not fracture your mind and body. We do not tell you that diet is nice and will not help. We do not tell you that reducing stress will have nothing to do with your MS. On the contrary we would tell you that Stress is probably the biggest factor to a relapse and using the Homeopathic remedy will help you at that first sign of stress and if you take it and it may prevent a relapse as it lifts off the shock and block of the stress. Homeopathy gets to the deeper layers of stress.

Gathering all these symptoms up we would then search in homeopathic software where we look to find the best match for you. When we have some potentials we then read about it in a Materia Medica. A Materia Medica has every single symptom that is specific to a remedy. Once we have the Homeopathic remedy match for you we would suggest that you take it.

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