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How to be an MS Champion

Last night the Toronto Raptors pulled off a big upset in winning the Eastern Conference NBA finals after being down 0-2 in games and were counted down and out. No one gave them a chance. Previous years were quick exits because they were not ready to make the changes that they so sorely needed to make to get to the NBA FINALS. The press never gave them a chance, fans did not one believes you can do something UNTIL YOU PROVE THAT YOU CAN and then they KNOW that you are champion and will be in awe of what you can do with WILL, HEART, DRIVE, MENTAL TOUGHNESS, & POSITIVITY.

But no one will believe that they can personally do it. They believe everyone else can do it because they are special and they are not. WRONG! What one person can achieve another can achieve if you would be willing to work as hard and make those attitude and emotional changes that are needed. However, other people usually never want to work hard. They want the easy way out. They want to fix MS by taking a pill, the silver bullet, changing the diet, doing physio, playing with their body chemistry using supplements...all the while doing the hardest thing but the most gratifying thing….CHANGING THEMSELVES, THEIR THOUGHTS, EXPRESSING THEIR REPRESSED EMOTIONS…...GROWING up, and EVOLVING.

The skills to being an MS CHAMPION are no different than being a true superstar in sports. In sports you have your All-Star and then you have the athlete that has gone to another level and reached SUPERSTAR CHAMPION status. The others will get close but will always miss getting the trophy. Champions such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Venus and Serena Williams, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion….these people have proved their mettle in the world and in high stress situations. They all had to do many similar things to become champions.

They all had to:

  1. Believe in themselves

  2. Ignore the negative naysayers

  3. Work hard, work hard, work hard

  4. Practice, practice, practice

  5. Positive, Positive, Positive


  7. Perseverance

  8. Patience

  9. Love for themselves

How many of you folks with MS believe the doomsday report from your doctors. You will be in a long term care facility. You will be in a wheelchair. You must take these drugs or else, Diet does not work, relaxation/meditation does not work, exercise does not work, being positive does not work….you all hear these similar mantras over and over. Those that believe this MINDSET will never be an MS CHAMPION. Those that follow #1-#9 will reverse their MS and then everyone will know that they are a CHAMPION. Those are the people that have fought their INNER BATTLES in their MIND and won and become CHAMPIONS.

My wife is an MS champion having Reversed MS IN 2 years from TOTAL PARALYSIS. I have found very few people that have REVERSED MS as severe as hers and yet when I DO I hear the same language…...CHAMPIONS TALK THE SAME LANGUAGE. THEY HAVE #1 - #9 LOCKED DOWN….so all their words, deeds, and actions are ROOTED in those principles of a CHAMPION.

To be an MS CHAMPION you will automatically talk the same language because you would have grown and evolved. Those that refuse to evolve will merely be allstars. They may change their diet, do more exercise and then…..out of the blue they will have a relapse and will have no idea what to do to overcome. Champions prevent the relapse from happening. Allstars get blindsided by the relapse and try to figure out what to do avoiding the most important thing that they need to do….CHANGE THEMSELVES, right away, immediately!

To be an MS CHAMPION you merely have to do what other MS CHAMPIONS have done. Change themselves, change their attitudes, change their emotions, and #1 - #9.

IF ONE PERSON CAN DO IT SO CAN OTHERS as we are all equal and have equal abilities.

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