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How to Minimize Risk of an MS Relapse

You got angry with someone what do you do? Do you express your anger? Do you hide it? Is there fear of presenting this anger to the other person? Will you cower if they growl back? Do you stuff your anger in food or avoidance? Or do you release the anger? Quickly? After ½ hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or NEVER. Do you have safe boundaries or No Healthy Boundaries? Do you respect yourself and others? Or are you a doormat?

Emotional suppression is very damaging to people with MS. The more you suppress your emotions the more they will harm you in the end. An emotion is like the ball that is pushed under water...eventually it will surface though you really give it a good fight to keep it under the water. In the same way the body will try express your emotions as you choose to feel something. Not respecting and honoring your emotions POST having them is taking you into possible relapse territory. Why? It is my opinion that stress usually travels to the weakest link in the body. So whatever your MS symptoms are, tingling, optic neuritis, spasms, paralysis, swallowing issues, pain….the energy of the stress will move to that location and make them worse….much worse to the degree that you refuse to express them.

MS people employ many strategies to control their emotions. They may eat them away, too much exercise, always searching for the latest MS cure, avoiding people or spending too much time with people, overworking, tv watching, reading books, surfing endlessly online, being critical of others, AVOIDANCE etc etc.

I once read a very wise comment that said that emotions or stress is like holding out a glass of water, with a straight arm, for over half an hour. After that half hour that water weight will be heavy and lead to pain etc. Emotions and stress are exactly like that. You have to set the emotions aside you need to release them. Watch a young child. They have an emotion and quickly release it. And yet they have so much love. They are in the moment and have not learned the psychological strategies to NOT feel the emotion.

Personal development is also a key strategy to help you deal with emotions along with counseling. Louise L Hay youtube videos can help you also deal with your emotional issues.

Learn to be like a child, expressing your emotions immediately, safely, with control, and doing everything you can to get that emotion out of you. Doing so you may find more peace in your life and probably have less MS relapses or progression.

Homeopathic remedies can help you deal with emotional suppression like Staphysagria - great for those with MS that are so super sweet you almost get a cavity talking to them as they never get angry and are always smiling. This remedy will help with deep hurts and angers that have been swallowed.

Silica is a great Homeopathic remedy for the MS afflicted if they are very refined and delicate patients, lacking in self confidence and anxious with any noise, paralyzed by anxiety and indecision.

Pulsatilla is well suited for those MS sufferers who are very soft, cry a lot, gentle, needing strong support by those around them, easily dominated, and easily weeping,

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