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Killing Parasites, Candida, & mold does not reverse MS

I have been reading that there some people that are doing work with MS and reversing it with simply doing candida and parasite detox or cleanses. Some claim to be free of MS after doing that and maintaining a strict diet after the cleanse. For certain you can eat sugar and acidic foods and you will feed the parasites and candida. Then they do not want to leave YOU, the host, if they are being well fed the “bad” food so yes you have to kill them, flush them, and then starve the rest. Wash rinse and repeat over and over for years, every 3-4 months till you do not feel the strong desire for sugar. The strong desire for sugar indicates that you either have both parasites or candida or one or the other.

My wife and I have been doing a candida cleanse for over 20 years and I usually added parasite cleanses at the same time. I have lots of experience with these types of cleanses. Having said that it did NOT stop my wife from having a severe MS attack that left her totally paralyzed in 5 days. She ate hospital food for 4 months so not the best food. We considered Lyme, EBV, or other infections that might have caused the issue. Looking back almost 2 years what I have realized is this, you have to live IN BALANCE with the organisms within you. You can not kill them into oblivion.

Candida, Mold, Parasites, other organisms

Once my wife was paralyzed with MS she realized that her diet had to change but FIRST MENTALLY she began to change and thus cravings were minimized because she made other choices and confronted her attitude and emotional issues that drive a lot of the sweet emotional eating. Mental diet has to change. Stuffing of emotions so as not to feel has to change. Once you deal with that stuff your life turns around. She was on homeopathic remedies that helped her walk out of the hospital 4 months later. No candida cleanse or parasite cleanse during this amazing turnaround.

Once discharged out of the hospital, of course, she did a candida cleanse like we had done 20 years before but there was no change for her, nothing. The difference was she changed her MENTAL diet AND minimally her physical diet and now was not feeding them and was slowly changing her organisms over by eating better food and of course the CRUCIAL ...changing her attitudes and emotions that drive the sugar craving.

2 years post-MS diagnosis we have abandoned looking down the BACTERIA VIRUS road for answers. Your thoughts invite and create the INNER terrain necessary for those organisms to take root into your body. Once your thoughts are aligned HARMFUL organisms go live somewhere else and not inside you as your INNER terrain is not palatable to them anymore.

If you want to do candida or parasite cleanses I am well capable to guide you through them, however, I would say the greatest gift that you can give to yourself is using the Homeopathic remedy to effect change upon the mental and emotional levels. Of course, you may need to reduce the candida or parasite organisms at first a few times or more in a year or years...BUT you have to change your eating habits and have to change your attitudes and emotions towards food.

You simply can not take a Homeopathic remedy and do candida/parasite cleanses and hope that the MS will go away. Hope that no relapses will happen. The Homeopathic remedy may prevent the relapse as you would sense when stress levels are getting higher and then you take the Homeopathic remedy to knock that stress out or down so that you can then begin to find a solution to that stress. If you don’t….. no remedy will help you and relapse is probably in your future.

Therefore, I do not think that parasites and candida cleanses are the PRIME thing that one with MS has to do to get better and stay relapse-free. I would say using a good MENTAL DIET & Homeopathy to root out the cause of the imbalance in the ATTITUDES and EMOTIONS, plus personal development, and then everything else falls under that easier, and better, and longer lasting reversal of MS than by attacking the MS through candida and parasite cleanse.

My wife's MS is 95% reversed using the above strategy and not really focusing on candida or parasite cleanse. But there are many ways to heal and if you feel that is the way for you please call me and we can discuss going on a candida or parasite cleanse for you but I would only do it if homeopathic remedies were also given POST cleanse to help clean up the attitudes and emotions as this will give you the greatest bang for your buck.

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