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Learn the lessons of Apple to Reverse your MS

Apple products were not the favorite that they are now. They were second fiddle to Microsoft many decades ago. Microsoft basically dominated Apple Company at the launch of personal computers. Microsoft was the goto company for computers. Apple languished for about 15 years till they had to face the HARD TRUTH and innovate to get better as a company and find products that people wanted. Apple is now the premier company for products and people flock to them. To reverse your MS you will have to have that same type of FLEXIBLE thinking. You can not keep doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts and hope that your MS will get better, or that your MS symptoms will disappear. Apple had to change to be successful and you will have to evolve to be successful in Reversing your MS.

You will have to have an OPEN MIND to reverse your MS symptoms. You are stuck just like Apple was in the 1980s-90s. To become successful they had to think out of the box and do things differently than they were previously doing. REVERSING your MS condition is no different. If you want to succeed without DMDs you will have to rethink everything that you thought you needed to do. You will HAVE TO BE FLEXIBLE. You will have to have an OPEN MIND and think that what you thought was going to help you maybe is not helping you and may, in fact, make your MS worse over time.

The best thing to do for your MS symptoms is to do what the Apple company did to succeed. KEEP AN OPEN MIND and CHANGE! From an MS perspective, that means to truly get a REVERSAL of MS you will need to change the core of your thinking. You will have to get to the root of your THINKING and change it, balance it, express it, come to peace with it. That is the best shot of fixing your MS. Not the diet, not more physio, not more exercise. Yes, they all help but if you can correct the reason that you got the MS in the first place then you have a shot of reversing your MS.

My first MS client has REVERSED her MS by 95% using this approach and using Homeopathic remedies to facilitate this MS reversal. Homeopathic remedies will help to accelerate you past the places where you are stuck mentally, emotionally, & physically. Homeopathic remedies truly help with the stress, & may prevent RELAPSES. Homeopathic remedies will help to minimize the stress, and lift it off your path so that you can then choose another way of being. A way that is more BALANCED and then MS may reverse its course and some of those MS symptoms will begin to resolve.

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