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MS and Emotional Connection

MS Emotional Connection

People associate emotions with songs, memories, a time period, etc. You remember a past time when everything was glorious. Maybe it was when you were a child and went to the beach or that adult time you went to a concert or first met that special someone. We all remember those times with FEELINGS. Sometimes we long for those old times to re-experience those feelings of peace, love, and joy.

But what if you had trauma. What if you had a very strong negative emotional reaction? For instance someone close to you passed away unexpectedly leaving you with unfinished emotions of maybe guilt, sadness, never saying you were sorry, or that you loved them, maybe anger at them for doing something to you, not forgiving, etc. Maybe you were raped as a child or teenager or adult and now have turned to drugs, alcohol to numb yourself down.

What if you suffer from PTSD? What if you got robbed a few blocks from your home and now you are afraid to leave the house. Other situations may be that your partner, boss, co-worker cause you so much stress that when you go home at night you can not unwind, de-stress and get back to a good deep relaxation and unwinding of the day. What if you feared making decisions and you had lots of very important ones to make? Ones that you did not want to make and were avoiding. These kinds of emotional and mental paralysis can possibly lead to Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. Deeply held attitudes and emotional repression can lead to physical symptoms.

We all have experienced having to cry unexpectedly and we Suppress the emotions of crying because we are around people and we do not want to be vulnerable. We feel that lump in the throat. We swallow over and over. We touch our eyes or touch our face trying to distract us. We may cough or look away or do anything to distract us so that we do NOT FEEL THE EMOTION. Do this over and over and over. DAILY. EACH DAY. EVERY DAY. That Emotional tension you feel in your body is stored somewhere. Where? Anybody’s guess. Maybe it is stored in your liver, kidneys, lungs, your limbs, jaw, or brain. Maybe you feel unable to make a decision and you go over and over it in your mind. You are paralyzed emotionally. Mentally you are unable to move forward. Overtime is it not plausible that you may develop physical symptoms of paralysis?

Apparently Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bradley Nelson and many others think just that. Our thoughts and Emotions may hold the key to our physical disease and we need Natural remedies and strategies to help learn and remove them. This is where Natural Homeopathic remedies are perfectly suited to help you deal with any symptoms upon physical, mental, and emotional levels.

I have found working with clients that have made significant MS symptom reversal that dealing with stress, Solving stressful situations in their own life is so important. If they let the stress sit and let it simmer on the back burner of their mind then it adds to their symptom load and all their symptoms are worse. I have found that when you deal with your emotions and change the attitudes that are at the root of that then you respond so differently to each situation and you stay at peace longer.

When you are more at peace with your body it can then begin the repair process to the myelin within the body. Homeopathic remedies are uniquely suited to help deal with emotional energy blockages and hard to change attitudes plus all the unique individual Neurological symptoms.

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