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MS & Natural Covid Tips-3/24/2020

Updated: 4 days ago

Updated 3/24/2020

-Listen to the local medical/govt authorities in your area to help you get through this pandemic. -Please watch my video in our FB ms group on March 3, 2020, + this post for most complete information and Natural guidance.

-I am offering 50% all Consultation fees until Covid-19 pandemic is under control. Please call if you need Alternative health treatment. Subject to change at any time.

Everything here is part of our ms Lifestyle. Some of it we changed after ms and some we were doing way before ms arrived. But know this for sure you must do a complete MS Lifestyle change to have a chance at ms reversal. These natural tips need to be there whether Covid is around the corner or not. I did a video in this group March 3. Most of this information is there. Here is what we are doing with the Covid-19 issue. Learn to control your pandemic fears and then apply the same skill in ms reversal!

Covid Fears

Remain Calm. Nothing changes! Remain calm. We have been imploring everyone for over a year that you need to learn how to Deeply relax yourselves to weather any storm and prevent an MS relapse. Covid-19 is certainly testing your Fear scale AND your ability to relax your body and mind. If you have not embarked on a Relaxation, Visualization program now is the time to start. This should be part of anyone’s MS Lifestyle change. It is part of our lifestyle and it continues and saves us through life's little ups and down and this one is certainly ramping up the global fear and panic.

Stay Calm

First of all this reminds me of the first time you got MS. Probably you were a little bit afraid or you were freaked out of your mind. Well if not you, then the people around you were freaked out of their mind and they were influencing you negatively. That is why we always insist on having positive people around you and positive messages so that you will not allow them to bring you down. You will in fact help them with your relaxation and love rather than enter their negative doom and gloom scenario. You have to choose to rise above of their negativity or it will drag you down and this will impact your health and susceptibility to get the virus.

Rescue Remedy will help for sure for any panic situation. Keep it handy.


Having said that I have given a few meditations where I instructed you to protect yourself before going into meditation. Now is the time to visualize, daily, yourself surrounded by white, purest, loving light. You surround yourself with that white light. You let it flow from the universe through you to others on the planet and around in your immediate vicinity. This will relax you and them. You need to stay calm and have concern but not panic, hysteria, and all out anxiety. If you have to be around someone negative, try that visualization, cross your arms or legs or both and visualize a white light shield around you. Get creative, find something you can believe in and do it to help you and them calm down. This will help after this virus is gone when you are dealing with others in the real world with or without ms.

Deep Relaxation

In these high anxiety times, practice this skill daily a few times. It will help with covid fears and is a great skill to have with ms diagnosis. Awareness of the body and mind. Scan your body. Check it daily so that you know right away that you have tension in your body and mind by a quick scan and then you take immediate steps to come back to relaxation. Deep relaxation boosts immune function and stress will weaken it. Thus we always say reduce stress, solve stress.


Now is a great time to begin, or continue to pray. Pray is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God. Get together with one or more people and Pray that the Coronavirus leaves you alone and simply dissipates away. There is only one God. Does not matter your religion, God is behind all religions or spirituality. God is Love, Love is God, Pray with Love and you will be helped in ways you can not even imagine. If the little sparrow is taken care of with food so will you!


Do the simple things. Get to bed before 9 am or early. After 10 pm is too late for deep restful sleep. Your immune system will function better with great sleep. Help your body and you boost your immune system. If you are insomniac, solve stress immediately. Do the deep relaxation over and over till you fall asleep. Put away electronic toys at 8 pm so that you will be ready to sleep by 9 pm, not going to bed at 9 pm but sleeping by 9 pm.

Fresh Air

Simple thing. Get enough fresh air and try to stay at least 1 meter away from others. Early morning fresh air will relax you and help you to have a good night's rest.

Fresh Food

Read the label and give your body the best food possible during these difficult times.Consider using and or making bone broth soups. Of course use Honey, Lemon, Ginger, and Garlic with foods.

Alkaline vs Acidic

You know we do Not follow an ms diet. Here is the beauty of what we do. It should help us to protect further from getting sick from any virus or bacteria. Edgar Cayce said that colds and flu etc can NOT live in acidic terrain. So give your body alkaline forming foods. Simple fresh veggies specifically lettuce, celery and carrots will help with alkalinity etc. Stay away from coffee, booze, sugar, sweets, etc and other highly acidic foods as we want to boost the immune system not bring it down. Hence eating alkaline forming foods should slow down or prevent you from getting the covid-19 virus but you also have to remain calm. Stress is acidic forming which then brings down the immune system. So we have never followed an ms diet but eat as much as we can this way.

Fermented Foods

Always a good idea to use them and to have them on hand the way that our grandparents have. You may wish to use ACV-Apple Cider Vinegar a Teaspoon a couple of times a day. Baking soda, ¼ teaspoon a couple times a day in water. We used ACV a lot to help change the inner terrain and to reverse MS.


Spend time in nature. It will recharge you and relax you and ground you.


Of course you need to do some exercise daily. Anything. Just do something to help you dissipate your energy and relieve any stress or tension. This will help you sleep.

Breathing Exercise

Since this CoronaVirus really affects the deeper lobes of the lungs it would be beneficial to do some deep breathing exercises. There are many on youtube. Look up Yogic breathing. Alternate nostril breathing or bellows breathing or simply practicing breathing properly. When you are in fear of this pandemic you will be holding your breath unconsciously. Practice 3 deep slow breaths to break up the tension forming in your solar plexus that can then go to create ms hug. This technique alone will help with ms reduction and pandemic fear control.


If you get a fever during this covid pandemic what do you do? I would suggest you DO NOT use fever-reducing drugs as this may stop the body from killing this infection. Your body's a fighting machine defending you and protecting you. A fever is a natural defense system why would you try to stop the fever. Suppressing a fever is a natural defense system of the body. Why would you suppress it? However, over 104 F you may wish to take drugs and begin using Homeopathic remedies to reduce this. Of course follow the directions of your doctor if you can find one to help you. There are plenty of Homeopathic remedies for fever and each fever is very unique and thus needs expert attention as to which is the best Homeopathic remedy for fever. Call me.

Edgar Cayce Tips

In terms of Health, the Cayce readings suggest that plenty of sleep, plenty of water, relaxation, and a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can all bolster the alkalinity of the body and an individual’s immune system. In fact, in one reading he stated, “if an alkalinity is maintained in the system — especially with lettuce, carrots and celery, these in the blood supply will maintain such a condition as to immunize a person.” (480-19) Cayce lived through 2 World Wars and the Spanish Flu worldwide pandemic in 1918.

In terms of our mind and spirit, the Edgar Cayce material recommends the use of positive affirmations, prayer and meditation. When individuals were afraid, Cayce often responded with, “Why worry when you can pray?” Unfortunately, most people perceive prayer as asking God for things. Instead, it is more like inviting the energy of spirit and the Creator to come into the situation and work through us. Cayce would suggest that if we truly are spiritual beings having a physical experience, the prayers of countless individuals praying for the dissipation of the Coronavirus and the healing of the planet will definitely have an energetic and vibrational impact. Working with affirmations can be as simple as slowly and repeatedly saying words like, “I am at peace,” while breathing in calmness and light and breathing out anxiety and fear. If you feel like fear has become a problem in your life right now, we are offering you this FREE digital book (PDF), Edgar Cayce on Overcoming Fear and Anxiety, by Hugh Lynn Cayce.

Homeopathic Remedy

Those of you that are my clients and I have found a matching Homeopathic remedy you are very lucky. You simply keep taking the remedy and maybe even give yourself a second or more dose during the day if your fears are getting out of control (contact me please if you need to for further instruction). You have been instructed to practice relaxation, meditation, and to solve any stress that comes up. This Covid-19 stress is no different. If there is stress you work through it so that peace can be in your soul. The Homeopathic remedy + our strategies will help you through anything that life throws at you as you have learned life skills and are using Natural remedies to relax and reduce ms remedies and hopefully prevent a relapse.

Remember that Homeopathic remedies can also help with any fever.

Natural Treatments for life.

Use influenzinum 30c or more now before you get any cold and flu and it may prevent you getting something.

Take a Multivitamin or Extra Vit C daily.

At the first sign or something happening in your body or mind, the sniffles, sore throat, tired, malaise, etc....Do NOT WAIT start immediately with the suggestions below

If you do get some cold, cough, runny nose, flu then Stop the Influenzinum and take immediately Oscillococcinum, follow the directions on pkg

Along with the Oscillo begin taking extra Oil of Oregano tincture. Echinacea Ang MT, and Sambucus nigra MT. These last 3 should be taken till 3 days AFTER the virus is gone from the body. Read that again!

If that does not work there are an abundance of Homeopathic remedies to help you. Do not let this escalate but find the best matching remedy or give me a call to help you. There are thousands of Homeopathic remedies for fear, colds, coughs, pneumonia, flu etc etc. These are the times when the Doc can give you very little help, or YOU can not find a doctor or get to a hospital because of lockdown, or no beds available...Homeopathic remedies can save your life if you act swiftly at the first sign of something.

  1. Ferrum phos - can be used at the first stages of a sore throat

  2. Phos - can be used if you have chest pain and crave cold drinks

  3. Arsenicum Album - for great anxiety and wheezing

  4. Belladonna - symptoms come on out of nowhere very quickly, and suddenly very high fever

  5. Antimonium Tart - for cough and mucus seems to be rattling around the chest and hard to expel it

  6. Camphora- collapse, chills alternates with fevers, flu symptoms

  7. Gelsemium - extreme prostration

  8. Bryonia Alba - pneumonia with painful that must sit up to breathe, does not want to move

  9. Chinum Mur - lots of rattling in bronchi with no expectoration, fever

  10. Grindelia R - violent attacks of dry cough, extreme difficult breathing, fears

  11. Please message me to find your exact remedy.

  • If you wish to do it on your own there are lots of Homeopathic books to help you find acute remedies

  • You could also try the combo homeopathic remedies to help you with Cough, Cold, etc, etc that are specific to acute illness and may work great for you or family.

  • Take Extra Vit C to bowel tolerance

  • Make black tea and spoonful of fresh farmers honey. Chop in some fresh ginger. Maybe add in some Cinnamon and Cayenne

  • Eat and cook more onions, garlic, and ginger.

  • More Bone Broth soups OR Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup

  • Stop any dairy till it's gone.

  • When the ENT issue is gone continue the natural products for 3 days to make sure.

  • If nothing is working and you are getting pneumonia do NOT despair. Homeopathy is over 200 years old and has gone through many pandemics and epidemics and has fared better than doctors in those times. Time is of the essence so you need to get swift homeopathic advice for a remedy for pneumonia. Yes, you can include doctor's meds.

  • Worst case scenario is that hospitals and doctors' offices will be closed so many many people may not have access to medical help BUT there is always Homeopathic natural remedies to help with Pneumonia. And they are extremely effective. Again. See a doctor but use

  • Homeopathic remedies as well to help you get back to health quicker.

  • Of course listen to the local medical/govt authorities in your area to help you get through this pandemic.

  • Have enough supplies on hand. Have enough natural remedies on hand.

  • You may consider that medical hospitals will be overwhelmed so stock up on natural supplies and maybe get a Homeopathic remedy kit to help in emergencies.

  • Have some whiskey on hand as a last resort if you have issues that you can not resolve. Whiskey can help one to relax, can be used on gums with tooth issues or other medical issues where a doctor can not be found.

  • Have enough salt on hand. Salt and water is a great way to gargle to help a sore throat and help teeth and gums that have an issue.

  • But the biggest thing to know is that this is what we do with or without MS. For us, Covid-19 changes nothing. Our lifestyle does not change other than we make sure that we have extra vials of my wife's Homeopathic MS Remedy, other natural remedies, and then basic food supplies to last 30 -45 days. We continue to have an attitude of gratitude and positivity no matter what Mother Earth throws at us. We solve daily stress. We live day by day as we know tomorrow is not promised to you. We love ourselves first, then all others, no excuses. This is

  • MS Reversal secrets and Lifestyle savers.

Always check with your doctor in these worldwide pandemic times if you can find one before starting any of these treatments or please give me a call and book an appt.