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Multiple Sclerosis & the MIND/BODY connection

Great book to understand the PNI connection to MS

Here is a video from Dr. Gabor Maté, When The Body Says NO and my thoughts on it. Everyone would benefit from watching it.

N Dr. Maté goes on to talk that Neurologists do not inquire about the parent's stress and medical issues as they do not value that info.

As a Homeopath that is one of the first things that I drill down and try to find out what is driving you as a person. If the parents had lots of medical issues then I can infer that the patient in front of me has lots of issues and that is what led them to MS. Stress in childhood that is not corrected and re-balanced leads to autoimmune down the road if it is continued.

He also talks about Psychoneuroimmunology=PNI and it is the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems. Basically, it views you as one whole and does not divide you into segments like a doctor would do to attempt to help your health. With Homeopathy we treat you from a PNI perspective as we understand that there is a oneness between MIND BODY EMOTIONS - MBE. We search for that one remedy, PNI, that matches you as a whole. We do not look for your fragmented symptoms and find a remedy. We try to get to the core of the WHY the MS is happening and we attempt to stimulate the body to correct the imbalance.

Dr. Maté talks about the stress of the parents creates the situation for the child to feel the stress while they are children. This stress from the parents can lead a child while young to high levels of stress and then e.g. asthma happens, heart issues happen, the cancer happens.. Do they need PUFFERS... no they need a Homeopathic remedy (MBE) that helps them deal with the stress on PNI OR MBE levels. Disease is about getting to the core of the issue. Autoimmune disease is about getting to the core of your issues. Your MS issues are not that you have foot drop, or partial paralysis of this or that limb, or bladder spasticity, or optic neuritis etc. Your issues are due to the childhood mal-adaptation to the stress you felt and then did not release and let go. This continued stress led to your MS. Not the diet, not, Lyme, not EBV from my perspective.

Cortisol says Dr. Maté is very high when there is high stress. When overdone the adrenals get overtaxed and continued over time the body will get sick. This survival mechanism that the child uses keeps them alive in the short term. But IF the child continues to use this survival mechanism, flight or fight response, then over decades or sooner, MS will occur. He says Cancer/MS and looking at the cell is not the place to look for solutions. There is BODY MIND UNITY and once you realize that... then you realize that that is how my wife REVERSED her MS so quick (within 2 years from total paralysis) because she focused on personal development & quickly solving those childhood issues Plus using Homeopathy rapidly brought her to that shore.

Homeopathy is extremely suited to PNI connection

Sickness is not accidental says Dr. Maté. I have been saying that over and over in this group. Chronic sickness is not accidental. It comes through years of stress and of repressed emotions. Once you allow the emotions out you can heal and your MS may get better. Dr. Maté describes perfectly the MS mindset. Ignoring your needs, looking for LOVE outside of yourself from others, putting others before yourself, duty to others first before others. I would add a big trait that I see with MS is the inflexibility and not willing to CHANGE THEIR MINDSET. They refuse to budge from their position, stubbornness. This is not ARROGANCE it is simply stubbornness and unwilling to change or acknowledge another truth or fact because INTERNALLY they THINK something else.

As Dr Maté says your core beliefs will become your FATAL BELIEFs. You must learn to be more flexible, and you must learn to keep an open mind that maybe, just maybe, your MS can be turned around IF you focus more on your personal development. Thoughts cause your illness, repressed emotions cause your illness.

Sounds crazy what Dr. Maté is saying but he has the science to back it up. Your thoughts can eventually kill you. MS can eventually kill you as it almost did my wife. All MS people need to learn about adaptation and their inner attachment needs not being met. Dr. Maté says that not working on inner development, not releasing emotions, will become PHYSICAL PATHOLOGY or MS.

People are always confused when they come to me with MS because what I suggest them to do is so foreign to them and does not seem like it is worth following. However, I always say to become as a child. A child as Dr. Maté says is authentic, expressing anger, fears, loving quickly and easily. Adults with chronic illness have lost touch with their feelings and their authenticity. Homeopathy helps deal with MBE effectively and quickly.

Dr. Maté talks about child repressed emotions causing DIS-EASE. Stop and think about that, & the please LOVE me Syndrome of comedian Robin Williams. You can not separate the mind from the body and thus the beauty of Homeopathic medicine and philosophy as we treat you as one whole MBE. The best Medicine for MS that Dr. Maté does NOT realize is Homeopathic remedies as we treat MBE. Even he has DEPRESSION and takes drugs for it not realizing that Homeopathy will assist him from a MBE perspective.

MS is not a fight, it is not a war. That is the wrong approach to MS. The best approach to MS is to do the tough inner work, personal development that I have been suggesting here for a while. Homeopathy helps to speed you through that work faster than you can imagine and will begin the process of MS reversal.

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