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What you HATE when Multiple Sclerosis strikes in your friend, family or YOU!

  • What the heck is MS?

  • I wish i never knew what MS was & the poor outlook

  • Horrified that an MS relapse can happen again and again? & I am going to get worse?

  • MS SUCKS! I hate multiple sclerosis. I f@#king hate MS

  • Disgusted with my health. I just want to get to my old life back.

  • HATE what MS is doing to me and my MS friends

  • I hate what MS is doing to my family and what they have to go through to help me

  • I hate creeping paralysis, spasticity, & soul crushing march of constant MS progression.

  • I DESPISE the slow dismantling of life that I used to know and love and live.

  • I Detest this disease will never stop progressing and I will end up in a wheelchair.

  • Please God, I just want to get my old self back and go back to what I was doing

  • Frustrated & Resentful that my body will not obey my command

  • I am stuck in an MS prison I did not create. I feel like I have zero control over my body

  • I have f***ing spasms and pain I can not control.

  • MS has robbed me of control of my body. I have minimal control of my limbs.

  • I just can not move, walk, move my arms and hands normally like other people.

  • I RESENT that I cannot walk 100% without some form of assistance, cane, walker, wheelchair, & am bedbound.

  • I feel so isolated, so alone with MS that I get so depressed

  • I do not want people to see how I walk so I stay home. i just want to move like I used to

  • i do not want people to see my disabilities & fear MS will progress to more severe one

  • I Hate when people say I look alright even though I feel like sh*t

  • I am Embarrassed being around my friends because I can barely walk

  • I am sick and tired of the comments like, you do not look sick

  • I am fed up with MS. I am sick of being sick, and tired of being tired.

  • I hate the brain fog that comes with MS. Some days I can barely think straight.

  • Why can’t Doctor drugs stop MS disease from progressing? Why am I getting worse?

  • What if the MS drugs are causing more harm than good? I feel awful on the DMDs.

  • Why do you flip me from one MS drug to another with no result and I feel awful on each one? MS DRUGS are VERY expensive and have plenty of serious side effects.

  • Can’t you just give me an MS drug that actually works?

  • Thinking of stopping the meds cause am Sick of shots & how they hurt to take them”

  • “I stopped all of them multiple times. Takes too long for an appt and I tapered off “

  • “Half the s**t [DMDs}will kill you”. “The DMD side effects are worse than the MS disease”

  • I hate that the Doctors give me choices on MS DRUGS. Aren’t they the experts? Does that mean that if one does not work they will rotate me to another MS drug? Does it mean that it does not matter what MS drug they put me on as nothing is going to cure me? Am I just going to get worse and worse and worse?

  • The side effects from these MS drugs are so strong I would rather take nothing than to continue taking these drugs.

  • the cost of MS drugs is so outrageous that I can not afford the MS drugs

  • I hate the MS drug side effects: flushing, redness, itching, rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, fever, low white blood cell count, infections, joint pain, liver issues, skin reaction at needle injection site, back pain, mild flu like symptoms, stomach pain, or indigestion, etc. THERE HAS TO BE A NATURAL WAY.

  • Docs say that I may need a mobility aid, wheelchair, or be confined to a bed

  • Doctors do not consider diets, or other alternatives helpful for their MS patients.

  • Doctors do not consider stress as the cause because of brain and spinal cord lesions.

  • What if the doctors have made the wrong diagnosis?

  • What if it is not the immune system acting to destroy itself and the myelin?

  • What if the doctors just do not know why the immune system is destroying myelin?

  • What if the body is NOT mistakenly attacking itself BUT WHAT IF it is doing something normal based on SOMETHING ELSE OCCURING in the body and the Doctors do not know this “X” factor yet?

  • Maybe I have GBS, Lyme, or some other infection and not MS.

  • Where is Dr. Gregory House when you need him!!!

  • Where are doctors suggested Diets? I hear others are getting better from them.

  • I want to reduce the rate of MS relapses and slow the disease progression.

  • Lost, confused and do not know what else I can do to help reduce my MS symptoms

  • My lesions are increasing and I am worse.

  • My lesions are not increasing but I am getting worse.

  • My lesions are decreasing and I am not getting better

  • My lesions are stable, no change since last mri, but I am getting worse

  • I hate the MRI contrast and feel sick after an MRI. Hate having to go through an MRI

  • Exasperated that I have great weakness and fatigue even though I slept 14 hours

  • Irritated I have all kinds of bladder urgency and stool issues

  • Confused and I am concerned about getting pregnant with MS

  • I have tried everything and nothing has worked to reduce my MS condition

  • Hate being trapped in a body that does not obey my command

  • Sick of researching everything I can find to help myself with MS.

  • Sick of researching different diets & supplements to help myself and I have no clue what to do to help myself get better.

  • Hate that I have to exercise to simply maintain what level I have.

  • Shocked at the amount of things that will not work in my body, like a sinking ship it is slowly leaving me.

  • I just Hate what MS is doing to my body and life. My muscles are so stiff

  • I see some people are getting better from MS. Why can’t I get better!!!

What people with an MS diagnosis simply want!

  • I just want a Natural approach and Medicine to help myself with MS

  • I want to know what piece of the puzzle I am missing with MS?

  • What things do I have to do to get better?

  • What things do I have to change to get better with MS?

  • I will do anything to feel better and regain my ability to walk but what?

  • Is there no Alternative Treatments that can help with MS?

  • Is there no help from the Alternative Health field for those with MS?

What if you looked at MS differently?

What if you forgot about your MS symptoms and focussed on something else to help yourself. What if you made your MS SYMPTOMS secondary AND made YOU the primary focus instead of the MS? The answer that you have not considered is that YOUR FOCUS should NOT be on your MS SYMPTOMS it should be on YOU!

Have you ever heard of the Flight, Fight, Freeze response? It can really paralyze you or mobilize you to fight under stress. Intense emotions and attitudes can have that same kind of effect on you. Extended thinking in this manner can really have a negative effect on the body and your MS symptoms.

My approach to assisting you is that I MENTOR you with your Attitudes and Emotions, suggest a different MINDSET and SKILLSET that are needed to feel better. Furthermore I also offer guidance about Natural Homeopathic Medicine that will assist you with your MINDSET. I work with MIND-BODY medicine & find that PRECISE PERSONALIZED MEDICINE just for you NOT your MS Symptoms. This is a New way to approach MS. I am excited to work with people that understand this and want to work towards this direction with their health condition.

I believe that you can Achieve Better Health. And I believe that the Best way to have that is to use Natural Homeopathic remedies while Fully Realizing how Attitude impacts your health.

Always seek advice from your Doctor when starting anything new and this is not intended to encourage you in any way to stop Doctor prescribed medication or treatment. Always consult with your Doctor before beginning anything new for your Health.

Message me for a free 15 min discovery call to find out more.

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