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Natural Remedy I used to Reverse MS

Every time I post that a Natural remedy that I prescribed has Reversed MS by 95% EVERYONE with Multiple Sclerosis wants to know what that natural remedy is so that they can try it. That is not wise. This natural remedy is NOT like Herbal remedies e.g. if 100 people have Liver issues, then Milk Thistle will help the liver. The Natural Remedy that I used was a Homeopathic Remedy. Homeopathic remedies are as unique as a fingerprint. Follow along in the video with the pictures below as I explain what that Natural remedy is that Reversed MS and why you should or should not take it.

In this slide below I will talk about MIND symptoms or attitudes and emotional symptoms. The Mind symptoms are along the left column and the Natural Homeopathic remedies are along the top row. The Highlighted remedy is the Natural remedy I gave. Listen to the video to find out what it was and how a Homeopath finds a natural remedy for a health condition.

This slide below indicates the General Overall symptoms in the body and the Natural Homeopathic remedies are along the top row

This slide below indicates the Particulars or Specific symptoms in a specific location in the body.

This slide below indicates putting all of the symptoms together to form one UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL SYMPTOM PICTURE. This is Holistic medicine at its finest as it finds the best matching natural remedy for you. Notice the highlighted remedy has moved to #2 position when we consider the person from a Holistic complete perspective.

This last slide below reveals what happens when you add other different symptoms and the highlighted remedy again moves further away from the #1 position.

You now understand that even though you have have a Neurological condition such as Multiple Sclerosis you will have unique symptoms. Each person has different attitudes with MS. Each person has different emotional expression with MS. Each person has different Physical symptoms with MS. Hence if you have similar MS symptoms as the above client then the same remedy would help you. If you have different symptoms then seek professional instruction.

Therefore, that is why, if you listened to all of the video you now know the secret of the Natural remedy that Reversed MS and also why you would be wise not to use it upon yourself but to seek a Professional Homeopath to help you find your UNIQUE, INDIVIDUAL symptoms upon mental-emotional-physical levels and if the right matching remedy is found it may reduce your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

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