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Natural Solutions for: Numbness, Tingling, Tremors, Foot drop, & Paralysis.

You are reading this to help yourself. We are helping you with a new paradigm, a new way of thinking. We are sharing what helped my wife Reverse her ms. If it was spontaneous ms reversal then everyone would be reversing ms, so pay attention and have an open mind.

Stress can lead to heart attacks, worry, and many other diseases. Each of them has different diets to help them. With ms you are left on your own to figure out the best diet. All doctors will tell you to reduce stress to prevent another heart attack but tell you that it does nothing for ms because the body or the immune system is attacking itself. Wrong imho!!!

No one wants ms. No one wants a heart attack. But stress will contribute and create both under the right conditions. Read that again and again. Your stress created your ms condition. Different types of stress in another body, with their genetic weakness, created their own unique stress and disease. Your particular stress manifested itself in your body with symptoms they call ms. Forget the label. You are not the label. Focus on STRESS. The part you can change, solve, and drastically "REBOOT" your body.

Once you accept the fact that yes you did not want ms, but yes your stress might have contributed to it then you have started the journey to reverse it. Everyone knows someone that after an ms relapse will say that stress brought on the relapse. You hear this over and over. What people do not understand or refuse to understand is that their unique stress brought on symptoms in the body and over time this brought out ms symptoms.

You have driven your car into the red light area and you keep going. The car gives a little more all the while the red light is flashing telling you to stop and pull over and fix the engine. You refuse and keep going. Finally, the car stops and needs a costly repair. This is you with ms. You have kept going when your body was at PEAK STRESS levels. You refused to stop. You refused to listen to the tension in your body, your mind. You bottled up your emotions. You were a pressure cooker and you were ready to explode.

That explosion was the immune system attacking the myelin. No big deal. Now you know. You either solve the stress when it happens or the Body WILL SAY NO and force you to fix it down the road. You are now down the road and are forced to look everywhere and at everything to fix it. We are suggesting your body can fix it. We are suggesting that there are reasons why you HAVE FOOT DROP, FACIAL PARALYSIS, PARAPLEGIA, HEMIPLEGIA, QUADRIPLEGIA. We are suggesting that when you drastically reduce stress the body will repair what has occurred in the body. Can you provide the body with relaxation, peace, for an extended period of time, 1-2 years? If you can then the body will repair itself. IF it repairs a broken bone with no help it can repair a nervous system with no help.

My wife had Quadriplegia after 1 ms attack and has reversed ms by 95% and so can you by following simple steps. You have to examine themes of stress you are CONSCIOUSLY not aware of. Or maybe you are. Foot drop may mean you are afraid to move forward, afraid to make a decision in life, afraid to assert yourself, afraid to leave a relationship or job, afraid to turn the page in life, afraid to grow, etc. These types of thoughts may then turn into your foot drop appearing. Yes, I said it. Do you want to reverse your foot drop or do you want to stay stuck? As you think will be reflected in the body.

Maybe you have numbness or tingling. For sure the spine is off-balanced and needs adjustment but if you continue to think the same thoughts it will happen again. Does the numbness, tingling, mean that you are afraid of feeling something, or moving forward, or doing something etc?

People with paralysis have the same themes as the above. Fear of moving forward, stuck in time, preferring this state of mind rather than moving forward. Fear to move forward in life, etc. People with facial paralysis usually have "lost face" felt ashamed of something or in front of others felt embarrassed that they did not love themselves or stood up for themselves. This results in instantaneous facial paralysis. A very strong thought can quickly cause facial paralysis, not lesions, not the spine. Sure those things are involved but go to the root, not the peripheral causes. Thoughts and Emotions are very powerful things.

My wife WAS a quadriplegic. That is well documented and we have talked about it forever about the stress she was under, how she solved it and how homeopathic remedies helped her change her attitudes, stress, emotional expression. If she reversed ms by doing that why would it be any different for you with fewer ms symptoms than she had? It is not. In fact, you do NOT realize how Stressed out you are. if 1=no stress and 10=high stress. You are probably at 12-15 stress levels on a daily level and do not realize it. It has now become normal for you.

That stress level is keeping ms symptoms there. Resolving your stress is the way to go for permanent change. For preventing future relapse. For preventing the disease to advance. You either resolve your stress or your disease will advance.

Homeopathic remedies are Excellent for helping to resolve those high-stress situations. They help to unburden your emotional baggage and help change your attitudes to situations that you are dragging your feet from doing. Homeopathic remedies will also match up to your physical symptoms and help to neutralize them. Message me to set up a free 15 min chat to talk about your ms condition and homeopathic remedies.

Who has connected their ms physical symptoms to their stress? Who has seen their symptoms magically disappear with solving stress? Who wants help with this?