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Natural Treatment Reverses Nearly all Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

Typical MS progression BUT not so in this case!

My first Multiple Sclerosis patient. Walking normal person. MS attack initiated tingling down right side 03/2017. Within 5 days the tingling progressed to total paralysis, difficulty swallowing and breathing, double vision etc. 2 years using Homeopathic remedies and choosing to evolve, solve life issues, and the majority of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are resolved using this natural approach. No Relapse in 2+ years. Brain and spinal lesions are fading away as evidenced by multiple MRIs over the course of 2+ years. No Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer drugs were used, only Natural Homeopathic remedies.


Below is a list of all the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms they had and the percentage of Reversal.

13 MS Symptoms RESOLVED in 2+ Years

100% resolved-Bowel Dysfunction

100% resolved-Gait-difficulty in walking

100% resolved-Optic Neuritis (includes double vision, blurry vision, etc)

100% resolved-Pain

100% resolved-Paralysis

100% resolved-Spasticity

100% resolved-Breathing issues

100% resolved-Sensory impairment, numbness, tingling

100% resolved-Sexual dysfunction

100% resolved-Tremor

100% resolved-Poor coordination or incoordination

100% resolved-Inappropriate Affect (pseudo bulbar affect, emotional incontinence, involuntary emotional expression disorder-IEED)

100% resolved-Paroxysmal symptoms (They may include (but are not limited to) trigeminal neuralgia, tonic spasms, weakness, dysarthria and ataxia, visual disturbance, numbness and other sensory disturbance, and Lhermitte’s sign.)

Next 2 symptoms only occur IF truly over tired BUT can be controlled with awareness.

99% resolved-Dysarthria-difficulty speaking

99% resolved-Dysphagia-difficulty swallowing

Patient still working on these 4 symptoms

95% resolved-Balance/Dizziness

95% resolved-Bladder Dysfunction

95% resolved-Weakness/Fatigue

95% resolved-Uhthoff’s Phenomenon (heat Intolerance)

(n/a= not applicable - never had issues BEFORE or AFTER Multiple Sclerosis event)

n/a-Mood Lability/ Bipolar Affective Disorder

n/a-Hormonal influences for women with MS

n/a-Dry mouth

n/a-Hearing Loss


n/a-Cognitive Impairment


This is what it feels like to Reverse MS using Natural Homeopathic Remedies

Using this natural approach this Multiple Sclerosis patient has reversed the majority of MS symptoms. The 2 major approaches used are Homeopathy and solving life’s stressful issues.

If you are not making those kinds of gains with your health condition then message me to discuss how Homeopathic remedies and my Natural approach can accelerate you through your challenges and reduce your MS symptoms. ALL CONSULTATIONS can be done ONLINE.

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