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Solutions for ms BLADDER issues

I have had a 24/7 view of MS up close with my first ms (small letters because it is not as big and bad as I thought it was and it is just a label not the issue) patient, my wife. One ms event left her totally paralyzed in 5 days and now about 95% Reversed! I have been able to watch her for almost 3 years and I have learned a lot about ms. She had bladder issues from the beginning like you all do: spastic bladder, overactive, incomplete voiding of urine, urgency, frequency, incontinence, Nocturia (getting up a lot at night to void urine), urinary hesitancy, and lets not get started with UTI’s which seem a common occurrence.

I have been able to find beneficial remedies for UTIs. All the other urinary issues have been an issue for others with ms. My wife had those at the beginning but then again she was totally paralyzed. It took her about a year to really get this more under control. Even now almost 3 years later some nights it is an issue but nevertheless huge improvements here.

What have I observed that I can share with you to help your ms?

Food and medication can cause serious negative interactions ex: statins & calcium channel blockers and grapefruit, alcohol & insulin or acetaminophen, antibiotics and dairy products.

What I am slowly starting to realize is that ANXIETY + urinary issues is TOTALLY CONNECTED. You can not separate the two. You can NOT ask for a solution and keep STRESSING out. You have to cut the anxiety cord to your urinary area. You can not take your natural homeopathic remedy and hope that it will relax the entire urinary/bladder symptoms and everything will be ok the next day.

You have to work at it day after day after day. Work at what? Work at learning the skill of physical RELAXATION. Work at learning the skill of mental and emotional relaxation. Basically the biggest fault of your parents is that they failed to give you an owners manual to your body, your mind, and your emotions! But forgive them as they never had one as well, lol!

How to use Natural Homeopathic remedies to Synergistically accelerate PAST urinary issues?

Simple. You find a homeopath that will find either your constitutional remedy and/or a homeopathic remedy for your urinary/bladder symptoms + you work on relaxing that entire area of the body with your mind. You can NOT simply keep thinking STRESS, anxiety, etc as this simply feeds the fire and you never relax this entire body system. You have to put in effort.

Keep it simple. Take the Homeopathic remedy that either matches your Constitution or bladder symptoms and then sit down for 15 minutes. Take 3 deep breaths and focus in on your abdominal or pelvic area. Feel with each breath your abdominal area is relaxing. After 15 minutes carry on and you will find that the correct matching Homeopathic remedy + relaxing the entire urinary area will allow that area to de-stress thus helping your urinary issues.

My observations of my wife is that as she continues to RELAX and let go DAILY, deeper and deeper, using daily relaxation techniques, that this helps RELAX the breathing system, + this relaxes the diaphragm muscle, + this relaxes all abdominal organs including the pelvic floor. When you can make the connection to the homeopathic remedy + urinary system relaxation you will find your urinary symptoms are becoming less and less as my wife's did.

What she did you can do BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PUT IN THE MENTAL WORK of daily RELAXATION. This skill should be one of the most treasured skills in life. Worth more than money. Learn it! NOW!

Homeopaths like to talk about the “Maintaining cause”. That means that if you live in a damp basement and go for Homeopathic treatment to help with breathing issues due to the mold and living in the amount of homeopathic remedies are going to help you unless you move out of the basement. Thus if you move out of the basement then the homeopathic remedy will swiftly help you with your issues. Similarly, if you work at calming down your “maintaining cause” = stress around the entire urinary system or stress in general, then when you take the matching Homeopathic remedy it will have a greater chance of helping you quicker out of your symptoms.

Urinary ms Solution Conclusion

Homeopathic remedies + relaxation of the urinary area or your constitution will reduce your urinary symptoms and deal with any UTIs. Message me for a free 15 chat to discuss how homeopathy can help you synergistically reduce your symptoms.