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What came first? MS symptoms in your body or an MS MINDSET?

MS first started in your mind as a certain MINDSET in my opinion. As it began forming in your mind over time and over repeated continued consistent thought patterns it descended from the mind and became manifest in your physical body. The clouds represent your mind and the mountain represent your physical body. What your mind thinks will manifest in your physical body. The body is the mirror of the mind. As above in the MIND, then so below in the body. This is a wonderful simple thing to be aware of as you go through life.

Judge Judy says that ignorance of the law does not excuse you from the law and what most people fail to realize is ignorance of their thoughts in creating their MS does not excuse them from their role in creating their MS.. They will search for MS cures not realizing that they are the problem and they are cure. Fixing their own minds, understanding their own emotions, and the laws they are both under will serve them far better than searching under every rock for the next new MS theory to come out.

Watch Dr. Phil on TV and you get the sense that most people are INFLEXIBLE when they need to change their attitudes. It is easy to point to another and say you need to learn this or that, you need to change this or that. But once that finger is pointed at them the WALLS COME UP. They refuse to hear this.

Changing thought patterns that are deep in the unconscious takes effort. Consistent effort, gently applied, and compassionate with Self. Yes it can be difficult. If you choose it that way. You can also begin to take self responsibility and understand your role in creating the thought patterns that created this MS physical condition. Once you do this you will have understood the laws of the mind, the body, the emotions and the interconnection to all three.

When you drive a car you do not have to know how to fix the engine when there is a problem but you know you have to go to a mechanic. However, with your own body you DO HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO FIX YOURSELF to change yourself as you created your condition. Taking an antidepressant or an anxiety pill does not fix the problem it only makes you not feel it and allows the problem to get worse.

Again, Dr. Phil will offer guidance and when the problem is too big for one counseling session he will refer people to get further expert guidance to them with their mental/emotional issues. That being said you are driving a car, YOUR BODY/MIND, and when you find that it is not working as you wish you need to find others that can point you in the right direction. Once they point you in the right direction you have to keep an open mind and allow the information in and begin to test out a few of the suggestions to see if they will bear fruit. You do not take an antidepressant or anxiety pill because your car does not work. You see a mechanic. Once you realize that your thoughts are your issue you begin to change them and using Homeopathic remedies will help you quicker.

The clouds in the photo represent your mental thoughts and once they are formed for long enough they will descend and create a mountain Anyway you look at it if your thoughts are off balance, if your emotional expression is off balance, you will eventually get sick. Change your thoughts and you change your MS. If you find this difficult then get some expert counselling and message me to see if Homeopathic remedies can help you over your hurdles.