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What do you feel when you take Homeopathic Rx for MS?

Some typical Homeopathic principles that I follow that might help those that choose to take Homeopathy is that taken over time you will see subtle but big changes to yourself. Yes sounds like an oxymoron but it is true and I hear over and over again working with clients. You will feel subtle to no changes but an outside person will see changes. The more aware you are of your body/mind/emotions you will sense that something has changed.

In my wife's instance we were working on a lymphatic project and I had given her some additional different remedies PLUS a remedy to work on her concern going down stairs. She felt unsteady, unbalanced, bit fearful going downstairs. She took the remedies for a week or so and I said how is it going with those challenges. She said they are not really working. Then when I get to specifically asking if anything has changed she states that going down stairs is a bit better, a motion in her shoulder or pain there is now gone, she is going down stairs better and she can do escalators now whereas before she always went for the elevator. To me that is huge. To the outside observer it is big change. To her it now felt normal to use the escalator and the fear of using it was not as inhibiting.

She had had frequent urination issues but now was saying that the frequency was less and the urge was minimized and not as intense as before. Of course she felt that this was natural and so it is but when there is urgent need to void and always knowing where the bathrooms are when you go out this was a subtle but big change. She was able to hold it longer without that sense of urgency. Is it fully calm, no, but it is much better than it was before.

From the standpoint of the one taking the homeopathic remedy, in my personal opinion what is occurring is that the Soul is now shining through more. The body and the soul are now working more as one. Of course it is natural to go easily down an escalator. Of course going down the stairs is natural. You know this is easy. However, if there is a fear of downward motion from being paralyzed, fear of going downstairs then this is difficult and what ends up happening is that you avoid the stairs thus letting your fears build rather than dissipate.

That is the beauty of Homeopathic remedies they lift the fear, they minimize the fear, they minimize the negative self talk going on in your head and they allow the Soul to shine through to give you those positive messages of…. its ok, you can do it, you are safe, you are strong you are brave.

Finally, My wife has been taking Gelsemium, a Homeopathic remedy, as you know if you have been reading my posts/blogs, and she has been taking it for 26 months now with breaks in between. Daily. My point being over time this has assisted her mentally with the paralysis with those emotions and attitudes that created it. It is not take the Homeopathic remedy once or twice and then stop. When the correct homeopathic remedy is taken over many months or years great changes will happen to you. Over time you will sense when you need a break from the remedy and when you need to begin another 4-6 week course. And then you will see big changes in your physical issues because attitudes will have changed.

Her soul is now shining through and she is creating a NEW story and a NEW chapter for herself. Homeopathy can do the same for you.

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