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What if everything you thought about MS is wrong?

What if everything you think you know about what caused your MS or how to fix it is wrong?

How long would it take you to accept it? How willing are willing to change your MINDSET to change your condition? It has been about 2 years since my wifes only MS attack that left her totally paralyzed after 5 days. Today she has reversed her MS condition by about 95%. It is no accident. First of all she was hospitalized for 4 months and had to relearn to walk. Then she walked out of the hospital! Then she continued her recovery at home.

Those first 6 months were very shocking and panic inducing for me watching my wife go through it. Through it all she was taking Homeopathic remedies within 15 days of her first attack. Her condition was severe, swift, and relentless with everything that it took away from her.

Now that she just about reversed the MS this leads to many questions to my mind? What really is MS? Yes I know that you all know what the symptoms are. Yes I know that you have all looked here and there for your MS cure. I know you have looked at different diets, physio, vitamin D levels or maybe even Coimbra protocol. You have searched and searched but most are still bewildered about what is going on with MS? What is going on with your symptoms? What is going on with your RELAPSE? Does the universe not know that you have a life and this condition is preventing you from living your life as you choose?

To all that I say that everything that you ever thought about your life, your condition and how to fix it is all wrong! Ignorance of how things work do not excuse you from life laws. E.g. You drive a car down the street and a cop pulls you over because you are travelling too fast. You say you did not know the speed. Cop says who cares what you do or do not know and hands you a ticket that you must pay. That helps to REVERSE your behavior the next time you pay attention to street speed signs and you MODIFY your behavior.

You are approaching your MS condition with the same OLD outdated thought pattern that CREATED the MS condition. You do not understand what got you where you are and you search in vain for what can reverse it. The new paradigm we offer is you begin to look to yourself. Look to your MIND. Look to your attitudes. Look to your emotions. Look to the things that you need to learn in life. Look to any lessons that you need to learn. Look to the things that you are refusing to change. If you do all that then you modify your behavior and your MS symptoms will slowly dissipate.

When you live in harmony with life, you feel light, free, happy, sleep well, you have no physical symptoms, you feel one with everything and everyone, you share your love to yourself and to everyone you meet. You are in BALANCE. When you are off balance you have what you see in the mirror.

Homeopathic remedies help you through those blocks, those layers of negativity, those layers of fears, anxieties, pain, anger, tears, suppressed emotions. Those inner places that you find hard to get over is where Homeopathic remedies help you accelerate your growth through those lessons. I would say it sped my wife at warp speed to recovery even while she was totally paralyzed she was making those inner changes and the homeopathic remedies were dissolving those blocks.

If you are not making those kinds of gains with your MS then you should message me to discuss how Homeopathic remedies can accelerate you through those blocks and assist your MS symptoms.

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