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Who or What is Responsible for your MS?

The mind and body connection can be so difficult for people to learn and really comprehend. Add to it a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and then people are really lost, confused, and their thoughts become so disorderly that they are so lost in the forest and know no way to get out of it safely with their health in great condition.

Remember this picture to remind you who is really in control of your body, mind, and YOU.

Who do you think is controlling the forward movement? Horse? Driver? Passengers? Does the Horse go wherever it wants? Does the driver tell the horse what to do? Does the Passenger tell the driver where to go? The Horse is your body and it only does what the MIND tells it to do. The MIND is the Driver and it only does what the SOUL=Passenger=You tell the mind and body to do. Your body does not get MS symptoms by chance. Your mind does not get depressed, angry, sad, stressed, Fearful, etc by chance. YOU created all this and you can resolve all this to get better.

You tell the driver what to do and the driver executes the command and then the horse starts moving the carriage. The driver is not in control the Passenger is. Your body is not in control, your Mind is not in control, YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your body and mind. That is the MS secret and also EMPOWERMENT! You have POWER and you have CONTROL over what you experience in life. Events do not just happen to you. When you are experiencing foot drop or one side is paralyzed, numb, swallowing issues, bathroom issues, etc you have dysfunction in your body and you need to untangle it by solving the central issue going on in your life. Solve the MS mindset.

Here is how my wife did it. She had 1 severe MS attack and became totally paralyzed in 5 days and could not talk, double vision, needing breathing and feeding tube. She realized that the body (horse) is not in control. Body was not working at all. She did NOT blame the body for failing her and for changing her life. She CHOOSE not to blame her mind for getting her to this point where her body EXECUTED the program from the mind or DEMYELINATION! She did not complain that her life had changed. She did not say she wanted to go back to the old life she had. She did not get depressed, angry at life, at god or the universe for putting her in this mess she was in.

She realized the DRIVER and the HORSE, (mind and body) follow her orders. They follow her direction, her program. She realized that she got herself into this predicament and she knew right away in the EMERGENCY ward at the hospital that she was going to get better in spite of insurmountable odds and medical professionals telling her it would be probably wheelchair for life and long term care at best. That is EMPOWERMENT! Knowing you created it and you can fix it IF YOU DO THE RIGHT THINGS to Reverse MS. Realizing that you told the Driver and Horse to drive you to the MS Experience now you simply CHOOSE another way of thinking, being, living. You instruct the driver and Horse that you now want to Reverse MS and so you do the things that are going to help get you there and the Driver and Horse have no choice but to follow your command. YES, You have to WORK at it but IF you do, Positive things happen to you.

She began to instantly come to the TRUTH & RESPONSIBILITY of her situation and began the slow process of turning it around. Beginning right in the Emergency ward she began to learn how to relax the body. She began intensive visualization. Both were done many times a day and youtube L L Hay videos were played while she slept at the hospital. She was positive every day. Every day she expected to get better and she did. She refused doctor meds for MS and Cancer and began to take Homeopathic remedies to accelerate her healing. Everyday her physiotherapists were amazed at her daily recovery and ability to begin to move and learn how to use a wheelchair, transfer to it, use a walker, then finally walk in 4 months.

She confronted her fears, her anxieties and fixed the biggest ones first and then the other smaller ones disappeared. She changed her attitudes, expressed emotions, changed her lifestyle. Her relaxation and visualization was instructing the MIND and body (Driver and horse) what she wanted to do. WALK! And so the body quickly, and I mean RAPIDLY began the REMYELINATION process so that in 4 months walked out of the hospital. Now within 2 years of her severe MS attack she has Reversed MS by 95%. Was this by chance? Everyone says everyone gets better after their first MS attack and maybe her MS reversal was by chance as some people suggest? We had 2 medical professionals that told us that she had BAD LUCK to get paralyzed. And now we are supposed to believe that good luck happened and she reversed MS by chance AND by nothing she did? That is hogwash and complete INVALIDATION to the hard work that she did to relearn to walk and change her attitudes!

We think the myelin was destroyed because IT IS FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS from the MIND and the mind from the PASSENGER=YOU. The body always does what you are telling it to do. Change the computer program and the body responds accordingly. When you have unhealthy thoughts that are off balance the body cooperates and gives you want you want to your detriment ...but THAT IS YOUR INSTRUCTIONS to the body and the body follows every single direction from the mind!

Therefore no matter your MS symptoms once you change your inner computer program and begin to change your thoughts then your instructions to the BODY will change. However, they have to be the correct, healthy thoughts, and then of course the BODY has to RESPOND and OVER time, exerting much patience, your body has to change for the better.

Homeopathic remedies accelerate your healing because they MATCH you upon mental, emotional, physical levels and help to neutralize your thought patterns. In other words Homeopathic remedies will help to TONE down the INTENSITY of the stress (fear, anxiety, confusion, grief, anger, etc) so that you can have clarity of mind. All you need is that clarity of mind so that you can then CHOOSE another way of thinking, another way of being, another way to reprogram your MIND to a better way of being. Then the body has to follow along.

That is simply how my wife was able to Reverse her MS in 2 years. A big part of that was my instruction and helping her to stay down the middle of the road and not veer off balance. Thus you simply do not only get my Homeopathic guidance but you also get the crucial mental emotional guidance of how to turn around your thoughts/emotions so that your body can stop attacking itself and start rebuilding the body back up to better health.

If this sounds like something you would like assistance with please message me for a free 15 min chat to discuss how this may help to Reverse your MS condition.