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Why a GAPS DIET perspective can help with MS

This is NOT another blog stating that this is the best diet for MS. This blog is about using the GAPS DIET (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) PRINCIPLES to help reverse MS. There is a connection between the GIT and the health of the nervous system and of course the myelin. All food stressors have to be removed for a period of time and then eat foods that calm down the GIT, heal and seal it, and replenish with fermented foods. Traditional foods and traditional living like your grandparents ate is the road you must travel.

With Multiple Sclerosis you must change your lifestyle completely. All food choices have to be examined. Every label read and every poor product minimized or eliminated from the diet. This will help reduce the inflammatory conditions in the body. Therefore, all sugar products in any form, alcohol, coffee, breads etc..all must be eliminated for a short time maybe 2-3 months or longer to allow the GIT to “heal and seal”. You probably have a leaky gut and gut dysbiosis as most Autistic children have. Without correcting your gut you will not get well.

Without correcting your attitudes and emotions you will not get well either so the two go hand in hand. With the first you change your diet COMPLETELY and the second you use Homeopathic remedies. It is critical to change food and drink choices as we must open the detox pathways and get them to work properly. With MS you most certainly have unbalanced GIT coupled with toxic overload and the species are running wild in your body and you have got to do the proper things to balance your gut species.

As a GAPS practitioner I have worked on many Autism cases associated with GIT issues. The GIT terrain is the same with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. The GAPS Protocol includes a therapeutic diet to heal and seal the gut, supplementation, and detoxification. A candida cleanse may be needed to rebalance those GIT species.

Supplements may also be needed and you may want to check with a nutritionist for that but once the gut lining is healed then pathogenic overgrowth does not occur and you have a more variety of beneficial species in your GIT and then typically your infections will go down as your GIT comes back to balance.

The GAPS diet controls the pathogens and heals the gut so that partly digested food stops crossing into the blood. This will stop allergies and lowering toxic conditions and give the brain a chance to work properly and the myelin to heal.

A functional medical doctor can test for infections and then using Homeopathic remedies we can target the Lyme or co-infections, the mold, or even heavy metals. Yes Homeopathic remedies can remove heavy metals. For instance Plumbum is a homeopathic remedy that can pull Lead out of the body and we would do the same with other metals such as Mercury etc.

The first thing that must be tried is to see if changing the food/drink choices helps the MS symptoms. Second thing is to take Homeopathic remedies to change the attitude and emotions so that you are still not “pouring gasoline on the fire”. A stressful life makes your body more acidic thus contributing to inflammatory conditions in your body, hence the need for either personal development and/or Homeopathic remedies to speed the process.

I can coach you through it or you can get the GAPS diet book and follow the stages for when it is beneficial to add the next food group to your diet. The big thing is to heal and seal the GIT, get the metals under control, introduce new species to the gut naturally, peel off layers of stress using homeopathic remedies and you will be well on your way to making a huge impact on your MS symptoms. I have guided a client from total MS paralysis and is now in the final phase of MS reversal. The path I teach leads to building up of natural health and allows our bodies to heal themselves

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