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Hello Friends! I am looking to gather some additional research for my business. I Assist people that have Multiple Sclerosis.

On the outside, you look fine but on the inside, you feel the awful effects of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. You are scared and do not know what to do about it to feel Better again. You have realized the Tremendous amount of STRESS that you were under either brought on MS or started an MS flare. Before the MS diagnosis, you were enjoying life but then many many Stresses came your way and you were never the same. You are looking for Natural Medicine alternatives to help you.


If this sounds like you, I’d love for you to answer a few questions for me. I want to make sure that what I am creating is on track with where you’re at. This can be totally confidential if you want, too. Name and email address are NOT required. Thank you!!  MS SURVEY LINK

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