Domenic Stanghini  

Homeopath       Hom, CGP
Gaps Diet Practitioner

        Domenic Stanghini            

I can assist with Natural Effective Treatments for 

Physical, Mental, Emotional - Children Issues.

All issues from A - Z   including 

Fears, Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, ADHD, ODD, GDD, SPD, Autism etc.

Another Special Interest I have is with Autoimmune issues

Homeopathy  can  positively  assist   

Demyelinating  disease's  like 

Multiple Sclerosis, ADEM, Transverse myelitis, and 

Symptoms like Fatigue, Vision Issues, Muscle Spasms, Tingling, Numbness,  Weakness, Pain, Bladder issues, Balance & Mobility issues, Brain lesions, Brain Fog, STRESS issues or an inability to deal with Stress/Attitudes/Emotions/Lessons,  etc.