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Covid 19 - Rapid Health assist

  • Are your Fear's & Anxieties getting out of hand?

  • Do you have Covid or -(cough, cold, flu, pneumonia) Symptoms?

  • Are the Hospitals totally full & you have nowhere to turn to?

  • Are your Neurological symptoms relapsing?

Natural Homeopathic Medicine may assist your Health rapidly, safely, and with no side effects.         Be seen and helped fast!

  • Online Virtual Homeopathic Consultations.

  • Buy the Homeopathic Medicine at a local pharmacy selling Homeopathic Medicine or Online around the world

Due to Covid-19 pandemic spreading all over the world I am reducing my fee's by 50% off my regular fee'. Below are my new fee's. These fee's will be there until further notice & subject to change without notice.


There are lots of Homeopathic remedies that can Naturally assist with all Health symptoms. Now is a great time to experience Homeopathy at reduced rates and help yourself or your family when the hospitals are overwhelmed!              Please message me I can help through ONLINE Consultations

Rapid online assist

Please book below

Free 15 min Chat using Skype, etc to

answer questions about possible treatment.

Acute Consult - 20 min = $27 Skype session + online payment.

Covid virus infections, minor injuries, pain. If this has been occurring more than a month you will need to book 2 sessions. IF GO OVER 20 MIN you will be charged a 2nd session fee. 

Acute Consult (extended) - 40 min = $54 Skype session + online paymentWhen you feel the above consult will not be able to be completed within 20 min

Chronic Consult - For issues that have been around for 1 months or more. Any Neurological issues (MS) or other long-standing issues Skype session + online payment $90= 90-110 min

email: for available time slots