Domenic Stanghini  

Homeopath  Hom, CGP
Gaps Diet Practitioner

I began training in Homeopathy through The British Institute of Homeopathy. I obtained my first Diploma  in Homeopathy in 1999. In 2007 I began to complete my training to become a Homeopathic Practitioner. I earned the  Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma in 2011 and have started being of service assisting others back to health naturally. I am registered with College of Homeopaths of Ontario #15122. 

I also have a special interest in autoimmune health issues, specifically demyelinating diseases such as: {Multiple Sclerosis, ADEM, Stroke, Transverse Myelitis, Parkinson's, Balo's disease, Schilder's Disease].  

I have a special interest in assisting those families with children on the Autism Spectrum (ADHD, ADD, PDD-NOS, Asperger) and any adults with behavior and gastrointestinal issues. 

I  use  Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, and GAPS Diet Practitioner training to assist with Health recovery. My goal is to ensure that all my patients receive the best  Homeopathic treatment I can possibly give. No one knows everything. We all have much to learn and I do as well by  committing to do Continuing Professional Development and have taken and certified these additional courses:

  • Homeopathic Prescribing from an Illness Interpretation Standpoint - Jerry Kantor - Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine Interface-09/2016
  • Sensation Method - Dr. Rajan Sankaran - 4 day seminar on description of the sensation method, how to go deeper with the patient in to the experience and how to find an exact pattern match in the kingdoms. 08/2016
  • General Physical Examination - within the scope of Homeopathic practice in Ontario, Canada by  Nishant Babusenan & Sajeev Ampadi 08/2016
  • Medical Drug Issues in Children and Adults- Dr. Isaac Golden seminar on what are the signs to look for to aid you in these complex cases -  05/2016
  • Diabetes and Homeopathy - Dr. F. Master seminar on Homeopathic treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, causes, presentations, assessment and homeopathic case management including the most serious diabetic complications. 04/2016
  • Key to Success in Children's Cases- Dr. J Dhingreja - Workshop on understanding the link between Mom/Dad Conception & Pregnancy history and  Child's Present state of Health on Physical, Mental, and Emotional levels and how to resolve them using Homeopathy. 03/2016
  • Pediatrics in Homeopathy -Dr. Farokh Master - Seminar on Understanding Childrens Disorders, Development, and Miasms. 01/2016
  • GAPS  Certified Practitioner Training [CGP]-  Certified Practitioner Training with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to help Autistic children and  Adults with GI Tract issues and helping them come to balance and possibly recover from Autism. 09/2015
  • Mastery of Homeopathy-Jeremy Sherr -  Jeremy Sherr seminar on the Philosophy and Art of Homeopathic case taking. Plus the noble gases provings that may be useful for Autism Spectrum. 01/2015
  • Evidence, Immunisation, And Medical Drug Issues   - Dr. Isaac Golden Seminar on Medical Drug issues with children and adults. 08/2014
  • Phytotherapy-Advanced Learning, Research & Clinical Applications - Dr. Chacornac Seminar on the latest concepts of Phytotherapy that uses embryonic tissues of tress or plants to assist with a return to good health. 06/2014
  • A Clinical Approach On Integrative Approaches to Bowel Dysbiosis using Bowel Nosodes  -  Dr. Russell Malcolm Seminar on helping people suffering from toxicity, fatigue, impaired immune resistance, ASD and other systemic disturbances. 11/2013
  • Linda Arbor - Pathways to Curing Mental disorders in Children  -  Linda Arbor Lecture on a few different approaches to assist ASD children with mental disorders. 10/2013
  • Brain Health and Brain Fog - Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies for ASD & ADHD - Dr. Robin Murphy lecture on causation, treatment and benefits of treatment with homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, and brain detoxification to ameliorate Brain Health and Brain Fog concerning ASD, ADHD and other disorders. 10/2013
  • Brain Health and ASD, ADHD- Dr. Joe Rozencwajg lecture on what can be to restore brain health of compromised children with ASD & ADHD through removing some of the major obstacles to cure plus Fibonacci potencies as an alternative to common Homeopathic selection.  10/2013
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Dr. D Thom N.D. - webinar on simple effective methods to remove heavy metal toxicity from the body. 06/2013
  • Autism and ADHD - Dr. R. Abel N.D. - webinar on what works to aid ASD children 05/2013
  • George Vithoulkas "Levels of Health" - 03/2013 Weekend course presented by Dr. Kavouras for the first time in North America. The classification of the levels of health is the result of observations made by G. Vithoulkas on thousands of patients during 50 years of practice, seeing chronic and acute disease. It helps to understand the person's general state of health and the condition of the defense mechanism at any moment in time. Dr. Kavouras studied under Prof. G. Vithoulkas and currently moderates the 2011 Complete 3 year Diploma Course.
  • Kate Birch Seminar on Natural Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease - 03/2013.             This seminar explores issues with children and adults, mechanism of vaccination and its effects on the immune system, comparing the methodology of vaccination, and "never been well since" cases (including travel vaccinations), and the Homeopathic understanding and case management of medical drug issues
  • Volunteered with Homeopaths Without Borders Sept 2012  in Haiti for one week. In a clinical setting we assisted many local Haitians with various medical issues.   Below I am talking to other Homeopaths about the rewarding experience of Volunteering in Haiti with the Homeopaths Without Borders Group.

  • Liz Lalor 04/2012 - I use a proven natural approach based on the Vannier system of Homeopathy. I combine this with  supplements that aids all body systems to improve fertility.
  • Case Taking  2010 - Jeremy Sherr lecture explaining the different elements that go into case taking.
  • Gemmotherapy   - 2010 - Drainage therapy using the buds and other very young parts of plants to stimulate elimination of toxic compounds from the body.
  • Homotoxicology  - 2009 - This method is also used to detoxify the body. Its main principles are that health can not be achieved without ridding the body of toxins.
  • Detoxifications/Cleansing - I have personally been doing Candida/Parasite cleanses, 2 to 3 times per year, since 1994 and have enjoyed immense health benefits.  I can guide  you to remove any  Drug side effects,  Toxin, Heavy metal, Fungi, Candida, Parasites, Virus, Bacteria, Clostridia, etc. that may be causing you ill health.
  • Cell Salts - 2007 - This very practical system concentrates on 12 simple mineral combinations which are of great value to the health of the body and its cells.
  • Herb and Nutrition diploma -  2008
  • Back Flower Remedies  - 1996
  • Member of OHA-Ontario Homeopathic Association  - 2015-12
  • Registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario - Reg #15122
  • Member of the Ontario Coalition of Professional Homeopaths

My values are  based on the belief that my patients needs are of prime importance. I am 100% committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage  is from repeat customers and referrals. I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the Natural Health field. I work from my home office. Visits are by appointment only. You will have to purchase all products wherever you wish.

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The Combination of Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, and GAPS Diet Practitioner sets me apart from all Practitioners. I effectively combine all Modalities to Positively Effect the PHYSICAL - MENTAL - EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL level of being to re-balance everything to help you on your journey in Life.

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